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108. Phone call part two...



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I rocked back and forth on the arm chair, my mind else where. My wife was dead. The only thing I had ever loved until my heart ached and felt as if it was explode, was gone.

Recently, I refuse to tell anyone about her death, and I know I should tell Louis but I was really waiting to tell him tomorrow as I was in a state today. The children thought she was on holiday and so did the others but I knew I couldn't keep this secret hidden for much longer, people would grow too curious. Just at that moment, the phone rang.

Shaking from the crying still, I reached out pathetically and pulled the phone to my ear with a croak to clear my voice,

"H-Hello? Mr.Styles here,"

"Hello Sir, I have some information on your wife, Kelsey Styles in which I would like to discuss." A man's voice said into the phone on the other side.

A bundle in my throat clogged all words and all I could do was hum with  painful scratch.

"I am from the hospital therefor you would need to visit the hospital to receive such news." He apprehended as I did what I was told with a huge hesitation. I left the children around Kennedys house and made my way to the hospital dreading that I would burst into tears at any given moment.

Finally, I stood at the front of a waiting line and gave my name, reasons why I was here and a ticket with a number to await for my call. It was seconds before a nurse came out the waiting room with a cheesy grin and called me to follow her into the room.

" Good Morning, Mr.Styles I am Dr.Litch and I will be telling you some very interesting news today." Greeted the same man on the phone as I took a seat in front of him.

" Before we begin with the news, how are you?"

I hesitated to have a go at him but decided he was just being friendly,

"I- 'm fine"

He shone his perfect set of teeth in a wide grin before turning around to click on his computer I took it as a chance for my gaze to wander at his clipboard, hungrily searching for some news as to why I am here.

"Where is it?" Mumbled Dr.Litch impatiently to himself which frightened me slightly and made me gasp loudly as I finally found the infomation.

The clipboard was full with useless crap like how many times have has Kelsey moved house, good grades at school and stuff like that. It was crazy packed.

I felt my eyes drift towards the bottom section and it was the most sickening thing I had ever seen, Abused by husband? Thank god it read no but why would they put that there! For her! She was pregnant with my baby, why would I want to hurt her?

"Ah- here it is!" The doctor opened a file sheet as I reluctantly tore my eyes from the sheet and stared at the screen.

It was a picture of Kelsey. But it was right before her death.

"Now I know this may be hard but I really need you to concentrate please," The doctor frowned as I took the picture in depth.

She had a white laced nighty thing on, her hair had gone very dark, as had the rings around her eyes and her body was small and fragile. Her skin was awfully pale and her lips were swollen and cracked, she basically looked dead.

A lump formed in my throat at the sight of my dead wife and all I wanted to do was hold her body in my arms and kiss her non stop until she was alive again, but I couldn't.

"You see, this was taken the hour after she had died," The doctor pointed out as I held back the tears,

"But-" He carried on,

"If you see in this next photo which was taken thirty minutes before you arrived yesterday, She looks significantly better."

It was true. Her once black, dead hair was a light shade of brown, her skin returned to a lush rosy colour and she was gorgeous. It's wrong to say this about a dead person but- she looked stunning!

"What does this mean?" I finally spoke, the words crumbling out slowly because it was too painful to speak.

"I will tell you after you see this next photo," He said as he clicked onto the next slide.

Kelsey looked completed normal again, with her eyes closed but her whole body looked beautiful, peaceful and perfect!

"it is as if every second, she is getting better. Like she was healing herself..." I fumble around with my thoughts aloud and my head quickly tore up to the doctors smug expression,

"Yes- Your wife is still alive."


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