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141. Phase Two prt2



My mind was not working nor focusing on anything for a second and everything was wearily silent as Calista and I lay next to each other, Calista snuggling beside me.

"You awake, baby?" I whisper yet I could tell I would get no reply due to a scary silence swarming around us.

Without warning, A rumbling sensation began purring next to me as everything felt numb and my mind began to panic yet my body was uncontrollably numb. Then, Suddenly, a piercing scream tore through my eardrums like a gun and a aim, The sound endlessly screeching as if it was in agony. 

My heart rate felt aflame as it pumped, louder and faster than before but I couldn't do anything to move, help or comfort the screamer and All I could do is listen pathetically.

However, the ear-splitting, pain wrenching and merciless cries soon faded into a deep, spiteful gurgle, like a struggling victim being ruthlessly strangled. it was at that point, I realised who this prey was. Calista.

My mind tossed side to side yet it was no use at all as all I was doing was tiring myself out. My visionary mind suddenly flashed as a futuristic device thing and it began playing something, something evil.

It was Calista. My gorgeous wife and mother to six was being endlessly raped by a guy. This man had thick locks, just like mine, and was dressed in a black tux, just like mine. FUCK! It was me.

She was yelping for help but no one was their to supply it for her, and through out this, I was striking a whip across her face and body yelling unforgivable things. I kept pounding into her weak frame and each time she would scream with pain, hands thrashing around in the cuffs I had put her in. My low growls, echoed through each of our brains and all I could do whilst watching this horror, was silently scream in my head.

What was I doing and why?

This dreadful video replayed over and over in my head until it finally stopped and switched onto something else.

I could feel the sweat streaming down my body and the heat pounding off me, just like my aching heart. The tables turned and suddenly I was being tied up to a seat by a girl and she was doing unimaginable things.


CALISTAPOV: (Kelsey for those who skipped a few chapters)

Tears streamed down my cheeks as the video of me being raped by Harry changed and now a girl was doing something that was so wrong.

A girls hands were fumbling around with the rope onto Harry's body, tying him up to a chair. My thoughts were turned off and my body was unable to move as all I could do is watch and listen to a screen play which was futuristically playing my worst fears,

She was now in front of him, dressed in the sexiest clothing ever which made her look fabulous and it was strange as in, the memory was so vivid and made me want to scream.

she was already on his lap and started moving around in a lap dance,

"Ughhh" Harry groaned as she spun around and untied him pointlessly. He was wasting no time as he unlaced her sexy outfit, it elegantly flowing to the floor,


The fire in the corner of the room, reflected off of her skin as he skilfully unlatched her bra and removed her tights. Seductively, his lips collided with her nipple,

"Uhmnnn," she moaned as his tongue swirled around and gracefully done magical things with it. He pulled away after a few minutes with a 'pop' sound.

Harry laid her on her back and pulled down his pants and underwear as she stared at him hesitantly. He rubbed his dick against her panty fabric as she closed her eyes to let him feel her.

He went onto his knees and opened her legs, the tears running down my cheeks meanwhile. Harry pulled down her panties with his teeth and immediately it had a reaction on her when he began licking her clit,

"Mnn, your so wet!"

His tongue plunged into her,

"Oh Harry!"

He started to gently rub her clit, "Mmhnmm, of mmn" She moaned louder with pleasure as he sucked harder onto her clit and slid in one finger, curling and uncurling inside her. Then went in two as the girl held her breath,

"I'm gonna-"

Harry suddenly stopped, "My turn!"

The girl obeyed and got down on her knees as she took him into her and swirled her tongue around the head.

The tears on my cheeks flowed faster and faster as each of them were moaning and Harry was enjoying it, pumping faster and faster into this girl's mouth with pleasure and no hesitation.

"Ughhh!" A few seconds of this went pass, and the girl carried on pumping the inches she couldn't fit with her hands and she knew he was almost there.

"Are you ready baby?" Harry snarled deeply and seductively before he suddenly whipped her over and plunged inside of her, pushing further and further into her.

"OHHHH! God! Faster!" She cried out, attempting to move her hips along to his powerful thrusts,

"F-Fuckk! You're so much better than the o-other fuckinngg girls!" Harry agreed, sweat palming down his face and started to steady the pace when a tear trickled down the girls cheeks, unlike mine which were plummeting down.

Harry's thrusts began to get sloppier as they both rode out their highs,

"God, I love you so much!" They both whispered as Harry climbed out from her and they began snuggling together.

My heart pounded louder and louder, listening to my own screams as the video replayed over and over again, tormenting me until I wanted to die.



I could feel myself shaking with anger as I watched this, this, this LIE! The girl and I were having sex and apparently it was the best sex, according to me? All I could think about is what would happen if Calista knew what I was dreaming about, i love her and her only!



Light suddenly shone through as i threw my body upwards, screaming as i hit the daylight again, everything becoming real again. I didn't care to notice the wires attached to my head and the nursing bed i lay in before i was crying for real. Beside me, Harry has shot up, swearing as well, sweat pouring down him but I didn't look him in the eyes. I go to move and then realise the hand cuffs and leg cuffs strapping my lower half of my body down.

Suddenly the back of the bed shot up, sticking to my back ad Harry's so we were now stuck to the bed, unable to move and just struggle,

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Harry screams, thrashing his body everywhere as I watch him out the corner of my eye. I don't bother to try, instead I stay still, lips parted and just calmly breath slowly and silently.

"Calista? Baby, Look at me! Are you okay?" Harry struggles as I turn my head slowly and weakly before the door in front of us bursts open and a huge grin spreads across my face to Callum standing in front of us,

"Good morning?" He slyly says, walking over an putting on a lab coat slowly, shuffling around.

"GET US THE FUCK OUTTER HERE!" Harry panics and I just sit there smirking,

"Perfect thank you, You?"

Harry's eyes tear my direction, anxious to my sudden change in attitude and he copies my lead, laying his head back in the chair and silently counting up to ten to calm himself down.

Callum shrugs of my gesture as he picks up a clipboard, a smirk plastering across his face as he makes his way over to me, lips coming dangerously close to my lips and that sets Harry  off into a dark, threatening growl.

The bed goes down as Callum leans on the bed, his face in front of mine. I stare hastily into his eyes, giving him attitude silently. His grin grows wider,

"Long time no see Calista, baby."

"Go to hell Callum,"

His grin changes into a mischievous chuckle as in the background, all veins are thrusting out of Harry as he curses loud and threatening words, chucking his body as much as he can.

I lay there, staring into Callum's eyes with such hate,

"Oh wait, you already are? Cause you are fucking dead!"

"Shut the fuck up, you bitch, I am free!"

We are practically snarling at each other as we fight using strong emotive word and our faces are inches from each other, his spit covering me,

"You call this free, Callum? Kidnapping and being a fucking rapist? This isn't free? I AM FREE!"

"Free? You are under my control? How is this free?"

I scoff loudly,

"Free isn't about control it is about state of mind! I changed for the better, I am married with children within five years! You are now a pervert and kidnapper? Free my ass!"

"Calista, you are not changed. You belong with me! He changed you!"


"I was always yours Callum. You just never cared-"

"I fucking love you Calista!" He barks, tears forming in his eyes,

"We are meant to be!"
The tears steam in my eyes yet I never break eye contact with him. I stay silent as I listen to Harry scream and cry out beneath Callum's persuasions,

"I can fix you, Calsita. We can be fixed together!"

"I am fixed-"
"No, you are hidden. He didn't help or fix you, he re-made you."

The tears overflowed and a tear trickled down my cheek as my voice was slowly breaking,

"I l-love him-"
"I love you. We can start again, Calista. Just go with me?"

There is a long pause as everyone sits on the edge, listening for my response.

Callum doesn't wait, he pulls away suddenly, grasping an injection and thrusting it dangerously close to Harry's heart.


"LOVE ME!" His rough calls sends pity through my body,

"Calista," Harry's eyes melt into mine, a weak grin spreading across his face as if he wants to die,

"Callum," I whisper lightly, closing my eyes for a second,

"Kiss me-" I gave in.





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