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139. Phase Two prt1


His head tosses to each side as his unconscious body thrusts upon the floor with great power,

"Harry? Harry!" I try to reach out to him but he is in a world of his own.

My hands lay flat upon his chest, shielding him as if, as I take a look at our inertly new background with a croaky sigh.

The room was just a huge cube of thick, glossy white leather but periodically an incrusted diamond filled the space which made it seem as if we had died and this is heaven; the corner of each cube ending, beheld a pure black digital clock type thing which had scanned 25:07 which kept changing every second, 25:06, 25:04 and so on so on. It was the opposite to ugly, quite frankly, yet that didn't take away it's awful, non self explanatory meaning.

"FUCKK!" Yelled Harry as his head shot up, hands balling into tight powerful fists and the muscles down him were bursting through his black, tux. He looked like a God and it was as if he purposely wore it to make me want him so much- but wait, last time these people changed my clothes.

"Shhh, Baby, calm down" I coo, trying to work out what's going on. I didn't have enough time before his eyes shot open and Harry's body tossed on top of mine so he was straddling my hips. His kisses came fast and meaningful as if he had never kissed me before as I kissed back with the lack of effort and just a sinking feeling in my bows.

"What's? The? Matter?" He muttered deeply between kisses before pulling away and looking around us slowly. Instead of climbing off me, he sat there, looking so fucking sexy as he tried to make sense of this surrounding. He bit his lip softly, mumbling things to himself trying to jog his own memory before giving up and looking down on me with a surprised smirk,

"Why are you wearing that?"

My eyes widened hysterically as I shot a look on my body, Harry hovering over me so I could get a good look,

"Look at yourself mate!" I scoff as he finally un pinned me as we stood up, peering down on our own clothes.

It was a black, bum high dress which was very figure showing and sexy but it made my breasts burst out the top of it as it shaped into a boob tube beginning. It was all plain on the front but when I looked over my shoulder, the back was opened view apart from black lace strings creating a gorgeous pattern all the way up my back.

I brought my hands up to my lips, only to realise my nails had been painted black and my makeup had been done from the faint, outer layer of makeup trail I left on my hands. Whoever dressed me, was very sufficient and dirty as I recognised a tight choker around my neck and flattering heels; also, they were ever so kind (sarcasm) to do my blonde hair with delicate curls.

Damn, I did look better than I ever have before and it was by fucking perverted rapists!

"Crap!" I gasp, looking at Harry who was feeling the material of his clothing,

"I'm going to fucking kill them! They have touched you and fucking stripped you only to dress you up looking fucking sexy!"

He was angry yet horny as he marched around the room, yelling sick curses and I joined him hurriedly, my breasts bouncing every time I pounded the soft leather walls.

"GET US OUT OF HERE YOU SICK FUCKS!" I scream, my voice croaking like a velvety cry but mixed with a sincere hoarse whimper,

"PERVERTED RAPISTS! TWATS" Harry joins in, slamming his fist rapidly into the walls across me as I slumber against it, taking deep breaths as I check to the corner for the timer. 3:29, 3:28, 3:27- CRAP!

Three minutes and twenty seven seconds until what?

"Harry?" I squeak as he suddenly pulls from the wall and meets to my side, eyes following my direction to the clock,

"It's been counting down?"

Yet again, he bites his lip, mumbling things to himself,

"To what though? Where are we? Who is behind this?"
He keeps muttering things beneath his breath as he stares at these time bombs but my curiosity exchanged to the diamonds; as they say, a diamond is a women's best friend. However, with closer inspection of the only jewel which is black, it crosses to my attention these aren't diamonds, yet I ignore it as Harry calls me over,

"Fifty eight seconds left-"

He holds me tightly against his body as I slumber inside for what feels like forever until I hear a cackle of electricity and a loud booming voice begins speaking,

"I trust you like your outfits then?"

The voice belongs to Callum's which is low and frosty; to match his actions and it is one of the most smug tones I have ever heard.

"Fuck off you twat!" I roll my eyes, prying myself from Harry to point my middle finger up and spin in circles, trying to show him I am not scared,

"When I find you mate, I will personally fucking shoot you myself! I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHITTY CRAP!" Harry threatens, muscles tensing again as he joins me in the centre of the cube.

"Well Well Well, after all these years, I have finally met Kelsey's husband," Callum scoffs,

"And may I say, he is such a huge asshole!"

I frown and put my hands to my hips,

"Well look who's talking!"

Harry's eyes squint as he searches around the room for where the voice is coming from but little did he know, each diamond was a speaker, surrounding us like we were meat,

"What do you want you fucking pervert?"

"Bitch! I want you. I mean- look at you with those gorgeous breasts and perfect fucking body!"

I gasp, peering over at Harry hesitantly, who has completely frozen, ears pricked up and growls carrying very loudly,

"I thought you were gay? Fuck! that Is twisted if you-"

"I lied," Callum said, his voice rattling my brain,

"I also lied when I said your husband was an asshole. He's much worse!"

"PRICK!" I call out loudly,

"So is this part of your fucking plan, dress me up like a fucking Barbie and rape me by a hologram. And that makes me officially yours? Wow!"

I clap my hands sarcastically,

"Smooth move asshole!"

"Cocky as ever, Calista," Callum snarled and it was then I shut up, anger rippling through me and Harry's curiosity spun out of control,

"Calista? W-what? Wh-what d-does that mean?"

" Harry," I pathetically tried to calm him, making my way towards him and placing my hands to each of his shoulders, staring into his gorgeous brown eyes,

"Don't listen to him baby-"

There is an almighty laugh as Callum teases me through a nasty gasp,

"Oh no, don't tell me you never told your husband!"

"Callum shut up!" I whimper with a rough cry out, smoothing Harry's shoulders, tears brimming in my ears,

"He's lying" I mouth to him with a fake smile trying to suggest everything is alright but he is on a completely different side,

"Calista? W-what?"

"Harry no- P-please," I gasp but Callum is already cackling with laughter,

"It's Latin, fuckhead!"

"For what?"

"most beautiful of women" Callum, who I can tell is grinning, says proudly and that's when I scream with a cry of annoyance,


Harry is completely growling, fists tightening and practically shaking as I pull away from his warmth, stepping out and spotting a tv which was being lowered down from the top corner of the cube, showing Callum grinning massively.

I head towards it slowly,

"Don't you fucking dare-" I threaten, clenching my jaw so tightly,

"He has a right to know, you know?"

Callum's grin is widening as a single tear rolls down my cheek and I shake my head slowly,

"Don't- Pplease, Callum just don't do this, He doesn't have to know this Wway-"

"WHAT THE FUCK! I DONT HAVE TO KNOW WHAT KELSEY?!" Harry bellowed, angry as hell as he storms towards me with the darkest of expressions,

"cough cough motherfucker, she aint gonna tell you. That's why I'm 'ere," Callum sighed pathetically as Harry's head spun over to Callum, a small growl spread across his lips,

"It's her real name. Calista "

At that moment I screamed as loud as I could,


I tried to thrash my arms around but Harry had already grasped me, wrapping his body firmly around mine so it was impossible to escape, and all I could do is cry.



"It's her real name. Calista " Callum smirked and it felt as if the world stopped spinning as the tv screen went up and Callum spoke no more, leaving Kelsey (or should I say Calista) to her huge fit. Who was the woman I married if all this time, I never knew her real name?

I grabbed her as quick as I could before she could hurt herself and pinned her to the floor as she sobbed into me,

"I f-fucking hatte him-!"

"Shhh, Kel- Calis- Baby," I tried to comfort her but that is really difficult when I do not know what to call her. Sure, I was fucking pissed off with her, but I'm sure she had a good reason.


Her tears cleared up as she laid staring straight up at me, looking like the most hottest, sexiest person I have ever seen in my entire life and all I wanted to do is fuck her so hard right now- but I'd better not.

"Calista is my mother's, and my name. I h-had to change it after she and my father died be-b-because I got into a gang a-anad we.. w-wer"

She began working herself up again into a fit but I wouldn't let her before my lips were slammed against her lips, hands rooming on her hair as I positioned her into the right place,

"Tell me later, baby...But- what should I call y-you?"

A small grin flashed her lips mischievously,

"I think I want my old name back, n-now that you know?"

An even wider grin flashed my lips this time as she pushed her lips to mine, sucking and being the most gorgeous women I have ever laid eyes on, let alone kiss. Our surroundings blurred as we made love very slowly and passionately, melting into each other's skin and refusing to tear apart; the outside world left wondering where we were.




( I have been requested via text that some of you want to know my real name....

It is                                                Holly Guy )



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