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179. Party (LAPTOPS FIXED)


Stupidly early, I was awoken from a cold, cranky night of a worrying Harry He was fidgeting all night with no signs of resting which also caused him to argue in his sleep and curse when he awakens. My heart thumped so dramatically at every toss, in the end I ended up talking to him for most of the night.

However, the time was ridiculously early when a few maids and stylists entered the room and began coating me in luxious and stunning makeup which practically dissolved every flaw in my body and face. Harry was clearly annoyed by all the perfume and toxic cover ups that he walked out mid way through my hair with a string of profanities.

After what felt like hours, my look was complete. My hair was straightened down and was bleached blonde as well was my clothing was rich and lustful in a tight body con black short dress which is opened back and exposed my bursting breasts. The dress was also covered in expensive and unique jewels which matched my earrings and necklace.

I can safely say, I looked like the sexiest princess ever and a slutty one too.
I stood up in my glistening diamond heels as I made my way out my room, perfume sticking to me as if it was glue and made my way to the elevator.

Seductively, I glanced at Harry who was wearing a jet black tux with gorgeous styled hair and an angry frown plastered across his scowling lips. He hadn't noticed me until I began speaking,

"You okay darling?"

Suddenly, his expression faded and something else rose instantly, and I'm not talking about attitudes! A look of desire and lust swooped his eyes as if someone had computer edited them significantly and now I was the designer.

"Shit! You look, fuck-" Harry stuttered as I carried on walking towards him sexily with a blissful smirk splatted against my makeup covered face. Innocently, I reached striking range as Harry has cheekily pulled me dramatically close to him, a sneaky and dark look glistening in his eyes,

"I wanna take you right here, right now"

"Who's stopping you?" I grinned which made him growl to my dare as his hands smacked my arse, making me gasp. Just then, the elevator doors opened and there stood Dominus in a tux which was extremely black like Harry's but his rounded belly threw off the attractive gaze on him unlike Harry,
"Oh my! You do clean up good" He beamed to me as Harry's gaze hesitantly left my body and brushed over Dominus' slyly.

I pulled back slightly to make a gap between Harry and I so I could at least face Dominus politely, in hope I could get out of talking or at least focus upon not throwing up with my winning smile.

"Right then, let's go!"


In the limo: CALISAPOV:

I sipped gently at a fruity cocktail in the limo on the way to our destination as Dominus was talking to Harry and I but actually targeting most his rules towards me,

"I want no attempts of escaping, helping anyone escape or shouting out anything that could be taken as, well you know what," He began as I circled my finger around the rim of my glass, feeling extremely exposed in my clothing,

"After the picking bit, you will be led into a room so you can change you clothes into something a lot more sexy before the party and celebrating will happen."

"But you will not leave my side," Harry cut in, eyes directing at me which I thankfully do not even wince at Dominus' scowl towards both of us.

"I'm not picking anyone," I announce with a shiver and Harry nods gently,

"We will do that, don't worry."

"Anyways, In the party, I will need you to socialize and make friends in order to lure people to join us," He rolls his eyes before we stop and that is when, the realisation of all of this kicks in.



We walk into a room which is un usually white, with rich paintings and a red stage with a black back drop behind it. In front of the stage, are around ten chairs which seven of them are filled with younger and older men, making me the only girl.

I flinched as a few of them send me dangerously sneaky grins but I held up my wedding ring which made a few of them smirk even more at my repelling but luckily, Harry was now by my side, holding me close and giving the other a look which made them all look away, ashamed almost,

"Who are they?" I whispered as Harry turned me away from them as we sat in the middle of the ten seats and he just sighed,

"I don't know anymore to be honest,"

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Dominus stepped onto the stage, cutting Harry off, as he welcomed us to the place and introducing himself and how it was all going to work out this morning.

Memories flooded back into my mind at the thought of a year ago this month, one of those girls about to be sold, was me. I knew exactly what was going to happen with that we choose ten girls out of the thirty that we are shown and then all the girls overall come back into the room and we choose as many as we can afford, It was a de-humanizing piece of shit!

"Okay, I am not going to stall for much longer, let's welcome the girls out!"

All the girls came herding out as if they were cattle as I felt Harry squeeze my hand but I refused to look in his eyes, afraid I may start crying.

The girls were all different ages in slutty outfits and a few of them stood out but most of them didn't because of there age or height. Dominus began reading out there names as they stood forward In turns.

"Lily Martin, Rose Brown, Amelia lopeb" And so on, so on.

However, despite this horrific scene, one girl took my heart and completely wrenched it out my body with guilt,

"And finally, Grace Waters is fourteen and pregnant, that's the price of two for one! Must be a bargain!"

Her body was quivering with fear as her huge swollen belly stuck out in front of her and her miniature hands clutched painfully at the tight clothing she had over her small breasts and bursting bump. It was then I realized who she actually was.

"That's Cecelia? Why is she pregnant and here?" I hissed at Harry, a lump of anger forming in my throat,

"Darling, that's not Cecelia, it's her sister. She's a sex toy and gets passed on when she's pregnant,"

My eyes burned dangerously into Harry's with such hatred despite the fact that this isn't his fault,

"Do you want her?" He whispered back to me with a cocked up eyebrow and I nod gently and not wanting to admit aloud that I am willing to buy a girl.

"Okay now to select what girls you want for the next round," Dominus announces as I turned around to Harry slowly and he gives me a frustrated look,

"I'm really sorry for dragging you out here darling,"

"It wasn't your decision, besides I am only thinking about one thing right now,"
Harry smirks moving closer to me and wrapping his arms around my waist, making me grin sexily,

"Hmm, what's that then" He licks his lips as I feel like we have drifted into a completely different world,

"Does is involve sheets and pillow?"

I nod seductively and then switch into teasing mode, "Were gonna build a fort!"

"Okay now to choose," Dominus cuts us off as I pull back from Harry's arms with a wide smirk as Dominus hands out a piece of paper to us all and we write who we want in the next round.


"So now we are left with a total of twenty girls and a bigger audience," Dominus states the obvious as there is around two hundred people staring perversely at these girls as if they are meat,

"As usual, the past highest bidder reads outs and auctions these girls off,"

Suddenly a pit drops in Harry's voice,

"He said he fucking wouldn't," He growls as Dominus reads out a name,

"Calista Styles, please come up to the front."

A wave of sickness thrashes my body into action as I stand up weakly. All eyes eat me up and hoarse whispers attack me from every distance as I quickly make my up the isle to the front before climbing the stairs.

Dominus greats me with a kiss on my cheek which made me shiver as I displayed a fake grin to my lips, following the 'good girl' rule as an around of applauses and cheers edge me on sickly along with twisted comments from horny men and women,

"Calista was sold for more than Ten hundred billon pounds," Dominus announces as more cocky and desperate cat calls were released.

I nod shyly as he brings his lips closely to my ear,

"Do this sexily or there will be huge punishments,"

He hands me a list of girls with a strand of bidders and information on about each person and her estimated amount of money placed on her.

I stand forward wearily, as Dominus passes me the mic and my eyes scan over the grinning and horny audience full of sick men and woman eyeing me up and down as if I am meat,

"Okay well first we have Gilly Parson, age 37." Gilly steps forward, shaking and dressed in a tight body con pink dress which compliments her smudged makeup designed to make her look 'wild' I presume,

"Gilly is a plus size model and originally comes from Tennessee. She is great in bed or just a sexy maid for your every need as well as being bisexual meaning she is either a perfect gift or your own pleasure toy," I read off the sheet, sickness rising in my stomach as I peered up from the card scanning the audiences anxious gazes,

"Let's start at £500? Do I hear £550?"

A man in the back raises his hand but the lights fade him out,


"£2987!" A woman in blue shouts out in the far left hand corner,

"£2987, do I here exactly £3000?"

Someone raises there hand and this goes on for around five minutes or so with each person as we get to the youngest, Grace Waters.

"Grace Water, all round beauty as well as being 15 to suit a perfect mothering age of which she is pregnant too," I mimic the sheet as I lower it with a flinch, exchanging a warm look to Grace,

"Let's start the bidding at £4000?"

I start high as Grace makes her way towards me with a worrying walk, just like the others as I wrap my arm around her soothingly.

Harry raises his hand which makes me smile brighter,

"£4000 in the front, do I hear any higher?"

I pull the microphone away from my lips as I mutter quietly through my teeth to Grace so no one else can hear or notice,

"That man in the corner is with me. We will buy you at any cost because we also have your sister, she is completely safe do not worry."

I bring the microphone back to my lips as she examines my facial expression with an anxious look,

"£5000 in the far corner,"

"TEN THOUSAND," Harry shouts out as no one else says anything,

"Oh, ten thousand by the handsome man in the front! Going once,"

No one says anything,

"Going twice,"

Still silence.

"Sold to the man in the tux!"

"Thank you Calista," Grace murmurs gracefully to me as she gets taken away from me and Dominus returns on stage,

"Well how about that ladies and gentlemen. Your own girls hosted off by a true beauty!"

Another round of claps applause everyone as I make my way off the stage and back over to Harry, ignoring people's attempts to talk to me as I shakily sit in the chair.

Immediately, Harry's arm swoops over my shoulder, pulling me in dangerously close as his lips came to my ear,

"I know that was hard, I'm sorry darling,"

I turned my head to face him as I pressed my lips to his meaningfully,

"I will do anything as long as it means we can get married,"


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