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169. Party Dress





That's what I wore to the fancy dress party, assisted by Harry and the boys along with Jenna!

Jenna and I sat in the back together, squashed by Louis and Niall either side of us as the boys clarified what was going to happen tonight,

"You two are going to be used throughout the whole night, switched between us boys," Zayne spoke, checking his watch with a high eyebrow,

"You are not to run away, or it will result in punishments. And I really do not want to use the hand cuffs-"

"We are here!" Harry interrupted with a dark scowl towards Zayne as the limo door opened and Jenna and I stepped out first.

The cold autumn air hit me gently as I breathed in the frosty air, remembering  a time where I could just go outside, beyond the Direction's manor walls. I twitched, seeing all the gorgeous trees and humans other than my fellow hostagees and kidnappers.

Beside me, I hear Jenna take a huge intake too at the beauty as I wince as my body twitching into a jolt forward but not actually moving just sensing a huge urge just to sprint away to my real home, but I don't.

Observing us carefully, Harry and Niall watch us like Jenna and I were lethal bombs about to explode any minute as we dazed into the distance. Sadly and with the brim of tears, I flutter my eyes from the scene as I turn around, a glimpse in my eye of anger and hatred sparkling but I don't say anything.

"We going in?" Louis asked, raising a cautious eye at Harry as Jenna was now beside me too, nudging me gently as I look into her eyes with a fake smile and she does the same back,




We enter the party and immediately I am surrounded by other kidnappers and their captives, some hand cuffed together and others have a rope but mainly, they are free but the captives stuck close to the kidnappers side in case of any misunderstanding I presume.

Niall hands out glasses of wine to us as I stare at the sickly sweet smelling drink which has multi- coloured dust sprinkled on top of the blood red liquor. I scowl at this unique division and Jenna does the same,

"Drink it," Liam sinisterly grins, raising the glass to us as I look to Harry for referral.

"What is it?" Jenna frowns, her eyes suddenly meeting Niall's very close ones as he brings his lips close to her ear, his voice travelling past my ears too,

"Just do as we say.. there's people here who could hurt-"

Then there was a scream from the corner of the room as a girl has done a runner for the doors, suddenly being trapped in by the security guards. The boys were quietly mumbling to themselves commands for the girl to do, despite she couldn't them; Things like, "stop begging" and "That's no use" as Jenna and I watch as this young girl is pressed up against the door, screaming and crying with pleads,

"Don't scream," Zayne mumbles to me and Jenna as we don't look away from the girl, despite his confusing words. Then, there was a gun shot.

She was dead.

A sinking feeling dropped like a heavy weight in my stomach as I flinched at the limp body collapsing to the floor. It twitched for a second as I stared at it for a moment before turning around, horrified, as I stared at Niall's flinch and everyone else's head held high as they pulled Jenna and I closer,

"Stay close," Harry whispered into my ear,

"And finish your drink.. it quickens the speed up of getting drunk"

I did as I was told, taking a small and first sip of the unusual dust, the actions immediately kicking in. The drink itself was extremely sweet and gorgeously overwhelming at the same time. The sensations were unbelievably strong in a good way and it easily washed down my throat peacefully,

"Good. Now your with me first," Harry smirked, suddenly whirling me away to another place before stopping at a quick halt.

Suddenly, He brought his lips to mine and I immediately it felt as if we were in another universe as all thoughts drained from me. Subconscious fireworks exploded and burnt away at the sinister dwelling of the kidnapped life as it drained down to a vague image of Harry and I making love for the first time. Slow and passionate.

His lips were clasped to mine, eating at the hatred towards this man and this place ,which was perhaps his intention, as he hesitantly pulled away with my gasp of affection,

"Mr Styles, you obviously have a way with me!"

His bursting dimples in his cheeks and the smug grin plastered across his face backed up my point of view as he sent me a dirty, little wink, shivers of delight rippling through my spine.

His finger brushed my glass to my lips as I took a seductive sip, eyes never leaving his as the drink had another sensational kick to my body. I chuckled as he wrapped his arms around my body as I battered my eyelids at him,
"Is this what we are going to do all night?"

"I wish, but I have to make some rich friends,"
I looked up to him innocently, with a curious tone,


Harry huffed as he pulled me closer, pecking at my neck and placing delicate kisses all the way up to my ear,

"We need more girls,"

I pull away from his affection,

"You already have Jenna, Cecelia and me! Isn't that enough damage to society all ready? Let alone more girls being snatched!"

"calista, we will talk later, okay? If anyone hears you, you will end up like Cindy over there!"

His head points in the direction of the young girl, stretched out across the floor and my blood boils,

"You people are sick and twisted. Why did I ever agree to being kidnapped again?"

Harry's arms snake around my waist, pulling me seductively close as his member brushes against my sweet spot and I gasp a little from pleasure, ensuring a even smugger smirk to balance on Harry's lips,

"That's why,"

I scowl and roll my eyes as Harry places yet another kiss to my lips,

"Cheer up darling, we have cunts to manipulate!"



My tactic for the night was to smile and sip away gently at the booze, encouraging the men to come towards us whenever I gazed in there eyes. A few tried to buy me and no matter how much money, Harry refused to, which I was thankful for.

It was all going well until I was hanging around with Zayne in the corner of my eye, Harry was chatting to some Dominant girl I presume, as she pressed her breasts out. I winced at how close she was getting and how much Harry would repel. In the end, he walked away and straight up to me where I passionately kissed him, making sure she saw.

I frowned at her as she gasped and walked away, angrily, muttering things under her breath,

"What was that for baby?" Harry raised a suspicious eyebrow at me as I looked back up to him with loving eyes,

"So misses big breasts wouldn't attempt to flirt with a married man again,"

"Oh," Harry said with a huge grin as I realised my mistake with a gasp,

"No, no I didn't me-"
"So you do admit that were married!"

"No!" I put my hand to my head as Harry poked and prodded me with teases as in the end I had to shut him up. My lips sealed to his quickly as I threw his hands onto my arse before pushing into the kiss passionately. He was a bit shocked at first but then that washed over with passion as he put more force into the kiss, taking me by surprise.

"Oh for fucks sake! They are at it again!" Louis rolled his eyes as I pulled away, resting my head against Harry's shoulder with a wide grin,

"Just wait until we get in the limo-"

"Excuse me darling?" A old, good looking man cut me off as I turned around to him politely,

"Yes sir?"

"Are you new? I haven't seen such a gorgeous face around here for many years!"

"Wh-why no sir, I- er.. ur..-" I stuttered as Harry stepped in quickly,

"Your lord, if I may. This is Calista Styles. My wife."

He looked very taken aback,

"You're married Harry! You couldn't even tell your old man that?"

Suddenly I looked up to this man, and see the similarities between Harry and him. This is Harry styles' father?

"Well Dad, times have been quite rough between you and Mum- could we speak about this some other time?"

"Don't want to embarrass the little lady?"

Harry peered down on me lovingly and anxiously as I held out my hand warmly,

"Nice to meet you sir,"

"And you too darling, you too"

He cupped my hand as we grinned at each other for a moment or two,

"Such a fine woman you are too! How long have you been married to my son?"

"Well dad, the thing is-" Harry began as I cut him off quickly, saving this kind, old man to be upset,

"we got married at eighteen, and since then we have had a couple children,"

The old mans face lit up like a Christmas tree with such a delighted expression as did Harry's,

"Grandchildren? Oh boy! How many? What's there names?"

I chuckled at his childish behaviour,

"You should come over some day-"
"I would love to!"

I exchanged a warm grin with Harry as the old man wandered away, talking to himself with a wide grin plastered on his wrinkly cheeks. Harry rubbed the back of his neck anxiously,

"That's my old man then,"

"He's sweet," I beamed, curious to the fact Harry looks really worried and pale. I cup his face with one of my hands, gently tilting it to adjust his vision into my eyes,

"I like him,"

Harry nodded against my hand before pulling me into a tight hug, mumbling quietly.

That's all I remember before passing out from alcohol in the limo..



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