Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


113. Overheard


After kissing all the children goodnight and stretching the hours as long as I could around the house so I wouldn't have to see Harry, I snuck up to my office which could hear perfectly everything harry was saying because there were speakers in each room so the other could hear.

And I hated the way they were speaking.

"You need to keep that mrs of yours under control!" Boomed Mr.Cowell with voice as thick and as fake as his face.

"She is my wife! I love her!" Harry argued back, slamming his fist into the desk which was easily heard.

"And what about the children? They are poor mannered and will never make the top schools. would you want that?"

There was a devilish silence,

"Of course not. But our children are the best behaved children I have ever met!" Harry growled after a nasty scoff,

" Right right. And that Mrs needs to do as you instruct. Imagine if the Styles' magazines read that she was in charge! How would that effect your job?"

" I don't care." He snaps again, thankfully standing the ground for all of us.

"Yes you do. What about the children? No money? Bad future and then they will be taken away."

"Shut up now. You are masking my family in front of my face!" Harry shouts and it even frightens me.

Tears are now burning my eyes over this cruel man getting away with slagging us off,

"Now- that job was in the styles' blood and my blood. If you fail the business, I will personally kill you." Mr.Cowell growls and that's when another silence is presumed before Mr.Cowell carries on talking,

"Don't do it for me for god sake! Do it for your children. Your wife."

Another hesitation.

"What do I need to do then?" Harry finally sighs as the tears now burn down my face as I listen closely to everything he has to do.

I fucking hate Mr.Cowell. That low life bastard who black mails my husband!


I creep into the bed sheets when Harry was hopefully asleep trying to avoid talking to him. I hated what he was about to do to everybody. How could he?

But he will know something.

I can act the part but he will not get all the respect he normally should.


this. means. war.



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