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33. OldMate

My eyes lazily adjust to my surroundings and I couldn't figure out where I was because of the blurred rush. Someone's fingers was sweeping over my forehead gently and there were tears down my face, but they weren't mine.

" k-Kelsey??" The voice croaked through soft gasps and then a head dropped to my stomach in fast tears.

" Harry?" The words came out rushed and panicked because he was crying but I was really confused.

" no, Niall."

What! Where's Harry? Whys he crying? Questions zoomed through my mind like a bolt of lightening and all I could focus on was Niall's streaming tears.

" w-what's the matter?"

My eyes adjusted to the cinema room and Harry's tantrum replayed over and over and over again in the back of my mind causing me to flinch.

Niall's head slowly came up, shaking like a lost puppy, breathing hitched breath,

" we thought you were in a state again,"

I couldn't think for a moment or two, words buzzing around in my brain.

" state? No, Niall I haven't taken drugs since the accident."

He didn't believe me and sent a confused look along with holding up a wired device which had the number 3 in electrical writing on it.

" it said you have had 3 drugs in the past twenty four hours, don't lie to me."

"But I haven-" I began to argue and then this mornings pills came to mind.

" ok I did but that was head ache tablets and Harry watched me take them," I lied not wanting to say they were birth control pills.

" you mean it?"

" yes," I lie again through gritted teeth. How many times will I have to lie to someone until the truth is exposed?

" wheres Harry?" His face became even sadder when I mentioned Harry's name and I couldn't bare the stand if something happening to him.

"h-he's," Niall was holding back tears again, his hands covering his eyes.

" I a-am s-so s-sorry.." He stuttered and I flung myself upwards and began cursing,

" where is he?" I was speaking small hoping Niall could hear me which he didn't.

" y-you need to sit down..." He tried to take my hands and sit me down but I refused harshly.

" WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BOYFRIEND?!" My voice came out angrier than I expected and I immediately quietened when Niall sat down, shocked and upset.

" Niall I didn't-"

He cut me off sharply,

" he's in a gang again."

The words made my heart take a double flip and my stomach lunged forwards mentally, my eyes swelling with tears.

" w-what?"

Niall looked me deep into his eyes,

" please Kelsey. Get him out the gang, please. He's gonna get himself and everyone around him killed."

It felt as if the world had stopped spinning and the phrase 'gang' and 'killed' started sinking in.

" what gang? With who?"

Niall's eyes peered up at me from his lap and quickly muttered,

" suicidalsatan and he's with his sister, another chick called Vanessa, this guy called Liam, another guy called cut-throat and finally this dude called Josh Timber."

I felt as if I was going to be sick the minute he mentioned Josh Timber.

" j-josh Timber?"

A lump formed in my throat at being josh timbers first best friend and first girlfriend before he got me attached to drugs and everything and then died.

Niall nodded slowly before a small gasp reached his lips.

" cant be. Josh timber is dead."

"No, no he's not. Do you know him kelsey?" Niall was very cautious now and I nodded delicately,

" my first boyfriend and first bestfriend."

Niall gasped a lot louder now and inspected my face quickly,

"We need to get Harry away from them,"

I bowed my head innocently from the cold hard truth,

" if it's the Josh I knew, Harry's dead already."


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Many of you don't read these but- SORRY FOR THE LACK OF TIME AND THEN THE SUDDEN SPAM! I have like another 10 in draft so every comment from now if a new two chapter :) Stay lovely potatoesss xxx -time )























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