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62. Oh no



Chapter 6... BIG NEWSS!



Rose was waiting outside the door as I took the pregnancy test. I didn't know what answer I actually wanted more and it made me feel even worse with sickness.

After around 30 seconds of testing it out, I pulled it out from under me and looked at the sign.

" Shit!" I gasp and cover my hand with my mouth, couldn't help myself but grin widely. I'M GOING TO BE A MOTHER!

" You okay in there?" Rose asked and I quickly pulled my leggings and knickers up before opening the door, squealing.

" I'm Pregnant!"

She looks delighted and pulls me in for a tight, meaningful hug,

" I'm so happy for you! How you going to tell your brother and Harry?"

I pull back from the hug feeling very emotional all of the sudden.

" What if Harry doesn't want a child? How will Louis react? Will my child like me?" I frantically waved my hands around whilst thinking for the worst case problem.

" Kelsey, that will not happen, I promise!" Rose soothes me and that familiar smirk forms on my face again,

" I'm going to be a mother!"

" Ekkkk!" Rose giggled and we done that whole hand fighting thingy. Wow, these hormones are getting to me!


I had a shower and then got dressed up into black leggings and a long baggy hoodie before adding perfectly rounded makeup. Rose had curled it and for the whole time we talked about our job, I really think Rose is a good friend!

Unfortunately, she had to go home after doing my makeup and Harry had walked in to me making the dinner.

" Where's Niall?" I asked suspicious that I hadn't seen him around,

" He is staying at a mates across town, why?"

" Just quiet.. where's Louis?" I shrugged as I added the finishing touches to our burgers which were hand made.

" Gone home, it is just us baby."

Harry pecked my cheek before we sat opposite each other and tucked into our food. Okay Kelsey, now is the time to tell him. Tell him now. Wait, finish your mouth full and then tell him.

" What's your opinion on children?" I raised an eyebrow at Harry who started chuckling lightly, stopping eating and looking at me anxiously.

" Love them! absolutely adore them, why?"

Okay, now's the time I tell him,

" Harry?" I say and I feel my voice croak in worriedness as Harry nodded.

" I'm pregnant."

I breathed my words and held my breath for a second at Harry's gobsmacked expression which then completely changed.

" OH MY FUCKING GOD! WE ARE GOING TO BE A FAMILY!" Screaming excitedly, He tightly embraced me in a loving hug which I took full advantage of.

" I love you so much Kelsey, I always wanted you to be my wife and the person I start my family with!"

I felt tears of joy trickle down my cheek as he went on and on about how great our family will be,

" So you don't mind that I will become all fat and everything?" I cock my head to the side and I hear Harry scoff sarcastically,

" This is all I ever wanted! I love you no matter what shape or form or type!"

" I love you too, too much harry."

I say and we end up having a make out session. Full on.


I am going to be a mother....



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