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58. office


I asked Kelsey to come with me because I just wanted to establish my gorgeous girlfriend and show her off, plus, it would be nice if she grew familiar with this place because I was going to sort of trick her into becoming my P.A.

" So, Do you know where everything is then?" She asked me as we walked down a corridor which has glass windows each side, showing hundreds of people at their computers or on the phone because I give them their work to do and they do as I need.

" Sort of. I practically grew up here because my dad always brought me here so I know this place like the back of my hand," I answered and lead her down another hall to where my office will be. After that, she was quiet and just took in her surroundings, genially smiling her winning smile at people. This place could do with some happiness!

" Good Morning sir," greeted a lady called Rose, my advisor. I felt Kelsey flash a warm, hello smile and a boiling pit of love soon drowned everything out again. How was she so beautiful? Why is she with me? And-

" Would you like me to fetch any thing for you and Madam?" Rose asked kindly and I looked over to Kelsey who shook her head politely and then I ordered,

" Glass of water please and then can you bring Liam over for a job?"

" Certainly Mr.Styles."

I watched her scurry away and then focused back on Kelsey who had wondered around my office.

My office was large and had seven separate compartments in it in which my compartment was at the furthest end, black out blinds and a button on it which can block all the noise out or can make everyone in the room here it, which was clever. The other six was where my six representatives sit and they were all my age if a bit older.

" wow," Kelsey breathed and I smirked boastfully but also in amusement in how much she was taking in. She had gone to a small little flat with her brother to a practical mansion with her boyfriend in under a year or so.

" Yes Madam," I chuckle and she sashays over to me, waving her hips around slightly.

" Yes Mr.Styles?"

Hearing those words from her mouth made me grunt a bit at how sexy it was.

" Say that again Lady Casey,"

" Yes?" She teased and I pulled her close quickly, snaking my arms swiftly around her waist and pecking her nose, careful not to ruin her lipstick, I know how girls hate ruining their makeup.

" Don't tease or you know what happens to naughty girls?"

She shudders before a smirk plastered her lips sexily and her eyes form into jewels. Contain yourself Styles!

" What does happen to naughty girls?" she cocks her head to the side and bats her eyelashes, understanding and enjoying the pain and insanity she is putting me through right now.

" Your water sir?" Rose comes back and I hesitantly pull away from Kelsey and grasp the water before thanking her,

" And Liam shall be here in one minute, sir."

I grin at her before leading Kelsey into my office and winding up the blinds so I can see everyone in my office and pulling a white, deluxe chair out for Kelsey,

" Your own special chair," I smirk as she props her self down on it and thanks me,

" I blend in!" She chuckles and so do I as I Liam enter my office in smart uniform and smiles at Kelsey for a moment too long which makes me cough purposely,

" Good morning Sir, and may I say it will be a pleasure for working with your noble self," Liam flatters and I just wanna grab his face and point it at me instead of my girlfriend as he walks up the isle and to my compartment.

" Thank you and I hope you feel welcome here. As you did with my father, you will be seated at H5?" I double check and he makes his way to the second to back desk in the room which is basically one compartment.

" What does H5 stand for?" Kelsey knots her eyebrows together and faces me as I respond in amusement,

" H stands for Harry and 5 stands for the compartment. You will understand better when everyone arrives in five minutes and I will give them the seating plan."

She nods slowly before her eyes tear towards the desk next to mine,

" Who works here?"

" hopefully you?"

She looks stunned for a moment and I quickly re-assure her,

" I was hoping you would be my P.A which actually means all you have to do is everything I tell you such as you tell the group things I tell you and you come to meetings with me. Don't worry, you only have to work in afternoons or when ever you feel like it,"

She thinks for a moment or two and then sinks back into her chair, fiddling with the white computer next to me and the microphone,

" Okay,"

Few, that took relief off my shoulders!

At that moment, everybody filed in and stood in a line in front of my compartment as Kelsey and I both walked out to stand in front of them. I know all of them from growing up!

" Good morning Sir," They all say at the same time as Kelsey and I say good morning back.

" Okay, my father already told you what your doing and the rules however I do need to tell you where you sit and your appointed job. As you all know, you have smaller teams and you are the boss of the team so whatever I or Lady Casey tell you to appoint, I want you to do it- no hesitation." I discuss and they all listen carefully with respect. I could get use to this!

" Rose, H1 and Supervisor."

" Archie, H2 and director"

" Jayne, H3 and Solicitor"

" James, H4 and accountant"

" Liam, H5 and laws"

" Kelly, H6 and trainer"

And with that they all scurry to their stations and I head back into my office with Kelsey tagging along behind me. She does look cute when she's confused, really cute, too cute, ok... sexy as fuck!

" Madam?" I ask Kelsey and she sends me a loving grin before sitting back down next to me,

" Please send a message to each compartment and schedule a meeting with C.S.I. the information should all be on the computer that I need you to do please."

Within seconds, she had logged on and found all information. How did she do it so fast?

" Louis.." She giggled slightly at my reaction and pulled the microphone close to her lips after sending a message to C.S.I demanding a meeting on Friday 11am.

" On Friday, 11am, we will be meeting up with C.S.I so please prepare for questions to face about new laws of crime."

Her voice was heavenly and my mind was focused completely on her beauty and knowledge, she was literally a sex goddess!

" Thank you," I muttered, my words forming into paste and feeling very wobbly in the knees. What is she doing to me? FOCUS HARRY!

I quickly log onto my computer, keeping her locked In the corner of my eye and skimmed through a contract in which I had to print off and sign as did everybody else. I quickly sent the contract to Kelsey to print and she done it straight away, then turning back around to me,

" Shall I get everybody to sign it?"

I nodded quickly before pretending to work when she sashayed out my office, still teasing me and strutting to each compartment, squatting down so I can see her backside and then moving on. Suddenly, my mind started playing tricks on me and it was as if she was wearing her lace bra and nickers, walking around the office. What?

Then she began walking back to me and chuckling gorgeously, flipping her hair back and then sitting back down, me eye-raping her.

" Will we have sex?" She said loud and clear and I blushed embarrassed,

" What?" I hissed,

" Will we have cheques? What did you think I said!" She laughed nervously and I was a bit taken back before I shuffled around in my seat.

" Harry,I need your cock," She says again,

" Excuse me?"

" Can I have your clock please?" Kelsey sends me a nervous and uneasy glance before she raises her hand to my forehead and she yelps,

" Harry, look down.." She hisses and I looked down to a huge boner. Crap!

She pulls down the blinds and turns the speaker off before turning around to face me with a seductive expression,

" Tut tut tut, Naughty Styles," She struts to me before kneeling down, eyes never leaving contact with it.

" Guess your going to have to wait, "

I grunt harshly and grab her quickly, forcing my lips onto hers. she was quick to now straddle me and her hands swiftly move up to my face, deepening the kiss resulting in us both releasing a moan.

" Do you realise how long I have been waiting for this?" She chuckles through the kiss and I grow hornier despite I am actually in over load.


Ha! He has a boner over me and thinks on my first day, I am about to fuck him in a room full of clever and sophisticated people- does he think I am stupid!?

" Baby, there's a door there, go wherever that is and finish yourself off," I peck his nose seductively and I feel his cheeks redden and it is so cute.

" You caused this!" He complains, no longer the stronger domains which I crave for but almost there..

" Excuse me, can I help it if your eye-raping me?" I sarcastically chuckle and so does he before letting a sigh of annoyance out and slugging into the room with a huff.

" Fine,"

I smile to myself before doing the blinds back up and keeping the microphone off because I knew Harry would be moaning from how sensitive he is down there. I get a few cautious glances from people but I innocently smile before switching my computer screen on and working on filing every subject into a category.

From behind, I hear muffled grunts and moans of Harry's voice and it turns me on like mad. cover your ears Kelsey, do not fall for this trap! I try to type as much as I could to block out the sound but they rip into my soul and urge me to come close with lust. But I shall not give in. not give in. not give in. not give in- I WANT HIM SO BAD!

" Laalalalala," I try to distract myself with random noises but it still doesn't seem to work and thankfully after a few seconds of pain and pure torture, Harry comes back out with a stone, cold expression which means the controlling boyfriend is back, great.

" Welcome back Mr.styles," I grin at him, batting my eyelashes and pushing my chest out when he plants a soft, high key kiss to my cheek.

" Thankyou Lady Casey, it was a shame you wasn't in there and that will be the last time I go in there, alone."

I gulp as His promise makes my body itch with want and I suddenly have that urge again to make love to him but I can not. I seductively, switch the microphone back on and feel everyone's intense glare search Harry and I, looking for answers which will not be found.

" H1, I have sent contracts to you in which please may you print, sign and storage. Thank you," I speak into the microphone again as Rose gently smirks at me before beginning to do as I say,

" Well done Lady Casey" Harry congratulates me as I take my finger off the speaker, turning it off.

" Thank you Sexy Styles,"

He glances at me with dark, lustful eyes which eat every ounce of innocence in me and I feel like a piece of meat, his eyes ferociously glaring at me hungrily. Whoops.


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