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I hand cuff each of her limbs to the bed post, resting two towels on her body, one going across her nipples and the other hiding her lady area. Beside her, I lay all torture weapons as she lays there on the bed, eyes closed and barely moving.

In comes Mr Cowell just to check which one we are doing, "Number five? Brave." He smirks, eyes feasting upon Kelsey's naked body which turned my blood cold,

"She's knocked out and will wake up when I begin," I grin back as he puts his thumbs up,

"I will start packing my things then. I will be back after you finished and I expect to hear her from next door."

He exits and I quickly lock the door behind him, whispering harshly to Kelsey,

"He's gone."

Her eyes flicker open, smirking at me with lust as I take off my top and trousers so I am just in my boxers. She takes a deep inhale as I wink at her,

"Now." I say as she screams loud enough for Mr Cowell to hear.

"You look so fucking sexy," I grin, creeping over to her and hovering on top of her, kissing her passionately as she moans quietly without putting it on which makes my member become semi stiff as I nod for her to Beg loudly in which she does,


After, she crumples up her nose as she puts her head back, trying to make the chains rattle which it does, shaking the towels off her breasts. I take a huge breath at how horny I was and her perfection as I grab the whip.

I smack it against the wall as she screams, pretending as if it hit her. We carry on this method until she begins to fake cry and begs,

"Harry please! Stop! IT HURTS!"

I laugh coldly, smacking the whip harder as she screams again,

"NO. I AM YOUR FUCKING MASTER. YOU DO AS I SAY, BITCH!" I boom as I put the whip down and stick my head in her breasts, making her moan loudly.

"Sorry babe," I whisper as I bite down on her nipple, hard enough for her to scream.

"AHH!" She gasps, shaking the hand cuffs again and making sounds as if she is pushing me off her.

I go lower, leaving love marks all over her stomach making her scream out, "HARRY STOP!"

My head gets lower, removing the towel from her lower area, grinning massively.

"I SAID SHUT UP FUCKING BITCH!" I demand, winking at her as she bites her lip with excitement.

My lips clasp around her area, sucking harshly. I notice she was already wet which was so hot as I stick my tongue in. I feel her body jolt and her legs squirm, rattling the chains as she makes sounds of pleasure and pain at the same time.

My fingers trail up her sides, working their magic too whilst I ate her out as hard as I could.

"P-PLEASE STOP! It hurts!" She gasps as I bite down on her flesh, making her scream out and her hands struggle to find something to grip onto.

"RELEASE ME!" She yells as I laugh into her skin, the cold air burning into her making her gasp again.

I think about all the maids and people helping us and what they must be thinking but yet again, when Mr Cowell was in his room in the morning, I told everybody to take a few hours off at this time so no-one will suspect anything.

Kelsey's cry of whimpers snap me out of my daydream as she croaks painfully,

"P-please stop! I'M BLEEDING!"

I peer down and it was true- she was bleeding, crap.

I sent her apologetic eyes and she just whimpers, hands still struggling to find something to grip onto.

"SHUT UP!" I order and immediately she stops as I bring my lips to her ears, using the whip with one hand to hit the covers to hide my whisper,

"You okay?"

I feel the tears on her cheeks, drip down her face and makes my face slightly soggy as she hesitantly nods.

"I love you baby, and I will make it up to you, I promise." I mutter, kissing her lips gently and she kisses back after a moment of catching her breath from the sobs.

I pull back taking off my pants and putting it in front of her face,


She wraps her lips around my stone hard cock and begins sucking, gagging sometimes and making me grunt. Her tongue does wonderful patterns on it and she is under Neath moaning as I play with her huge tits to narrow the pain a bit.

She sucks harder at each movement I do on her breasts which makes both of us moan. Her tears begin drying up which was good but then her eyes were sunk into mine. I fell in love all over again.

I was close and quickly pulled out of her mouth which took her by surprise. Quickly, I undone the hand cuffs as she pretended to escape with screams but I 'caught' her and hand cuffed her legs to mine so she always had to be in front of me.

"FINISH ME OFF!" I demand as she pretends to cry again,


"THAT'S IT YOU SON OF A BITCH! I WILL USE THE WHIP!" I yell grabbing the whip and whacking it on the covers again as she cries out more, getting down on her knee's.

She carries of sucking, wanking me off at the same time and I reach my high, grunting and swearing. Her eyes stuck onto mine as I rode it out and it was a major turn on again at how sexy she looked.

"LET ME GO YOU RAPIST!" She yelped as I pretended to whip her again,


I tie a red and white scarf around her mouth as I grab the huge metal ring which wraps around her head to keep her from escaping.

"RIDE ME!" I yell as I lay on the bed and she grunts loudly through her scarf.

She slowly goes down, screaming into the scarf in agony as I remember the blood. Her eyes tear to mine as more and more tears chucked down her cheeks.

As she attempts to try again, I quickly lift her up so she couldn't sit down and I un buckled the metal ring around her neck. I laid her body down on the body and gave her a pill so she would pass out.

The pain looked to much for her little body and I would hate to push her further than she had already done.

Instead of fucking her like I wanted, I pretended to like we agreed. I grunted and groaned as I wanked myself off, pretending I was fucking her.

It all ended pretty soon we I reached my high and I quickly got dressed covering her body up in a blanket. I opened the door to find Mr Cowell who was standing there grinning at me,

"You have my word. You took control and now she will never step out of line again. You are a true man and deserve to be running this place. I will see you every month on the first Friday okay?"

"Okay." I agreed as he showed himself out and I took a huge sigh of relief as everybody filed back in, just on cue.

I explained to everybody why I was so cruel and that now I am a changed person but that does mean that every first Friday of the month, I will be extra strict and I got to know all the maids. They were the kindest people alive and were all very bright.

We decided that we carry on calling them by their numbers because some of them didn't have names and it wouldn't be fair but we were all really good friends.

Next, I visited the children's maids, getting to know them a lot better too. Kelsey was really correct.

They were the most down to earth people in the world! Kind, welcoming and all had different and interesting back grounds. Especially Miss Mel.

Finally, I saw the children. I sorted everything out with them and spent a few hours, giggling, playing and messing around with them before returning to Kelsey who was just awaking.


"Good news gorgeous," I smile as she opens her eyes,

"Every body is friends now. I talked to everybody AND Mr Cowell is gone."

She weakly smirked at me, "It was worth it then?"

I nodded with a huge grin, as I brought my lips to hers and gently sucked.

"Come here, I will clean you up baby."

I picked her up as if she was weightless which she really felt, and carried her to our bath, sitting her on the toilet seat, keeping her wrapped up in a towel.

I ran the hot water and put in these pink little bath bombs which sizzle against human skin and it is designed to relax muscles.

"You okay?" I ask her as her head shoots up again, the wooziness of the drug having a last minute affect on her.

I carry her to the bath, gently putting her in and taking the towel from her.

"Just relax there hunny, let me help." I say as she weakly grins at me, leaning her head back onto the bath's head rest.

I wash her hair, cleaning it which I know she loves because she was moaning with pleasure but her eyes suddenly snapped open at me,

"Get in with me please?" She innocently asks and I hesitate before climbing in next to her, leaving my boxers on so she wont panic or anything.

"Do you mind if I clean your body?" I ask just to make sure and she smirks, standing up for me.

I take a huge breath at the sight of her wet, gorgeous body glistening in front of me. I stand up as well, grabbing the body wash and squirting some on my hand.

I bring my hand up to her chest, rubbing it in slowly as I made my way down her body with a devious grin. I take each breast in each of my hands, rubbing slowly and soothingly. She moans as I bend down, on my knees to get a better view of what I am cleaning. I run my hands over all the love bites I left this afternoon, which makes her wince but then calm down when I kiss her stomach lightly, trying to cover the pain with pleasure.

Yet again, my hands travel further down, cleaning all up and down her legs which makes me get incredibly stiff and I could see she was getting massively turned on. My hands now go between her legs,  running up and down, gently hitting her sensitive area each time. Her head goes flying back with want as I cup her, stroking it slightly.

My lips hit it, and kiss all the way down until my head was in between her legs, sucking gently. I wanted to finish off what I started earlier because she never hit her high which wasn't all fair and I knew she was really close.

I started sucking again, my tongue pressing rapidly against her sensitive spot and then it broke inside of her as I sucked her juices like a cat licking it's milk. She screamed in pleasure, exploding into my mouth as I pressed harder and faster for her to have a great high,

"HARRY! HARDER! PLEASEEE!"  She screamed in blissful pleasure as she climbed down from the high, panting with lust and grinning mischievously.

"Totttallyy worth itt!" She gasps, stuttering as I was quick to pull her into a lengthy kiss and grunting loudly,



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