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41. Niall's party

In the end, after hours of deciding and swapping clothes, I settled with a short, plan red dress which came below my hip. I had high black heels on but it didn't really make me taller than I had before and I wore a black choaker. I straightened by hair and back combed it a bit before adding a light coating of white peaceful eye makeup and bright red lips. I truly looked different than my goth self, completely unrecognisable in a fantastic way.

Niall's house was expensive and big but when I say big, I mean spacious. There was barely any furniture but no-one really minded so I waved it off,

" ah, Kelsey. I knew I would find you here," laughed Micheal behind me and I turned with a grin splattered across my face, with no surprisement, on his arm, clung Kennedy.

" heyy, enjoying the party?"

In all fairness, what else was I suppose to say? It was Awkward and these conversation were for after I got drunk... NOT before!

" yeah, you?"

Kennedy coughed for them to go but I could tell Michael wanted to stay,

" yeah?"

" so you and Harry, eh?" Micheal had a bit of a hardened expression when I chuckled, showing my teeth and said yes.

" how long then?"

" around 4 months I think,"

"What kind of person doesn't know-" Kennedy laughed before I gave her a look to say' knocked out'. I mean ...when I was in that coma thingy, were we still technically going out? Right?

" anyhow, he's a really lucky guy to have you," Micheal said and I couldn't help but smile and thank him,

" here you go babe," Harry came back with my drink and I pecked his lips before all four of us clinked the glasses together in a toast. ( A/N: OMG I WROTE TOAST!! I LOVE IT <3! )

" what you talking about?" Harry brought the glass away from his lips as I pursed mine, smiling secretively.

" that your a lucky guy to have Kelsey," Kennedy scoffed, rolling her eyes aloud and Harry kissed my lips quickly, tasting all the alcohol that each of us had consumed.

" yes I am, the most luckiest guy In the world."


By around 2:56am, people began leaving so there were barely any people left, around twenty seven I guess.

" K-Kelsey.. Let me g-get that dress off for y-you" stuttered Harry in a drunken state, this is going to be a long night trying to get him home.

" i don't think so, w-wait till I-it's died down..."

Now all the words in my head were like in a different language, so aggravating.

He pouted solemnly before batting his eye lids, hands creeping around my waist.

" babbyy," I complain, snaking my arms round his neck and snuggling into his neck, unable to stand up on my own.

"Perfect, a-another group h-have gone, now can I?" Harry teased me by riding the dress up to my panties and then letting it drop down again.

I could feel eager eyes on us but who cares? They wanna see a strip show.... Giv'em a strip show.

I seductively took a step back and before I could tease him, Harry whipped the dress off of me leaving me in my black lace bra and underwear grinning widely.

" happyyy?" I laugh turning around for a little before stumbling into someone's arms, Michael's to be precise. He looked up and down my body before standing me up and staring again.

" t-thank M-Micheal," I playfully whacked his chest with a grin and sway my way over to Harry.

" where's my d-dress?" I stumble around in laughter. Harry had it shoved down his top and my pathetic attempt to get it back was to rid him of his top.

" you guys are always on eachother!" Chuckled Niall as he walks in on us,

" Kelsey put clothes on! There's people still here!"

Niall was laughing but he was sober and a bit stressed.

"H-Harry won't give e-em backkkk," I complained and Niall sent a look to Harry who was shrugging unknowingly.

"Harry! For goodness sake!!"

" wait-" interrupted Micheal who had now got rid of Kennedy,

" I like it too, it brings moods to the party"

He started clapping his hands in laughter as I pretended to model my new outfit. I swear, I spend so much time in my underwear I should sell my clothes.

Harry stiffened when Micheal observed me with a horny expression but then that was my plan. He chucked my little red dress back and I slid it on swiftly, now wrapped into Harry's drunken kiss.

He sucked nearly all the breath out of my and I could feel my heart rate slow down along with the kiss. Suddenly, Harry jolted away,

" what are you doing to me?" He whimpered, pressing his forehead to mine and I whispered back,

" the same thing your doing to me,"

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