Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


153. News?


I walk away from Harry to the bed room, the pain still there just duller and the aching throb still lingering in my back and stomach but I want to be alone in this pain. The minute I make the entrance to the bed room, my insides feel like they are about to blow. I race to the toilet, chucking up sick into the bowl of the toilet, just making it.

I gag for a few seconds, hoping Harry didn't hear as I whimper quietly. Slowly, I lock the door behind me, hearing Harry's footsteps charge up the stairs and my name being repeated over and over again, making me panic again.

"CALISTA LET ME IN!" He pounds on the door as I feel like shit,

"I-I'm fine, just-"

I didn't have time to finish my sentence before throwing up again in the toilet,


"NO! I'm fine, please I w-want to be alone!" I call back, panicking as I limply grab the towel from the side of the bath, wiping my mouth hastily.

My mind searches for answers and then it slowly sinks in...

I cant be! I am! Fuck!

I'm pregnant!

I gasp slightly, covering my mouth as Harry calls out,

"Calista, please let me in! I'm scared, are you okay?"

Without answering, I shakily stand up, my legs wobbling as I make my way over to the cupboard, pulling out a pregnancy test.

I sit back down on the toilet and take the test, ignoring Harry's yells for me.

I look down to the test. CRAP I'M GOING TO HAVE MY SEVENTH CHILD AT 24!

I feel awful at the fact I can barely take care of the six I already have, keeping in mind Harry would flip with excitement and turn into a worrying nancy if I tell him.

"I'm fine Harry- just got a bug!" I call out to him as I him snuffle with tears outside the door,

"Calista, your scaring me please come out-"

"Go downstairs, I will be down in a bit baby, trust me please-"

Instead of arguing, he trots down the stairs leaving me to my heavy breathing and light tears which I'm thankful for.

I let out all my moods in a huge sob as I take a shower, covering my tears with the showers blaze of water.

Once clean and feeling much better, I climb out the shower and check my stomach in the mirror. Already, my breasts were quite swollen, as were my fingers and I had a decent bump on my stomach, perhaps three months in already.

I gasp at my stupidity that I hadn't noticed for three months and with joy at my new child. I couldn't tell Harry, no, I don't want to. With all the pressure he has at the moment, I don't want him worrying about me, I don't want him to use it as an excuse for me to stop work and I don't need him to turn all angry again.

When there is a new baby, Harry gets stressed, then angry and then takes it all out on me or staff. I am protecting my angels and this new little pleasure growing inside of me.

I am so excited!

Must be mood swings..

I climb out and dress in a flowing top and leggings so he couldn't see my bump as I make my way downstairs, quietly.

I hear him talking to someone as I stop in my tracks at the mention of his harsh words,


"Mate, calm down, your misses will hear. We will.. well, he wouldn't be-"
There's a pause as I walk in and freeze in my position as I see Mr.Horan standing there grinning at me. I smile at him delicately,

"What's going on?"

Harry hands me a cup of tea as he begins speaking quickly, pushing me out slightly,

"Dd-don't worry, just-"

"Harry!" I gasp, turning around quickly and he paused slightly, eyes everywhere apart from on me as I exchange eye contact with Mr.Horan,

"Tell me"

I feel an uneasy glance between the two men as Mr.Horan gives in to my sly, seductive grin,

"Callum. Your kidnapper?"

My grin faded as Harry stepped backwards, sitting himself down and practically shaking which made me nervous as I nod,

"There's rumours he has had intercourse with you and is holding images of you and your.. figure Mrs.Styles-"

"And I am going to fucking kill him!" Harry cuts in before Mr.Horan carried on,

"He has swore that he will find you again-"
At this point, My mouth fell dry as the words on his tongue strangled me tightly,

"That's enough-" Harry growled, as I felt sick again, unable to stomach these news,

"n-no.. carry on,"

"He managed to visit a few people-"

"That's enough!" Harry snarled again shutting Mr.Horan up with a sharp glare and this made my legs go wobbly,

"Wwhat how? And W-whwho?" I ignored Harry's threats as my hand sweeps slightly against my burning bump in secretive, trying to sooth it,

"Well, He escaped prison.." Mr.Horan began again but Harry had had enough, as he growls darkly,

I send Harry a spiteful and anxious glare which makes his eyes flicker away,

"Thank you Sir and Lady," He salutes,

"And Thank you for the tea, I will show my self out, thank you. I will leave you to be-."

I turn to face Mr.Horan with a warm smile,

"Thank you, I will see you tomorrow,"

He begins walking as Harry just rolls his eyes and grunts, ignoring Mr.Horans good byes which makes me scowl in annoyance.




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