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56. news

Once I had walked home, I called for Harry and he didn't reply.

" Must be late home." I thought to myself before walking into the kitchen and beginning to make dinner. I cooked up Harry's favourite dish, chicken curry along with pitta bread and wine. It only took 45minutes and once I had done, I put both our plates in the heating oven so they could stay warm until Harry is home.

I leant over on the island table and began scrolling through my laptop to find a good movie on Netflix and as I done so a presence snuck up behind me. Of course I didn't know this until Harry's arms have tangled around me and he is kissing my cheek mercilessly.

Swiftly, I spun around and pulled his face closer so I could taste his lips again, I missed them today.

" I never ever want to do another day without kissing you!" I say in between kisses and he suddenly pulls away with something behind his back.

" Close your eyes baby," Harry instructs and I do as I am told. The next thing I know, Harry had planted something in my hands and kissed my forehead before telling me to open my eyes.

It was a huge heavy box and I exchanged loving looks with Harry before placing it on the table and opening the box. Inside, a gorgeous black dress with a diamond incrusted sash stretching across the back which had an open back, stopping above the bum and was strapless. It was breath taking.

" Harry- this is.." I stumbled for words as his lips pounced onto mine, his arms once again slivering around my back, pushing me gently against the counter. I agreed to his little smooch before grinning against his lips at the fact Victoria would be so jealous right now, good.

" I made something for you,"

Now it was my turn to hopefully wow him with his favourite meal that I had never cooked before. so far, not looking good.

" Oh yeah?" He cocked an eyebrow up with a anxious and wide grin smothered across his face, his nose wrinkling to the scents. Suddenly, it looked as if his frown done a back flip as he raced to the heating oven,

" Curry!" He yelled excitedly and I laughed.

He raced to sit back down as I served it for us and we dag in. In the first bite, we both savoured the majestic flavours and to die for spice. Not to be self obsessed, but I make the best curry!

" Oh-my-god! You make the best food ever!" Harry moaned and tilted his head back, giggling like a little boy.

" So.. how was your dad's today baby?" I asked, taking another bite of my curry. His facial features hardened as he put down his fork and wiped his mouth with the napkin and I did the same.

" I have to tell you something and it is completely up to you if I should do it or not," Harry started with a serious and curious mood which worried me. Oh know, what's happened? I nodded as he continued,

" Well my dad works for parliament, the highest person in parliament, and he is giving the company to me, "

I felt my mouth drop and I furrowed my eyebrows tightly in shock,

" But- that does mean I quit school and I may be working longer hours," He said again and within seconds I was straddling him and kissing him lovingly.

" Are you mad? Why would you have second thoughts about an opportunity like this!" I squealed and I babbled on and on for what felt like hours on how hot he would be in a tux and that he will have his own huge office whilst he sat there in amazement.

" also, it pays, £300,000 a month." He told me and I almost fainted.

" t-thr-three hun-hundred t-thous-thousand!" I stutter and he nodded again in curiosity.

" Shall I take the offer?" He said and I almost smacked him.

" YES!"

Then our lips smacked against each other whilst his hands quickly unbuttoned my top and jeans whilst I done the same to his,

" Oh, I start tomorrow and...." Harry began, pulling away from the kiss shortly before carrying on,

" My office will be sound proof and have black out windows therefor, you can come over when ever you like,"

Dangerously, he smirked and winked at me before I felt very wet below. My boyfriend is the highest authority in parliament!

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