Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."





" Oh my god, imagine if they were only like seven!" I burst out laughing as we approached our neighbours cabin. Harry left with the other boys and yes, he was so damn sexy but like, I ain't ready for a relationship at this moment, I am just slutty.. there's a difference!

" Don't, you will jinx it!" Rose screamed as we hovered outside the door of the neighbours cabin, " I will knock!" Kennedy yelled as she tapped on the door, all of us in chuckles.

Suddenly the door opened, and I kid you not, I think God just opened the door,

" Hi," He warmly smiled as he turned around and beckoned for people to come out, " Hi? Me and my friends were just seeing who we will be teaming up with," I pointed to Rose and Kennedy, there mouths were agape.

" Oh right, we were just leaving to go for a walk, we just got here, Do you wanna come with us?" He generously asked and before I could say no, Kennedy blurted out, " sure, but could you join us? there's more of us"

" Who's at the door!" a male voice called out as he peeped round, " Babes? Awesome!"

I scoffed slightly at his stereotyping but stood to the side so he could get out. He was bare chested as was the other three who walked out, all impressive muscles.Okay- this holiday is officially the best!

They were all smoking, tan and buff but so was our boys and I was debating which was the best one,

" So this is Danny," The one who opened the door to us, introduced a great looking guy, most likely the best looking one who was already looking at me, grinning sweetly. "Callum," another good looking one but very pale and a few piercings, "Liam," the oldest looking one and the most mature from his stone cold expression. "Chris," The one who called us babes, " And finally me, Zack," A peachy model type figure,

" Wow," rose smiled before snapping out and introducing us, " I am Rose, this is Kennedy and this is Kelsey," They all grinned at us before the eight of us began walking towards the check out point, babbling about random things.

So much for seven year olds and old and fugly....

" What the fuc-" Tom cursed as our boys turned around at us walking up to them with fit guys, " Boy, our new neighbours," Kennedy smirked as some guys hands rested on my hips, " Yeah, we can see," Harry darkly chuckled but it was more of a growl,

All the boys were in lock mode, glaring at each other on either side, " Okay each boy group are staring at each other," Rose muttered in my ear obviously, " Yeah," I mumbled,

" D-do you know each other then?"

" Yes," They all growled evilly at each other before they broke into a huge laugh, bro hugging each other and bursting into laughter like little children, " yep, seven year olds!" Kennedy called to me over the racket.

" Soo.." I asked awkwardly, " These boys were legendary at primary and army cadets!" Danny called out pointing to our boys, Suddenly, Kennedy, Rose and I all burst into laughter, " T-them? PHAH!"


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