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115. Nasty talk


I entered the house and 1B was there to greet me,

"Have a nice day Lady K?"

I almost told her the truth as she took my things off of me,

"Brilliant day, thank you for asking."

She curtsied with a warm smile as she head up the stairs to put my things away as I started walking into the kitchen, bumping into Mr.Cowell on the way,

"We need to talk sweet heart," He grins, the frown lines in his face easily in sight as he leads me into my office and sits down at my desk.

"We clearly need to establish some ground rules here," He grunts, resting his hands on the table as I nod politely, acting like a sweet little wife.

" Rule one. You are to allow the Master to do as he wishes or their will be serious punishments." I nod my head gently as he carries on,

"Rule Two. If you think you are worthy of staying married to the Master, you must live up to being a darling.

Rule Three. We will be having a talk every day at exactly six O'clock for a few minutes just to see how you are doing and you must attend.

Rule Four. You will be my perfect little pet unless you would like the whole household to suffer from your actions.

And finally, Rule Five. You will not disobey anything that I or the Master says. Got it?"

Once he had said all of his rules and I had false heartedly agreed, He got up and planted a quick kiss to my lips making me pull back in discuss an him laughing coldly as he exited,

" Oh, and do mind your business. It's not like to listen to others conversations."

I felt ice cold. He had realised and most likely been smirking under Neath all that surgery but instead he was flashing his raw teeth and then he was gone.

The deepest intake of breath ever, was taken by me as I head to the children's floor for comfort. I fucking hate that man.

"Good evening Lady K," Miss Maddie greeted me as I saw Adele clutched to her leg in laughter. I smiled at this and nodded my head for an answer as I entered a room with Julia and Rhine in it with their maids. the minute I entered, Rhine had toddled over to me and reached her arms up.

I lifted her up onto my hip but she swung her arms around my neck for extra hugs which I didn't complain to,

"Hello darling." I giggled as I sent wary looks to Miss Mel who also looked as if she wanted a hug.

"Miss Jayne please can you take Julia into another room?" I asked nicely as she curtsied before leading Julia into the other room.

I sat down on the three man sofa and patted the seat for Miss Mel to sit next to me, Rhine still clutched to me like spider monkey.

"Are you okay?" I asked and Miss Mel nodded slowly, faking a small smile and trying not to cry in front of me.

"Don't worry. I hate him too," I chuckle for comfort and she laughs through the appearing tears,

"She's only three and he had a go at her. It's not fair,"

I sympathetically smiled,

" I know. and don't worry, I kicked arse in the Limo!"

She gasped and quickly signalled for me to keep my voice down low,

"Shh, please. He's listening." She whispers, tears now fully streaming down her face,
"Who's listening Miss Mel? Who is it?"

She shakes her head for the answer and I quickly improvise,


She nods silently and I quickly tear my head around the room, searching for him or any signals of him,

"Look-" She whimpers, pointing to a alphabet on the wall which had never been there as she wipes the tears quickly from under her eyes. I examine the whole room and realise what she means. The whole room had changed to look much more grown up.

" It changes when he is coming down the stairs, it is monitored." She whispers as she takes Rhine from my body and pretends to take care of her just in case he walks in,

"Basically, She can now count to fifty, can't you Rhine?" Miss. Mel says to me and then turns to Rhine,

"Show Mother how you can count to fifty."

Rhine starts counting, slowly but getting every word with exact pronunciation which takes me by surprise. And then Mr.Cowell walks in the minute she is in her thirties. He looks slightly impressed but then that soon washes over when he begins talking,

"The Master is downstairs. He wants to see you," He immediately leaves the room and we hear him walk back down the stairs. Once again, everything changes back to the friendly zone and as if on cue, Rhine hits Fifty,

"Ahh! That's brilliant! Well done baby!" I congratulate and Rhine grins widely,

"And I can sing the alphabet,"

She sings the whole song and yet again, I praise her which makes her laugh and I get up to leave when Miss Mel Calls out for me,

"Oh and Lady K, Please do as he says. I do not want to see you suffer like the others!"

I send her a warm smile, "Trust me, I will not suffer. but thank you so much,"

I walk out and everything begins sinking into my brain as I head downstairs.



"We need to talk," I demand as she finishes the last step.

"My office." I carry on as she holds back a sigh and starts walking up the stairs again to my office which made her obviously feel really annoyed when I was finally there.

I lock the door behind me when i enter and sit at the desk with boggy eyes.

" I am sorry for my actions in the office. Do you accept my apology?" I say with a bit of force and I could see her body itching to argue with me, but she stops and instead surprises me with her words.

"Yes. I am sorry for storming out, but now I know that I done wrong and I will take any punishment if needed."

Her words alone excite me at the fact I can make her do anything I want and she will do it but I knew I was more unfair than her and if anything I deserve punishment,

"Not this time." I say and she looks up from her lap with wide, confused eyes.

"How is the children? Are they upset because of me?" I ask, my voice cracking in the process and then I clear my throat, trying to sound in control.

"You should check yourself-" She begins before biting her tongue and rephrasing her answer, "They are fine."

She puts me in total curiosity at the fact she is doing everything I say. Maybe this is a good thing? perhaps she has finally seen my ways?

"And how are you?" I ask her and she smiles but I can tell it is a fake smile,

"I am fine. You?"

Before I answer her question, her innocence takes over her and she looks incredibly sexy in that outfit which completely re-directs my mind.

"Actually, there is one thing you have to do." I say quickly and her eyes burn into mine lustfully.

"Kiss me-"

I was going to do more but she wasn't in the mood and hate making her do things she doesn't want and she wanted to kiss me. I could tell it in her eyes.

She was suddenly in front of me and she leant over for the kiss but that wasn't enough for me. I pulled her so she was straddling my lap and wrapped my arms around her waist, grinning widely at her perfect figure and gorgeousness which apparently turned her on from the way her lips clasped onto mine hungrily.

My lips press to her rapidly, reaching air every so often and then I slide my tongue into her mouth and pulled her body closer so either one of her legs were on either side of the chair arms and her lady part were pressed against my v line, causing her to moan into the kiss.

her hands fumbled into my hair, toying lovingly as her breasts now pressed against me and my hands massaged them wisely. She was in part bliss, part anger but I could see the passion for the kiss was beginning to get too over whelming and I could tell she would of wanted more if it hadn't of been for a knock on my office door.

"Sorry to disturb you but Dinner is ready." a maid called out and I felt her eyes burn into mine as a sly smile formed on her lips as she climbed off me quietly,

"Race you?"




We race down the stairs, until I was winning from what I could see. I went to take my first step onto the ground when suddenly I was air born and swung into someone's tight grip which was muscular. Harry.

"I won," He smirks down at me, pecking my nose.

"You cheated, that's why!"

"No. it's called using your strengths to your ability." He argued with a dark chuckle as he led me into the kitchen, confronted by the children sitting their waiting for us and a huge meal spread out on the table.

We all dug into the meal, finishing it quickly before everybody else sat down once we had left the room, the children's maids taking the children into their playpen for their daily playpen hours whilst they had their dinner.

"Now.. where were we?" Harry grinned at me, the minute our bedroom door was shut.

"Having dinner?" I tease, taking off my stockings and gloves.

Harry laughs, plopping himself on the bed to watch my little strip show which I laughed at,

"Not tonight Harry. I'm changing into night clothes baby," I say when I felt his presence sneak up behind me when I only had my panties and bra on. His body wrapped around mine, his warmth from his bare top now warming up mine,

"Look! My nudes are on my phone!" I lie as Harry quickly races to the other side of the room to grab my phone as I quickly put on this gorgeous blue, laced night dress which hangs dangerously low on my breasts and finishes just below the bum.

"YOU LIED!" Harry gasps as he wander's back over to me, "I think this deserves punishment?"

I held my finger up to his lips, "Nah ah, it was Using my strengths to my ability!" I mock him before the grin on his face widens even more,

"lying and mocking me? Baby! Oh my god, you are in trouble!" He gasps as he grabs my body quickly. Placing me down on our bed and un- doing his jeans so he is just in his boxers.

"Two things wrong so two punishments." He grinned as I raised my hands in the air for defeat,

"One, no more blue dress." He yanks the blue dress off me so I was in my black underwear,

"And two, you will please me"

I wink at him seductively, "Done."

I crawl over to him and pull his pants down, using my teeth and then place tiny kisses all over the top of his member. He let's out a quiet moan as I push him so he is sitting on the bed and I crouch down to it's height with a winning smile.

My hands slowly begin pumping his cock slowly and teasingly slow as Harry grunts for more and I give it to him. I lick the tip of his member, making the whole thing become fully erect with such a pleasuring sight and before I could do anything, Harry had shoved most of it in my mouth.

I suck and direct my head in and out of his mouth, playing with the bits I couldn't fit in mouth as I keep up this pattern for a few minutes. Then, I drop my hands from pumping, start sucking harder and un-do my bra which sets Harry's eyes hungrily feasting on my next move.

I grab each of my tits and start wanking him off with them, sucking as hard as I could until he finally came, long and hard with curses and my name.

He took control, directing me in what he wanted me to do to him as he rode out his high with loud grunts and my name rapidly flowing from his mouth. Once he had calmed down, his eyes were black with lust and attached to my breasts which were now in his face because he had flipped us over so he was on top and I could feel his again rock hard member pressing against my sensitive area, making me cry out from all the pleasure.

"You sure you don't want me to fuck you baby?" Harry teased, rubbing his cock around harder into me which made my heart rate pick up and his heavy breathing feel like the only thing I needed.

"N-no," I try to say but his cheesy grin is already showing as he stops rubbing and brings his finger down to it,

"Really? Because you are soaking wet baby?"

He pulls his finger up and licks it hungrily, making me whimper.

"ugh, Okay okay! Please Fuck me Harry!"

I feel Harry's hot and steamy breath clasp onto my breast, sucking hard for a louder affect which worked completely,


and with that, Harry had ripped my panties off and thrusted deep into me, making us both moan as he waited for me to adjust,

"You okay?" He asked and I nodded into his shoulder as he began thrusting hard into me with long hard blows. I could feel myself shaking with want as I screamed his name loudly,


He done as I requested and thirsted deeper and deeper until I couldn't breath no more and all I was doing is moaning with pleasured bliss and screaming every now and then when he went deeper and deeper.

"Ohhh Babyy! Fuck please!" Harry joined in as we both hit our highs, constant moaning and love flying around the room like angels until we had calmed down and Harry slid out of me with a cheesy grin,

"Next time, it wont be as soft"

I felt my heart rate still pumping fast which honestly made me hornier for more but fatigue got me first.

"Challenge accepted," I grinned as we fell asleep together. 




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