Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


129. Mummy and Daddy


"Good morning my gorgeous baby girl," A sexy morning voice rung in my dream, rippling effectively into my mind; Harry's stunning kiss stealing my breath, not to mention my heart.

"Hmmn? Morninggg" I replied rolling onto my back and slowly opening my eyes to see a smirking Harry. A smile grew on my cheeks as I watched his eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips,

"Good night last night?"

His childish grin grew bigger as did mine before I pushed my lips to his hovering ones above me with his winning smile. My hands crept up his back, pulling him closer as his hands brushed against my naked body - from last night - and a wide grin of satisfaction swept his face as he pulled away from the kiss, pecking at my breasts.

"Hmmn, Har-Harry, we need to get dd-dressed," I moaned through his loving sucks to my sensitive, standing proud nipple. I felt him roll It around with his teeth and tongue before I could say anything else. My head flew back in agonizing pleasure as a grunt rippled through Harry.

He quickly grasped each side of my waist, slamming his lips onto mine harshly. At first I was a bit shocked but I allowed him to have his way, catching up to his quick speed. We went on with passionate making out for a good few minutes until we both we breathing heavily in each other's faces, not stopping for a second.

Suddenly, he jumped off me, gently taking my hands and lifting me off the bed before I placed a lengthy yet light snog to his lips, leading him into the closet.

"now we have to get dressed even quicker, not much time until we have to be downstairs," I chuckled, licking my licks and ignoring the deep and dark growl Harry has made,

"Fine, but you make it up to me tonight?"



"Awh, my stunning little children, you look adorable!" I squeal, toddling over to them in my high heels and short, tight dress with a gorgeous shade of black on it.

"Mummy's little preciouses!"

I peck each of them on the cheek as Julia's proud little face lights up with delight,

"I- I chose Rose and Adele's matching outfits!"

She holds her little dress and twirls gracefully with a little grin as I clutch my mouth,

"No! You didn't! They're gorgeous! Did you really choose them? Oh my!"

She chuckles loudly before taking me by surprise and hugging my tightly with a small whisper,

"I've missed Mummy and Daddy,"







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