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28. movieNight

I crouch in the cinema room, looking through a huge shelf of films which were sectioned into different categories.

My eyes wondered helplessly towards Horror/thrillers and I scanned through them, my eyes spotting a few films I watched a few years back. Saw, Jaws and Mumma, were a few that I used to love watching with Louis but I fancied something different tonight so I decided to pick 'Texas chainsaw'.

" what we watching then?" Harry walked into the room with a blanket in his arms and a cheesy grin plastered across his face.

" Texas chainsaw?"

His eyes lit up and he chucked himself on the front sofa and beaconed me over, slyly biting his lip. I battered my eyelashes and tucked a loose strand behind my ear before heading towards him backwards, clicking the on button by the remote for the big screen.

" if you get scared you can snuggle into me.." He winked, wrapping his arms around me and I snorted.

" I am not scared of anything. Remember who is the gothic one?"

A grinned formed on his lips as he corrected me,

" was the gothic one. "

" whatever," I decided not to retaliate and I snuggled closer into Harry's chest, feeling safe.

On the tv, a man with a white, crock like mask walked towards a cabin with a chainsaw and I couldn't help but think that he looked so fake. I coughed and Harry sent me an unusual and anxious look before pulling me closer, if it was possible.

"Pleasepleaseplease," whimpered a lady, hiding in the cupboard crying under her breath trying to hide from the mass murderer.

My mind wondered else where and I reached over to grab my phone out my pocket which just beeped. I got a text from Louis,

Louis: how you and Romeo doing? Xx text me if you want to come home.. It's quiet without you. :(

I grinned to myself before thinking of something to write,

Me: me and Romeo are doing fine ;) watching scary movies like you and I used to do xx don't worry, I'm not coming back home with you, I like it here too much!

I heard Harry chuckle behind me and I peered up at him. His head shot up, pretending to watch the movie and I placed a small kiss on his lips before his eyes trailed down to me.

" didn't see you looking at me," he lied, sarcastically batting his eyelids and grinning like a child.

" course you didn't, nosy!"

I peered back down to my phone and saw a text come through from Niall.

Niall: what you doing Tomorrow? :) x

Me: idk, school and then home. Why wanna come round? X

Niall: sure! Can I invite the boys? :) x

I grinned,

Me: if you must! X

Niall: thanks, I will let you get back to your film. X

I smiled and the text and then paninked,


Niall: relax. I guessed :) x

Me: I don't believe you but, ok.. BYEEEE xx

Niall: bye bye enjoy My best friend !!

I licked my lips before typing back,

Me: oh, I will. xx

" baby?" I peered up at Harry who was already looking down at me and nodding,

" Niall and the boys are coming round after school Tomorrow for a bit of a party. Is that ok?"

He pecked my nose before replying gently,

" that's fine, text some other people and we can have a party if you like,"

I squealed before sitting upwards to kiss his lips tenderly.

" thankyou baby"

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