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124. Morning


I stretched my arms above my head and yawned a quiet, tired yawn before checking to see if Harry was awake. The first thing i saw was his hot body and mouth watering lips which practically mock me from a distance because He looked like a fucking angel! must hold bac-

"Morning baby," I whisper, pecking his lips gently. He rolls onto his back with a moan before his gaze is just staring at me grinning,


I feel his eyes rape me from where he is and i anxiously peer down to a black mini nightdress which stops below the bum and starts from the breasts. It was made out of lace and it was gorgeous!

"W-what time-" Harry began spit out his words but kept getting distracted as i cocked my head to the side,

"Is it?"

I smirked climbing off the bed to reach my phone off the floor as Harry's eyes followed me hungrily. I bent down and stayed in a low squat to check the time,

"6am," I call out to him as he sits up against the head rest of the bed with his hands behind his head.

My mind becomes hazy at the sight of him, as does my knees begin to weaken significantly.

"We need to get dressed-" I tease as Harry is now making his way over to me confidently. His eyes never part from my lips as he was less than a finger away from my body, a smirk forming widely.
"Too late now,"
I giggled as he has snapped my arms up to my head with a confident grimace.

( AN: 
😳😫 I am sorry but I am finishing this book NOW. If you want another book comment😌🙆 but this book has gone on too long and it is too hard to think of anything new without killing someone 😂, my next book is a psychological romance which is a bit like 50 shades of grey. 
I love you all, sorry!

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