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18. MondayLove

The time was 7:26am and I was rushing around the house searching for my things. After Friday, I put my bag somewhere but I couldn't remember where and It was pissing me off cause the whole day was already packed for.

" ugh! For fucksake! Where the fu? Where is it!" I was storming around upstairs and down stairs until I found it under a pile of coats which was in my cupboard.

" it's always lovely to see my girlfriend bright and happy in the morning," teased Harry, walking pass me, planting a small kiss on my forehead.

" sorry. I'm sorry... just couldn't find anything," I apologised before he took me by the arms and lovingly looked into my eyes.

" don't need to apologise, babygirl" and straight after that, we kissed for a lengthy amount of time, fireworks blowing up in my heart. It was full of life and really meaningful and it just felt amazing. I truly loved Harry and I knew without him, I would turn gothic again and end up my hair being black and miserable. Making my life a misery.

I straightened my long blonde hair and designed my makeup lightly along with misty eye shadow. I wore a low, black and white, checkered shirt which had most of my breasts showing and my black leather mini skirt with ankle studded shoes. It looked half decent.


"Well look who's changed," grinned Miss Morris as I walked into school, embracing with Harry. I pulled away with a snort at the comment,

" my looks changed and maybe I have softened, but someone who pisses me off is going down." I laugh half heartily with Harry looking very pleased about something.

"At least you have changed for the better," she agreed before we said our goodbyes and made our way to Drama.

" ugh, drama. Basically all you have to do is either cry or kiss someone and then your an 'actor'" I bitched to Harry who was grinning uncontrollably, dimples bursting out of his cheeks. I blushed and my heart almost stopped

Control yourself Kelsey!

" when I was a kid I wanted so bad to be an actress," I sighed.

" then I guess I will make it come true," he stood closer to me, brushing a loose strand behind my ear before delicately placing his lips to mine, chewing my bottom lip.

"Save it for later please ," interrupted Miss Stratford, My drama teacher, as she dismissed us into her room along with the other students.

" oh I will," I teased Harry, sitting on the floor as we were suppose to do.

" right class. Today we have a special class-" miss Stratford babbled on and on but I zoned out, focusing on her growing mustache. Yuck!

It was like a squirrel growing on her lip and it was so disgustingly funny. What shall I call it? Pepsi? Pepsi the mustache that is like a squirrel on my drama teachers face? Haha! Perfect....

" this will count for 80 percent of your grade and- "

Ew! It moves as she talks... Disgustingg!

"So get on with it, have them done in 45 minutes so the class can assess them," miss Stratford finally finishes her lecture and I heard nothing of what I was suppose to do.

" harry? What are we doing?" I whispered as everyone broke into groups.

I send him a sympathetic look before Niall and jake began moving towards us, perhaps to become a group with us.

" groups of four. We choose an emotion and write a short play on it. Easy. Plus everyone gets a different role." He explains to me as I send a thankful wink in his direction.

" bitches we gotta work," I clap my hands as Niall, jake, Harry and I begin to discuss ideas.

" I DIPS DIRECTOR! " Niall yells,

"we Could do love?"

Jake scoffs at Niall's idea and he begins folding his arms.

" alright, don't hold back," Niall laughed and I ignored them, focusing on my rested hand upon Harry's thigh, drawing delicate patterns on it.

" I don't mind what I do" I state looking up at everyone. There is a moment of silence.

" Kay. Let's base it on Romeo and Juliet. It's easiest." Niall peers up before he adds,

" Harry, your Romeo and Kelsey, your julliet."

Harry's expression became smug because he knows he gets to kiss me over and over and I stand there smiling like a daisy.

" so, Kelsey. You stand here," Niall directed me in a space in which I gladly stood there smirking. Not long after, Harry was in front of me and We were listening to Niall's orders.

" jake, you be the narrator for the story and basically just say 'Romeo and Juliet are lovers' and then Harry and Kelsey will hold hands staring into each other's eyes'." Niall bossed us around,

"Then, jake says 'but an act of discrimination Tears them apart.' And Harry and Kelsey will hug looking sad."

"W-what?" I chuckled as we hugged dramatically giggling at how much Niall was getting involved with this.

" keep up, don't laugh at me! It's annoying," He pouts.

" I'm sorry, I have been a naughty girl." I look at Harry, bite my lips with an innocent look in my eye.

"Ok?" Jake raises an eyebrow,

" why don't you and jake go rehearse lines and Kelsey and I could practice being Romeo and Juliet?" Harry smugly ordered allowing a grin to play along his lips seductively as he stepped closer to me, tracing his fingers over my jaw line.

" Romeo does deserve it," I winked at Harry as he carries on caressing my jaw line with the tip if his fingers.

" umm, ok. Fine!" Niall broke away from us along with jake trailing after him.

I peered up at Harry who is inches away from my face, tracing his thumb against my jawline still. His eyes flickered from my eyes to my lips and butterflies buzzed around in my stomach. Every time I become close, I am memorized by how much I love him.

" have I already told you how sexy you are?" His voice was delicate not to ruin the moment but I all I could focus on was wanting to kiss him.

" shut up and kiss me,"

I slammed my lips against his shutting him up. My hands slowly trailed up his neck and positioned themselves around him as he held onto my hips.

His tongue banged onto my lower lip asking for permission which I gladly expected as he held me closer. This 'boy' is going to be the death of me.

" baby?" I grunt pulling back a bit but Harry stays close to my face and tries to kiss me even more in small sucking motions. I peer around at eager eyes and bitching girls.

" people are watching," I smirk against his lips which were still not giving up against mine. He carries on.

" so? Let's give them something to watch then?" He says between kisses. I hesitate before kissing back, closing my eyes to block everyone out.

" ok, stop kissing now. We need to run through," Niall marches back with Jake close behind both eager.

I open my eyes to Harry slowing down the kisses until he finally stopped. I exchanged a smirk from Harry and then focused back on Niall.

" basically just act out what Jake says and we are sure to pass," he instructs us.


After the class, I walked with Jake to P.E because Harry was talking to some people and I didn't like them.

" so, you and Harry then?" He cocks an eyebrow at me with a curious glare when I chuckle.

" Einstein!"

" it's only week two and your already having intercourse!" He snorts as I stop quickly I'm my tracks.

" no! No, jake. Harry and I, we are NOT having sex..." I grab his arm and spin him around quickly, forcing him to look at me.

" why would you think that? It's stupid!"

He let out a dark, throaty chuckle,

" in my defence your always kissing, flirting and in bed for huge amount of time."

" you expect me not to kiss my boyfriend?" I sarcastically spit in disbelief.

" I expected you not to be so easy going."

I froze in anger.

" I am NOT easy going! I want him as much as he wants me,"

Jake pursed his lips and put his hands in the air in a sarcastic manor,

" excuse me I'm looking out for my best friends sister,"

" you didn't even know who I was before I wore that outfit last Monday!"

He smiled wickedly,

" yes I did. You just chose to ignore me,"

What? That is not true. It can't be. It's not. But what if it is? I have been totally blinded..

" whatever, let's get to the sports hall." I snort, walking quickly, suddenly very self conscious.


During P.E, I head to the school gym and start punching the punching bag. I took all my anger out on the bag because that's the only way I can express my feelings. That was my tactic in sports and it almost always worked.

My brother lieing. Jakes story. my parents death. Why I Exisit. Everything.

As I was punching, I felt someone's eyes burn onto my body but I wasn't sure who's. I punched harder and faster, trying to threaten whoever it was but it was not doing anything.

Then I heard clapping.

" you are cute punching something too," Harry strolled towards me, taking a huge weight off my shoulders and making me stop.

" you scared me," I lied taking off the huge boxing gloves.

" did I now?" He became close to me and I could tell he had been working out recently from the fact his muscles were bulging out his top.

" yeah?" I squeaked, still eye raping his muscles closely.

" fuck," he gently pushed me back, taking a look at my body. I wore a tight sports bra which my boobs were mostly out and covered in sweat but were huge and tanned. I also wore some mega tight sports trousers which also made my bum look huge.

" you look so fucking sexy," his eyes were struggling to find one place to look at and were examining my whole body like I was meat. Although, I felt icky and sweaty plus my face felt red and blotchy but when I looked in the mirror, to my surprise looked like a full coat of makeup.

" I try my best," I smirked running my hands underneath his top, silently begging for him to take it off. I traced each fine detail and couldn't be more horny in my life. I wanted to run my tongue all over him especially the bugle in his pants which I knew was packaging a lot in that tight space. My heart skipped a beat at my gorgeous, monstrous boyfriend.

" you look-" I didn't have time behind to answer before Jake walked in with Niall and Jack laughing about something. They all stopped and stared at me for a second,

" wooh." They all said which made me blush slightly. We had the whole gym to ourselves.

" you look.. Wow." Jake breathed as I smiled tenderly careful not to smack him and tell him I have a boyfriend who's standing right next to me.

" thankyou? I think?" I laugh before twisting my finger inside Harry's hand and sending him a cheeky wink before pulling away to go to the running matchine.

They all gathered together on the weights which was directly in front of me which made me feel very slutty. But that's who I have changed to be, right?

I began running a steady pace, feeling everyone's eyes sizzle into the bouncing of my breasts and I tried to be as sexy as I could.

They were all lifting weights but focused on my movement despite the fact I had a boyfriend in the room and their best friend was my brother. It was extremely funny.

I focused on Harry's gobsmacked smirk playing on his lips delicately and slowly stopped running to wind them up.

Harry's gaze flickered at his mates who were staring at his girlfriends breasts which I let out a small chuckle at his bright red cheeks.

" only you," I whimpered into his ear as I straddled in his lap after I clambered off the machine.

He smugly grinned before he pecked my noise lightly and watched me bite my lip trying to turn him on.

" I gotta strech," I smiled Evilly, climbing off of him and over to the yoga mats which were clearly in view of the weight sections.

I turned so my back was facing them and bent down so my arse was high in the air causing a few intakes of breaths from a few people. I twerked a bit before turning around to face them.

I quickly sent All the boys a wave before they pretended they were not looking making me shake my head in laughter. I then gave Harry a horny look and grabbed my breasts accordingly, causing a jake and Harry's eyes to widen.

I saw nearly all of them mutter under their breaths as I rubbed them in a circular motion, moaning a bit.

I felt someone come closer to me and I knew it was Harry by the way his breathing was hitched. I opened my closed eyes and innocently smiled at Harry who was staring down at me seductively and angerly.

" what's the matter baby? Something distracting you?" I mocked as his eyes flickered down to my breasts which were still rubbing against my hands. His hands locked round my wrists and pulled them away from my Breasts, a dark shade of blue glistening in his eyes,

" you've been a very naughty girl."

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