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69. Mission

" Ekkkkk!" I squeal into the phone and so does Rose after i told her i was having a baby girl and Harry and i are going to be married.

"A-and he done it at the hospital after you found out about the baby girl?" She re-caped and i couldn't help the massive smirk plastered across my face.

" Yes!"


" Thank you, i got to go, Harry's coming up," I chuckle as we said our quick goodbyes and i hung up before chucking the phone onto the side, it landing perfectly. HAHA GET IN!
" Heyy baby," Harry smirks as he walks over to me, climbing on top of me, careful not to touch the baby bump.

" What were you just doing?" He smiles, leaning down and planting a gentle kiss on my lips. I smirk and kiss back, closing my eyes to saviour the moment,

" Telling Rose the good news,"

" You two are really close aren't you?" Harry raises his eyebrows and i nod quickly, pressing my lips back to his and then pulling back to see his eyes. Then my phone rung- ruining the moment.

" Could you answer that please baby?" I pout and Harry rolls his eyes before grabbing my phone and answering.

" Hello?" He said into the phone, face hard as stone. i could only hear the things he was saying,

" Yeah it's me,"

" U-urm, w-well,"

" I don't k-know, s-she,"

I sat myself up and cocked my head to the side before kneeling on my knees and reaching for my phone which Harry gave to me.  he laid me back down on my back and hovered over me, chuckling mischievously.

" Hello?" I asked confused into the phone, feeling Harry's lips quickly pecking at my jaw line,

" Heyy Kelsey, it's Kennedy here and i was wondering if you wanted to go shopping tomorrow... just us," Kennedy asked and i smiled at her offer despite the fact she couldn't see me,

" Of course i would, what time?"

She told me she would pick me up at around eleven and i agreed before Harry' lips travelled down to my neck and slowly bit into it, making me gasp.

" Are you okay?" she chuckled nervously and i put her on speaker,

" Yeah, Just a tingle in my stomach," I lied and i felt Harry smile into my skin at the fact i lied to his sister instead of saying that her brother was turning me on.

" Oh, how is the baby then?" she asked, not sounding like she bought my lie.

I thought about it, trying to gather my thoughts on the baby and not Harry's hands now rubbing my breasts lovingly.

" I-it's fine, uhh," I arch my back through the pleasure and its hurts but in pleasure overload as Harry's teeth sink harshly into my skin, on my most sensitive spot. I grunt through trying to make it sound like I am coughing.

" Oh.. Okay? I w-will go now," She says, still not buying my lie.

" U-urm, Okay, sorry.. y-yeah, s-so i will see you tomorrow then,"

" Bye Kelsey, oh and Harry.. next time, under the ear earns a louder moan," She chuckles before ending the phone call. Harry raises an eyebrow before I sink back onto the bed, breathing out a sigh of relief and humiliation.

" You kidding me," I furrow my eyebrows together in embarrassment as Harry traces his fingers up to my ear and sucks experimentally. Kennedy was right. It does make a louder moan and it is pleasuring.

" Uhhh," I moan, tilting my head upwards so Harry has a better access.

" You like that babygirl?" He teases.

I close my eyes, bite my lip to catch a moan and nod in appreciation with a slight grunt passing through my lips.

" What about-" Harry fumbles his hands around on my body, tapping on my fully clothed body with his lips.

" If your trying to find my best sweet spot- you'll never fin-" I begin as Harry's teeth clasp down on my nipple, rolling it around with his teeth and sucking harshly. I whimper loudly as he smirks deviously,

" Found it,"

I roll my eyes and push his head further down, flinging my head back into the pillows.

" Baby you are fucking gorgeous with this baby aswell-" He gasps and I giggle innocently before his phone goes off. WOW popular today, aren't we...

" Annndddddd, the moments over." I sigh, climbing up and changing into a baggy dress which stop below my bum. But I done it sexily. Swaying, teasing and moaning.

Harry watched eagerly, eyes focused on me and mumbling into the phone.

" Yeah she's here," He said into the phone and I pursed my lips and cocked my head to the side, swaying towards him. I mouthed " WHO IS IT??" and he grinned widely, wrapping an arm around my waist, ignoring my question.

" yeah, She is just next to me now, why?"

I sexily removed his top and gawped for a moment or two before he chuckled darkly. Yes, he has been working out but when? He's always around me..

" why?" He asked into the phone but still amused at my expression. I swiftly, straddled his lap and I felt as one of his arms winded around my waist.

" Sorry but I am at work tomorrow and she's out with my sister, " Harry spoke into the phone and I just anxiously stared in his eyes, tracing my hands on his cheeks, feeling very small compared to him.

" I will be in the office tomorrow, so if this can wait?" Harry said into the phone as I saw his facial features harden,

" O-Okay, I will do it now," He sighed to the phone again and I clambered off him and he began lifting our bed up. He ended the call and I tried to help list the bed up,

" No!" Harry flinched immediately sweeping me away once the bed was propped upward.

" Don't lift anything, you will hurt yourself," He Harshly instructed, scaring me suddenly. I peered down at my feet sadly, afraid to look up.

" I was only trying to help,"

I pout at my new slippers and feel very sad despite the slightest little bit of sadness.

" I know baby, don't cry.." Harry tilts my head up and I feel my eyes glisten with tears.

" Come here Babygirl,"

He pulls me in a tight hug, and kisses my neck softly before whispering into my ear,

" I'm sorry, just I really do not want you to hurt yourself or the baby,"

I nod sympathetically and smile through the spiteful tears.

" Can I talk to the little one please?" Harry looked at me thoughtfully and I smirked quickly. I love it when he does this!

" Hello Baby, now I know your a girl... I have to practise getting used to mood swings, "

I giggle lightly and Harry pulls my night dress up so he can see the naked bump,

" Mummy's very good at them," Harry deeply chuckles and so do I.

" But, Mummy is also good at a lot of other things! Like putting up with Daddy's stress, Taking care of you and being the most gorgeous and caring women any man has ever laid eyes on!"

I smiled to myself and ran my fingers over the top of my belly as Harry planted multiple soft kisses to my stomach.

"I Love both of you very much, and I always will!" He says between kisses before standing up to my height and wrapping his arms around my waist,

" Always,"

I feel his lips stroke against mine and Harry chuckles lightly,

" Don't look baby girl, Daddy is about to get some action!"

He covers his hands on my stomach as if the baby could see through my belly and I roll my eyes with my mouth agape,

" Daddy was going to get some action but now Daddy has to finish whatever he was on the phone for..."

I feel his smirk through his tone every time I called him daddy; the same seductive feeling I get when Harry touches me in any way or calls me Mummy..,

" but Daddy doesn't want to," He pouts as I flick his bottom lip gently,

" Well Mummy says she will help,"

" DONE!" Harry shouts as if he is a little boy before changing back into the smooth Harry Styles.

" Let's go on an adventure then," I smile as I begin to step onto the bed steps but Harry has swept me upwards, bridal position,

" And make you walk? Never!"

I laugh at his joke for me to be turned on and IT WORKED!

He carries me effortlessly down the bottom to a room which is identical to his work office apart from no people and there clip boards with pictures and string attached to each photo.

" What's this?" I ask as he puts me down and I semi skip, semi waddle over to the string based pictures,

" Why is there big red crosses through them?"

Harry's eyes dart towards me before he pulled a leaver and the work I was once looking at has changed into statistics about random facts.

" Why did you do that?" I complain as I waddle over to a huge white sofa and plop down on it, bringing my feet up on it too.

" Just felt like it," Harry hesitated as he sat down at his desk with me playing with my belly.

I used my fingers as people walking on a hill and whispered quietly a story base line,

" Once upon a time," I began as the two people walked side-by-side each other, as if they were holding hands.

" A girl called..." I thought,

" Kelsey! and a boy called urmm...." I thought again, my eyes traveling around the room for inspiration... Harry!

" Harry walked along a huge hill."

My fingers began walking up my swollen belly as they pattered along each semi-out vein in my stomach.



Yeah I was working but Kelsey's innocent little story was MUCH better. It was adorable how the two people were named after us and she was using objects around her to create a story. It reminded me that she is only 17 and I am 20........ CRAP! SHE IS SEVENTEEN AND PREGNANT!

If that was Kennedy, I would be fuming, no wonder Louis is very wary. Oh man! I must be such a bad mate!

" Fuck!" I curse aloud and Kelsey's eyes  flicker over to me,

" You okay?" She asked struggling to sit up but I raced to her side,

" I'm fine.. Stay laying down sweetheart,"

I kiss her forehead as she moves over so I could lay next to her. I happily agree, sliding in next to her before after half our of gorgeous silence, we fall asleep.


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