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35. meetingUp

" ok, don't be stupid and just bare your muscles every now and then," I instructed as I got off.

" wait," I stopped him from walking straight to the group that I recognised as being controlled by Josh.

" stay here until you here me call your name which I call you, skull smasher" I instructed as he threw his arms up In dislike,

" I dressed like this for nothing? Anyway, kennedy will recognise us, won't she?"

I spun in his direction,

" she won't. Maybe me, but not you. So stay!"


I strutted towards them making sure to toss my hair and cough slightly on the way,

" who's that?" A voice pricked up at me before all heads tore my direction, including Harry's.

At first he didn't recognise me and then a look of shock took it's place.

" fuck off Liam," I guessed his name from last time and I immediately heard josh gasp and walk towards me with a chain in his hand, slapping himself in a threat which I took no notice of.

" what's your name?" He demanded fiercely and I stepped into the light accordingly, grinning a little at his reaction.

" Kelsey, baby? Remember me?" I pouted at him seductively and sarcastically before I saw Kennedy send daggers towards Harry and Josh stood there, unable to speak.

I started looking around obviously, my nose screwing up and chuckling in disgust,

" this dump now are we, shouldn't of fucked with me should you?"

I stepped closer to Josh who stood facing the opposite way to me, emotionless.

" yet I see you've replaced me," I sent nasty daggers up and down the girl which I presumed was Vanessa. She was a bit disgusted with me but then looked down worriedly when I gritted my teeth.

" I never replaced you." His voice was trembling, still not looking at me which I was inspecting his mates.

I bumped into his shoulder purposely and made my way over to his gang, circling them each.

" so, what Happened to the others then? Since you died?" I made it pretty clear I knew he was lieing and he scoffed before shutting up, still not facing me.

" they were shot. And I only lied to protect you."

I snorted before fast waking up to him, grabbing his shoulder harshly and spinning him around to face me. My high heels, clicking against the ground.

" look at me Josh. Protect Me? Fuck you! Look at what you have made me!"

His eyes examined me quickly before his lips parted to speak but he failed to say something. All eyes darted towards us, interestingly amused in their leader being shut up by a girl.

" and don't you dare say your happy now, look around you? You lost me and now your with these people," I grabbed the chain out his hand and dropped it to the ground before he let out a whimper,

" then join me, be like old days when everyone feared us."

I threw my head back and laughed,

" josh, old days? When we were fucking every other day? Pissing everybody off? Resulting in deaths."

I heard Harry gasp quickly before being shut up when someone's fist thrashed into his side.

" no one got seriously hurt," he whined before I grabbed his neck and violent ally thrashed him to the wall.

" you still don't get it baby, do you?" I brought my leg up by his side seductively and leant in close, him thinking I was going to kiss him.

" we can never be as close as we were." I kicked him in the balls before stepping backwards, getting a strand of hair out of my mouth.

" oh? I remember you." I head towards Harry and slightly placed my hand on his heart and looking deep into his eyes. I was shorter than him but I was more lethal when it came to gangs and he knew that.

" you remember me?"

He nodded his head slowly and sent me an apologetic look as if he I was going to smack him, which I really wanted to.

" I don't understand what I did wrong to deserve that. Please explain to me. You don't trust me so you decide to join a gang?"

He stood strong and I could tell he was humiliated badly, and he was getting slightly hard by my dominance.

" didn't think so," I sent him an evil look yet sincere before walking back to Josh who is sitting there with tears down his face.

" I have a friend with me," I whispered softly into his ear with a twisted and foul grin.

" BONE SMASHER!" I yelled as Niall approached us, smirking sickly. Wow, he really played the part.

" is this your boyfriend then?" Josh whimpered quietly and I laughed wickedly.

" no baby, I would never hurt you like you hurt me!" I slammed his head against the wall before grabbing him upwards,

" you see, your little doll and play toy has a voice of her own,"

He smiles weakly before wrapping his arms round me and trying to press his lips to mine. My finger interrupts and I tut, deeply staring into his eyes,

" tut tut tut, what if your kitten has moved on?"

His eyes stare towards my breasts longingly and his lips peck my neck and it was like a papery, plastic was rubbing up my neck.

I turned my head to Harry who had a tear out the corner of his eye and looked mad.

I mouthed something to Harry,

...do something about it then...

And with that, Harry was marching towards us and punching josh, I stepped away from the violence and turned to Liam who was shocked,

" Liam, join me. Don't do the wrong thing." I smirk bringing a finger up to the side of my head, getting Niall on stand by.

"In sorry kelsey," he behind to walk towards me and I bring my finger towards him warningly, Niall charging at him.

" no, I'm sorry." I mock before stepping around them and towards Venessa,

" choice correctly," I laugh before she started crying and takes a knife out her pocket in which I give Kennedy a look to say finish her off and she gladly agrees.

" what about you cut-throat? Remember me? I was the youngest but the most dangerous." I directly looked at him, he had anger torn in his eyes but I wasn't scared.

He charged straight at me and I ducked, him flying straight into Harry who grabbed cut throat by the neck and pushed Josh towards me.

" HALT!" I scream and Niall, Harry and Kennedy drag there victims in a line with me smirking evilly at Josh.

" baby, look. You can't trust anyone." I whisper, walking round him sexily, dragging my finger around his body.

" why are you doing this?" He whimpered and I tilt his head my direction trying to look as sexy as possible.

" I'm doing this because you left me to Rot. Rumours said that you died! You fucking dick!" I pushed him slightly and he didn't budge but tears were flowing down his face.

"T-they said y-you were d-dead. Dead! N-never coming back!" I sob putting my head in the crock of his neck.

"I'm sorry kitten, but if you knew I was alive, I would have forever controlled you and look how my planned worked, your a gorgeous young lady who is totally bangable. " he tucked my hair behind my ear trying to woo me.

Harry took a sharp intake from behind me and I could easily tell he was uncomfortable with another man touching me and flirting heavily.

" if I were you- I wouldn't do that." I slapped his hand away before he grabbed my wrists tightly, staring into my eyes.

" if I do?"

He pulled me close, tilting my head, and I heard Harry grunt but Kennedy whispered to both the boys,

" watch this,"

Josh leant in, inspecting my face and kennedy's party inspection came to mind, that's what she was waiting for.

I scaled up spit and spat all over Josh's face.

He gurgled in despair and let go, cursing with disgust, and I grabbed the gun from his hand.

" I'm not stupid you prick," I laughed, spinning the gun on my hand jokingly.

" really?" He raised his eye brow at me and he put his hands up in surrender,

" were you really going to shoot your only ever girlfriend?"

His face looked down and I scoffed before demanding,


"N-no!" He was in defeat but I didn't buy it,

" give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you right now." I spat, aiming the gun at him nastly.

I could tell The people behind me were in shock and silently begging for me not to do it.

" because you love me."

I felt my hands turn back on myself and the gun was to my head,

"One good reason why I shouldn't kill myself?"

He gasped and sent a panicked look around to everyone,

" fuck," Harry whimpered knocking out the guy he was holding with the wall.

" take it easy now baby don't do this again, please." Harry's words soothed me and Josh looked frightened before spitting,

" baby? Again? What the fuck Kelsey!"

Harry grabbed the gun from my hands and wrapped me in a tight embrace before threatening the gun at Josh,

" now mate, the next time you leave your grubby fingers in my girlfriend I will finish you off you fucking bastard."

I whimpered Into Harry's chest, not looking at Josh.

" girlfriend? Fuck me! You are some fucking whore!" Josh cried out at me and Harry tensed before pulling the safety cap up.

" what did you say about my girlfriend?" We shuffled closer to him and Kennedy raced forward grabbing the gun out of Harry's hands and snarling something that I don't hear because Harry's hands were tight around my ears, which I was thankful for.

The next thing I remembered, we were on my motor cycle and in Harry's car, rushing back to Our house for the night and for some anwsers.


" niall, make hot chocolate please, were gonna be here a while." I instruct as we all sit round the dining hall.

Kennedy is sitting opposite me, Harry is next to me and Niall is next to Kennedy.

" why are you in a fucking Gang?" I spat at harry, his head tore towards mine smugly, his hand resting on my leg.

" I could say the same back to you,"

I let out a grunt and carry on,

" Harry, Josh could of fucking killed you!"

" so be it, besides, you shore have him controlled.. Is that cause you were fucking him every other day?" He snarled at me and I suddenly got very angry,

" you don't know me Harry, don't go saying stuff you will regret!" I barked, slamming my fists down on the table.

" niall, go upstairs with Kennedy and have a room, me and my dear "girlfriend" would like to talk alone," Harry demanded, using finger icons around the word girlfriend.

Once the two had left, I swung my chair round to him with a cold expression.

" what the actual heck? You don't trust me so you go and try to get yourself killed in my old gang?"

He's laughed sarcastically and snarled back,

" oh my dear kitten, isn't it a shame that I don't trust you. Especially after tonight when Josh, whoever that prick was, was saying he was fucking you. You said you were a virgin."

I almost slapped him right there on the spot.

" Harry, don't you fucking dare! I never wanted to have sex with him! He is a prick-"

" ha! It sure looked like it when your leg was wrapped around him and he was kissing your neck,"

I scoffed,

" what and let him kill us both? I saved your arse tonight After the way you treated me. That's what a good relationship is."

Harry was fuming right now, his teeth grinding against his lower jaw.

" did he or did he not fuck you?"

I thought about it,

" yes but-"

"YES! So he did have sex with you!"

I froze with a softened expression and whimpered under my breath,

" he raped me,"

" What?" Harry asked for me to speak up,

" A FUCKING YEAR AGO, HE RAPED ME! You fucking happy now?"

Harry's was In utter shock,

" did Louis know?"

" what do you think? Course not! I pretended Josh was my best friend because he threatened me and I was constantly being watched. I drowned it out using drugs and that's why I'm like this." I explained, pulling my ear rings, nose piercing and lip piercings out and slamming them on the table.

" baby, I am so sorry." He suddenly became very sweet and leant forward to look in my eyes.

" for what not believing your girlfriend? Cause that Jake accident, he didn't rape me, he kept touching me and he kissed my cheek but I retaliated and we didn't have sex!"

I had tears running down my cheeks and I was in agony in my heart,

" you left me in pain When you stormed out, I couldn't handle it. My body shut down a-and-" I was crying so hard but I was crying into Harry's loving shoulder.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't think straight,"

His lips pressed to mine for a width of time not progressing nor deducting but it was magical. I had still not forgiven him but I must accept that we all mistakes.

" I love you, I'm really sorry." He presses away from the kiss before pushing the kiss forcefully back on, me wrapping my legs around him.

" by the way- I had to hold back from fucking you right in that alleyway. You look so freaking sexy!"I blushed at his words but I knew it was to sugar coat me away from the subject.

" I'm still mad at you." I pout, taking off my letter jacket and boots.

" what is this? Some kind of strip club?" Louis walks in laughing as I place all my accessories on the table.

" maybe," I wink at Harry and I hear Kennedy gag mockingly.

" Kennedy? Let's go into the Living room and talk, grab your hot chocolate" I walk with her into the living room and we prop ourselves down on the sofa.

" I like your house,"

I laughed and slightly shrugged,

" Harry designed it, he's amazing at this sort of stuff."

She tapped my nose a little before stretching back,

" so how did you two love birds meet?"

" class. I had to show him around for punishment cause I was talking back to the teacher or something, "

She let out a huge smile,

" let me guess, Miss Morris' punishment?"

" yeah! How do you know?"

I was really interested and now I could finally get to know her better.

" she made me show around tons of new people when ever I messed up, she's the best."

"Defiantly. By the way, feel free to stay as long as you like and sorry about spitting in your face the other night."

I lowered my head down, trying not to laugh. A plastered grin stretched across her face widely and she began giggling,

" I'm not gonna bite, unlike you were tonight. You gotta teach me how you controlled that kid,"

My smile turned fake real fast but thankfully there were no messages sending that meant she recognised it,

" he's an old mate who I swore revenge on, I'm only getting started."

She grinned deviously before telling me I could always turn to her for help.

" by the way, Harry gets out if hand sometimes, if e ever has a strop, just text me,"

She wrote her number in my phone and hugs me slightly for blurting out,

" we don't have to This make this awkward because your dating my brother, but I really like you. There something about you that I'm glad you could be my sister in law."

I laughed to cover up the embarrassment. Am I really sister in law material? Will Harry actually propose, imagine how cute and perfect our family could be, no drama. I love it!

" thank you, I like you too but are you dating Jake cole?"

It sort of spun out my mouth in loose control and she went pale for a second before twisting her fingers around, then answering carefully,

" we never were. Don't tell him this, but it was all a scam to make you jealous which hasn't exactly worked."

It all made sense now. If Jake could get me to be in love with him and then has a fake affair with Harry's sister, it will drive Harry and I apart. That little-

" I guess he's ok though," she said, her eyes wondering into space.

" I mean he's not my type but, he's fit."

I gasp a little with surprise and then chuckled as Niall peeked his head through the door, observing us closely.

" knock knock," I mock him and he snaps back into reality,

" it's getting late and were going to bed, night night. Kennedy, I have made your bed, it's the left door next to the elevator,"

I let out a yawn and climb off the sofa,

" I'm gonna get some sleep too, you coming?"

Kennedy smiled innocently before she and Niall went in the lift with me close behind, wanting to travel in my own one to dodge awkwardness.

I was glad by the outcomes that just happened.

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