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111. Maids


When Harry said he wanted help around the house, he truly meant it. We had ten maids, five babysitters, two butlers and a gardener which was crazy since I had never ever knew we could afford all of them but apparently, we could. They weren't allowed to call us by our first names and we had to call them a name which was responsible and that was intelligent. These were the rules that the man Harry bought them off said.

Those and we have to let them live with us which is fine because Harry extended the house upwards so there is a maids floor and a children's floor. Which on the children's floor, there is a play house, toy room, nursery, crèche, changing room and a kitchen which the floor was under ground. We had also gotten rid of the lift and instead made a landing for each floor with stairs.

They all stood in front of us as our children behind as Harry was stating the rules. I stood their quietly and tried to focus on anything but the fact we had people which worked for our selfish needs. I couldn't stand the thought of not always seeing our children because I would be at work or the fact people had to do my dirty work. It made me feel sick.

"Okay, well the time is seven in the morning and Kelsey and I have to go to work. Would you please sort out the children's ride to and from school, pack lunches and everything they need before setting straight to your jobs." Harry instructed with a kind voice which relaxed me a bit,

"Oh and do help yourselves if you need anything. Please- We want you to makes yourselves right at home," I added on with a friendly smile which they all smiled back at me for.

"Yes," Harry agreed with a bit more force than he should of,

" we better to get going then,"

"Okay," I turned around to the children, kissing each of them on the head, " We will see you when we get home darlings, I love you all!"

They all giggled, kissing me back before we looked to the man who was in control of all our house servants who was far from nice.

"Children, you are to greet your parents as Mother and Father."

I was close to snapping at him. He can't tell my children what to do! But Harry's grip on my hand squeezed my hand for re- assurance as we made an exit to the house.

Boy- what have we gotten our selves into?



We arrived at work and I could tell straight away, Kelsey hated Mr.Cowell, the owner of the slaves, but hopefully they would get along fine.

"C'mon, smile he wont be here for long. He is only checking on their work behaviour," I reassured Kelsey as we sat down in the office and she sighed,

"Yeah I know but the people working for us have to be a bit more free and the children will not have to call us mother and father. It's nasty and makes us sound like strict parents-"

"I understand," I interrupt quickly as she peers down like I told her off.

"Baby, I am sorry I didn't mean it, Look at me,"

I use a finger to direct her head upwards and her eyes peer into mine,

"Once Mr.Cowell is gone- everything will be fine. Okay? Just give it some time.."

She frowns and then her face becomes emotionless as if she's thinking but her mind is blank,

" I don't trust him"

" well I have known him nearly all my life and he has never once done wrong!" I lie, hoping she doesn't see through me.

Yes, he has done wrong but everyone deserves to be forgiven and I trust he will turn our house hold into a wealthy, polite house hold which everyone will see us as the ideal in a controlled house. Plus- if I want our children to get into private schools- we must look divine and sophisticated with the brightest children in the world! I really want them to do well.

"Harry?" Kelsey says as I snap out of my thoughts.

" Did you hear what I just said?" She asks with a look on her face which makes me feel hopelessly in love with her,

"Sorry I was just thinking. What is it love?"

She looks confused before responding carefully,

"I love you,"

" I love you too."



I don't trust this Mr.Cowell guy And I certainly do not want him changing my children but if Harry says he is trustable, I believe him. As for all, Harry is protective over his family and only wants the best.

" Well, I need to go to this meeting soon so could you take charge of the office?" Harry says confidently, clearing his throat before speaking.


He walks out looking so fucking sexy in his tux. Ughhh! What I would do to him if I had it my way.


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