Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


39. Lights in hospital


Seems it is getting more and more frequent that I am passing out or ending up in hospital! FUCK THAT!

I sleepily open my eyes and peer around the room at Alessio and Kennedy laying in hospital beds either side of me, Alessio awake and Kennedy asleep.

" You okay baby?" He whimpered so quiet, the angels would strain to hear, yet I heard the painful squeak of his voice.

" Wh-" I begin before jolting to the side and throwing up.

" Kelsey!" Alessio yelped trying to move his arms but the many, many wires restrained him. More and more vomit escaped my lips until it felt impossible for me to puke up any more without throwing up my guts that I sunk back into the hospital bed.

I turned my head weakly to him who had extremely puffy and worried eyes, red chapped lips and a ghastly white face which was chalked over with wires and I could feel the same on me.

I felt my lips slightly tilt upwards but then immediately turned back into a frown as I attempted to rub my naked stomach which was a lot bigger.

" How is she?" Alessio whimpered as I traced my fingers over the skin delicately, instantly bringing my senses back to another little kick in the side. Does she ever stop kicking me?

" Kicking," I laugh nervously relived and he breathed out in the same relieved manor as me.

" A-are you hurt?" I gently nod my head over to Alessio, struggling to keep my eyes open, probably dozy form the drugs.

" I- Don't think so, are y-you?"

" No," I grin weakly as does he.

I reach my hand out, restricted slightly from the wires but I fight against it and Alessio does the same. Our hands meet with a generous amount of space and he caressed my hands in his larger ones, grinning hugely at me.

" I love you," I croak blowing a kiss over to him and he pretends to catch it lazily,

" I love you more babygirl, now please get some rest,"

I struggle to find words to argue before I slip into a deep, dark sleep with no pictures.

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