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76. Life after death?


I lay there emotionless feeling the blood flow all over my body and the cries of my baby girl. She was all covered in my blood, is that a bad thing.

" Congratulations, You have a healthy baby girl," A nurse said to me as she propped me up against the bed frame and lowered my legs from whatever it was keeping them up. My lower area felt bruised and very swollen but that was the last of my concerns right now.

" We will clean her off and bring her back in around five minutes, in the mean while, guests want to talk to you," She nodded, taking the baby out of another ladies hands and leading into another room.

I felt weak and glad with myself despite the stinging, aching pain bounding through my body. I peer over to nurses striping the sheets under Neath me, replacing them with clean white ones and then they began wiping the blood from my bloated belly and everywhere which was covered in blood.

After they finished, as on cue, the door opened and in came Harry.

" Kelsey!" He gasped as he rushed to my side, clutching my hand and pressing kisses all over my body lovingly. It felt truly magical and I never wanted him to stop.

" Hi Hunny,"

" You alright? Where the baby?" Harry fussed again, looking around the room. I notice his eyes were steamy and puffy.

" You were crying?" I note as he turns back to me, wiping his eyes.

" Yeah,"

His head flops downwards as I tilted his chin up to me and press a lingering, loving kiss to his lips. Loving the taste of his lips.

" I love you so much," He whimpers through the kiss as I smirk against him,

" I know,"

I pull away to the sound of the nurse coming back with a towel wrapped around something.. was it my baby?

I hear Harry gasp, tears now falling down his cheeks and my cheeks as the baby girl is planted in my arms. She was beautiful!
" Do you have a name for her?" The nurse asked as I stared lovingly into my baby's eyes with Harry clearing his throat,

" Julia Rose Styles,"

Julia? I love it!

" Good afternoon, Julia," I smile to my baby girl as harry plants a kiss on my fore head. Could life get any better.

" We will grab some records and all we have to do is check the stiches in your tummy and make sure everything is fine and hopefully we can dismiss you in an hour or two?"

AN HOUR OR TWO! I CANT WAIT! We done everything she told us to do and one and a half hours later of constant babbling between me and Harry, he grinned widely.

" I have a surprise for you when we get home,"

I let my mouth fall agape as I squinted my eyes to him.

" What?"

" You will have to find out, and you too Julia ." he smirked again as we peered down at Julia. She truly was beautiful now all the blood was gone and I was glad to find out she was a healthy baby without hesitations but she was a bit green and her eyes were still shut.

I gently ran  my fingers over her head as I looked back up to Harry.

" You want to hold her?"

Harry's eyes widened as he nodded quickly. I very carefully passed her over to him, wrapping her tighter in her little blanket as Harry took her in his arms. She was tiny compared to him! She would fit in one hand and a bit of Harry's hand which was terrifyingly adorable to see.

" She looks just like you," Harry smiles as another tear rolls down his cheek. How can that be? Julia was adorable and I'm yuck!

" Don't doubt yourself," Harry says as if he is reading my mind. He hands me Julia back and I feel her squirm around a bit my hands before she becomes satisfied, snuggled into my chest.

" My two favourite women," Harry smirks kissing us both lightly as the nurse came back into the room.

" everything is fine, there will be classes and day care groups you can go to with Julia which we will set up if you would like and I trust Nurse Victoria  told you about the daily care like breast feeding and cleaning-" The nurse asked as I quickly nodded trying to forget that embarrassing speech which the other nurse had to show.

" Good, so you could sign here and you will be free to go," The nurse handed us a sheet and with one hand I signed and with the other, I held Julia softly.

" Thank you,"  Harry and I both thanked the lady before I passed Julia over to the nurse to hold whilst Harry helped me up. Yes, it was very painful down there!

" The pain will fade," The nurse grinned and I laughed a little before adjusting to my feet. After a minute or two, the Nurse handed me Julia back and she passed harry my trousers and clothes before we walked out the hospital me wearing a blue dress thingy and my mega warm coat which I cradled Julia inside too. It was a breezy day and Julia was wearing millions of blankets which made her toasty and a knitted little hat which perfectly curved round her tiny head.

" Where's Kennedy and Louis?" I asked cautiously as we walked back to the car which Harry had parked.

" They went home after they freaked out but they know you and Julia are healthy and well, don't worry. I have planned everyone's visit for a week today so we can allow ourselves to be with Julia,"

He kisses my temple as we arrive at the door,

" Crap, how will we get her home and she doesn't have any clothes! we are completely un-prepared!" I gasp feeling really guilty. IN FAIRNESS THAT WAS SUNDAYS TRIP OUT TO THE MALL, completely different mall to the.... attack.

" Relax. I went last week, that is part of the surprise," Harry soothes me as he opens the back seat to a lush Pink baby seat which has Julia engraved in it with black and it had baby toys drooping from the ceiling and left right and centre. He has really thought about this.

" Oh my goodness! Let me do this and i will show Daddy some sugar," I whisper shout, afraid to scare Julia as I strap her into the seat. I know how you do this because I watch loads of television ;)

I triple checked her safety seat before quietly closing the door and turning around to Harry, kissing him deeply, arms wrapped around his neck. Our hands roam up and down each others body and the pleasure kicks in at the fact we are now a family!

" I love you so much and now we are a family!" I squeal and a even bigger smirk forms on Harry's face as he leans in for another kiss, his arms winding around my waist. I feel his tongue sink into my mouth and we fought for dominance as he rested me against the car door, making the kiss deeper.

Suddenly, Julia began crying.

" Awh, baby!" I jumped out of Harry's grip and opened the door tenderly, singing quietly to Julia,

" Hush little baby, don't you cry, Mummy's going to sing you a lullaby,"

I head Harry yawn from behind me, I'm putting the wrong person to sleep!
" I will sit in the back with Julia Daddy," I smile as I climb into the car, sitting next to Julia as Harry shuts the door lightly behind me and climbs in himself.

For the whole way back, i gently traced circles on Julia's hand and sung quietly despite the fact she was already asleep, i just enjoyed her company...


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