Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


99. late night forgiveness




Everybody was in bed, some were in others bed, judging by the amount of giggling but I just laid there, watching Kelsey sneakily as she laid there in her shorts and black V-neck which can I just say now, is a major turn on!

I slowly crawled over to her, and saw the tears brimming in her eyes at something making my heart do a double leap. Is she okay? Did someone hurt her? URGH- I WILL KILL WHOEVER IT WAS!

"Harry?" She squeaked, opening her arms for me which I was quick to obey,


I stretched my arms open for him as the tears rolled down my cheeks and he was quickly next to me, in just his pants. MAJOR TURN ON!

I got into the covers and pulled them over him too, snuggling closer into him, our heads, centimetres apart from each other. I don't know why- I just got very emotional knowing that what I said this morning could actually happen. I loved Harry and nothing could change that!

" What's the matter babygirl?" He whispered anxiously, wrapping his arms around me soothingly, "I- I am so sorry what I s-said this morning, I didn't mean it!"

Harry furrowed his eyebrows together and looked at me with lustful eyes, " Even if you did mean it- you know I would never give up on you and the children like that, I love you all too much!"

He said all the right things, making me smile gently, my arms pulling his head closer to mine and kissing his lips softly but he was very desperate for the kiss, pulling me closer and flipping us over so he was on top.

His elbows rested either side of my head and my arms slithered around his neck, making sure he wouldn't stop kissing me, as for all, the past few days, I have really missed him! Our tongues danced around together, our saliva forming one mix and we passionately kissed as one of Harry's hands travelled down to my breast rubbing gently. I moaned quietly into his mouth as he carried on rubbing my breasts with now, both his hands and more power into the kiss.

I pulled my shorts down, pushing them to one side as Harry took my top off, breaking the kiss for a spilt second and then thrashing them back down. His eyes feasted hungrily on my breasts under the covers as his hands worked their magic, rolling each erect nipple blissfully. I felt as if my eyes rolled back in my head and I arched my back slightly, wanting more until a cough from next to me was sounded and both Harry and I turned our heads to whoever it was.

It was Danny, "Not that I don't just love hearing you two get down on each other- but some of us need to sleep..." he teases us as I grin friendly, "sorry,"

Danny rolled over so his back was to us and I peered back to Harry who had a stone, cold expression across his face, glaring murderously at Danny. I chuckled before grabbing his face and kissing him some more before rolling on top of him, holding his arms above his head and grinding slightly onto his bulge, making us both grunt,

"You don't realise how much I have missed you," Harry smirks through both our heads tilting backwards with pleasure, muttering slightly, "I think I can guess," I tease, pointing towards his stiff, outright member with a moan from him, "It hasn't been getting any action that's why!"

I laugh a bit before planting a delicate kiss on his cheek and rocking beside him so we can fall asleep, in each other's arms. LIKE WE SHOULD!


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