Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


161. Kidnapped


I feel her naked body squirm beneath me in hesitance which I chuckle at, raising a teasing eyebrow,

"Your not going to wriggle all the time, are you?"

"Try me,"

Despite her seductive words, her voice was edged and threatened by the oil I was resting upon her back. Once the cold moisture was spread out in the middle of her back, I let my hands cast few magic spells of slow, hard and blissful massaging.

In my family, despite being the most well built, I was always described as the son with the magic hands. Stop judging.. 

Back into the massage, I could hear Calista's gasp of pleasure as she bit her lip, containing the moans as much as she could,

"Was that my name I heard?" I mock, my hands travelling lower and lower slyly, applying more oil in the process,

"No, I said.. barry. shit!"

I stop, raising an eyebrow cautiously at her failing lie,

"You know," I begin as I start the massage on her lower back area,

"As head of FBI and nearly every policeman in the force, I would of expected that you would be a better liar,"

Her head drops into her crossed arms which brings a seductive grin to my lips as her head comes flying up along with a pleasured moan to when I slap her booty,

"I am a good liar! Just not to you,"

A grin of satisfaction wipes my expression as her eyes leave mine.

"Anyway, I want off, I don't want to do this anymore."
The grin fades significantly.

"What?" I panic as she start to sit up, wrapping the nearest towel around her naked body which makes me take a huge intake of disappointment,

"The massage was lovely but Harry-"

Suddenly, everything in my brain was doing flips as was my stomach. I COULDN'T LOOSE HER! I JUST COULDN'T!

As an act of keeping my only love, I done something terrible...



I was climbing off, waving my hands and speaking dramatically fast that I didn't see the mask being forced onto my face and then being knocked out into a deep sleep.




"Run through this again with me mate," I frown, putting my fingers to my forehead as my head was painfully spinning,

"you will have to go to the interview process and pick two girls out of however many shows up, which you take a fancy for, and then the other 4 boys ,you will be staying with, will have their pick aswell,"

"Okay.. what happens with the house then?"

"Top floor is the girls floor, 2nd floor is the kitchen and all shit like that and 3rd floor is ONLY the boys floor unless the girls have a key cards or an escort."

I pause for a second,

"The ten girls we choose as a whole group, do we have any to ourselves or is it just ten girls for our attention and any one can have them?"

"Anyone can have any girl.."

I begin pacing mubling frantically,
"And are you sure this will work? We've been working on this for years now but i'm not so sure at the moment,"

"You want to go back to loosing her, sir? Do you?"
I shake my head as I straighten my height dramatically,
"Get them ready.. NOW."

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