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36. K necklace

I awoke at around five, struggling to sleep for some unknown reason. I crept out side the door and to the door which hasn't been made yet, we used it as a bathroom at the moment.

I snuck my darkish brown dying hair lotion into the bathroom and began dying my hair quickly. I made minimum noise but it was still quite loud but I needed to work quickly if I was to make breakfast for everyone.

Once I was done, I applied all my makeup, covering up all the hickies which Harry gave me last night and walked back into our room, still only in my underwear.

I watched harry gently tossing and turning searching for something to hold onto and settled onto a pillow with a grunt. He looked so adorable with his morning hair and sleeping face, I swear I would fuck him right now if my hair dye dried quicker.

I strutted into the Cupboard, checking out all my clothes silently with a few that I liked. Then, just as I was going to pick later, a beautiful and suitable outfit caught my eye.

It was a lush pink semi-top with tight, dark blue jeans among with black pumps. I threw it on before grabbing my sunglasses from the counter, adding my long feathery earrings and a long necklace which had 'K' on it for Kelsey and head for the elevator.


I had my phone on the unit along with a cup of tea and I was making pancakes for everyone because everyone likes pancakes, right?

Finally after all the hard work was done and all the sauces were on the table, I put all the pancakes In a heating oven just to keep them warm.

I sat down at the table, glasses on my head, and sipped at my tea, scrolling through facebook,

BabyDaisyxx: URGH Monday! Kill me now...

Andrea!: got mega hangover.. You have got to be kidding me!!

I sniggered at the Facebook messages before someone walked in, slowly.

I spun round to Kennedy who was fully dressed like me, but she was wearing a light blue dress which stopped at her knees along with a leather jacket.

" you look nice," I smiled as she plodded next to me, lazily.

" why are you awake? It's like six thirty!" She chuckled, wrinkling her nose sniffing around hungerly,

" breakfasts in the heating oven, safe some for the boys."

She jumps up and rushes over to the oven before grabbing herself and me some and huffing her self opposite me.

" these are to die for! How do you make them?" She threw her head back and took in the tastes lovingly.

" secret!"

Her eyes opened and looked at me with a grin before her eyes snapped onto my necklace,

" where did you get that from? It's beautiful!"

Her fingers stroked over the diamonds which were engraved into the 'k' and she stared at it.

" my mother bought it for me, it's, pretty isn't it?"

" gorgeous, maybe I should ask your mum where she got it from!" She chuckled and let go of my necklace.

I peered down at my lap, playing with my fingers, holding back the tears.

" oh Kelsey, I'm sorry. I forgot," she apologised and I sent her a sincere accepting look but deep down, it was not ok.

" so do I, here have it." I wiped my tears from my eyes and took the necklace over my head, passing it to her.

" oh, no! Never! It's yours,"

" please, as a token of our friendship." I smiled warily and she accepted it before pulling me into a tight hug.

" thank you, I'm sure your mothers really proud of you,"

"I hope so too," I laughed humiliated, hugging her back.

I am so glad we have settled this argue ment.

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