Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


17. K necklace

I awoke at around five, struggling to sleep for some unknown reason. 

I snuck my darkish brown dying hair lotion into the bathroom and began dying my hair quickly. I made minimum noise but it was still quite loud but I needed to work quickly if I was to make breakfast for everyone.

Once I was done, I applied all my makeup, covering up all the hickies which Alessio gave me last night and walked back into our room, still only in my underwear.

I watched Alessio gently tossing and turning searching for something to hold onto and settled onto a pillow with a grunt. He looked so adorable with his morning hair and sleeping face, I swear I would fuck him right now if my hair dye dried quicker.

I strutted into the Cupboard, checking out all my clothes silently with a few that I liked. Then, just as I was going to pick later, a beautiful and suitable outfit caught my eye.

It was a lush pink semi-top with tight, dark blue jeans among with black pumps. I threw it on before grabbing my sunglasses from the counter, adding my long feathery earrings and a long necklace which had 'K' on it for Kelsey and head for the elevator.


I had my phone on the unit along with a cup of tea and I was making pancakes for everyone because everyone likes pancakes, right?

Finally after all the hard work was done and all the sauces were on the table, I put all the pancakes In a heating oven just to keep them warm.

I sat down at the table, glasses on my head, and sipped at my tea, scrolling through facebook,

BabyDaisyxx: URGH Monday! Kill me now...

Andrea!: got mega hangover.. You have got to be kidding me!!

I sniggered at the Facebook messages before someone walked in, slowly.

I spun round to Kennedy who was fully dressed like me, but she was wearing a light blue dress which stopped at her knees along with a leather jacket.

" you look nice," I smiled as she plodded next to me, lazily.

" why are you awake? It's like six thirty!" She chuckled, wrinkling her nose sniffing around hungrily,

" breakfasts in the heating oven, save some for the boys."

She jumps up and rushes over to the oven before grabbing herself and me pancakes.

" these are to die for! How do you make them?" She threw her head back and took in the tastes lovingly.

" secret!"

Her eyes opened and looked at me with a grin before her eyes snapped onto my necklace,

" where did you get that from? It's beautiful!"

Her fingers stroked over the diamonds which were engraved into the 'k' and she stared at it. How she became so close to me, i wouldn't know.

" my mother bought it for me, it's, pretty isn't it?"

" gorgeous, maybe I should ask your mum where she got it from!" She chuckled and let go of my necklace.

I peered down at my lap, playing with my fingers, holding back the tears.

" oh Kelsey, I'm sorry. I forgot," she apologised and I sent her a sincere accepting look but deep down, it was not ok.

" so do I, here have it." I wiped my tears from my eyes and took the necklace over my head, passing it to her.

" oh, no! Never! It's yours,"

" please, as a token of our friendship." I smiled warily and she accepted it before pulling me into a tight hug.

" thank you, I'm sure your mothers really proud of you,"

"I hope so too," I laughed humiliated, hugging her back.

I am so glad we have settled this argument.



" how's it going living with a pregnant womab?" I mock Louis when we were lining up for lunch,

" it's different, You know i had to sleep on the sofa last night?"

I chuckle lightly and so does he before Alessio squeezes in next to us, kissing my lips gently before standing behind me, arms wrapped round my waist.

" what you talking about?"

Louis begins laughing and then turns around with Alessio sending me a cautious look.

" Kennedy!" I call her name and she grins before walking over to us with her tray full with food and wearing my necklace.

" I will find us a bench, Kelsey come with me please?" She asks and I accept before heading with her. Yes, I was hungry but I'm sure I could nick some of Alessio's chips.

We sit down at the bench furthest from everyone and soon after 5 mins of talking about shopping places, Alessio and Louis join us.

" Niall texted," Alessio says, plopping himself next to me,

" he's going to meet us here with a new guy that he has to show around, I think his name was Micheal."

I nicked one of Alessio's chips before placing it to my lips hesitantly,

" I wonder If he's cute or in any of our classes."

Alessio chuckles before wrapping his arm round me and passing a pot of grapes over to me, kissing my cheek lightly,

" enjoy,"

I squeal and unwrap the grapes, I never mentioned how much I loved grapes, did i? Well he certainly knew me well.

" grappeesss!"

I peck at one grape slowly, enjoying and savouring the taste before patting my feet on the ground and letting out a groan in excitement.

" I. Missed. You." I kissed the grape repeatly with everyone laughing at me but I ignored them and just popped each one in my mouth.

" wow, not even I get that treatment." Alessio pouted before I placed a lengthy kiss to his lips and chewed his bottom lip seductively. He pushed further into the kiss before Kennedy gasped and I pulled away.

She pointed me at Niall and this mega cute guy. Oh. My. God.

" I wanna be misses that guy," she complained and I giggled slightly, course, he really was fit, obviously not at fit as Alessio but still, really fit. (How many time will I say fit? Fit.)

" oi, are you forgetting someone?" Alessio moaned and I played along with his sandwich,

" oh yeah, baby. I love you too." I went to kiss Alessio but purposely pulled away and lifted up a grape,

" you will always be my number one,"

Alessio scoffed and I kissed his lips quickly,

" I'm sorry Mr.Grape but- I'm afraid your now my second favourite man."

Alessio chuckled before Niall and Micheal sat down at the table, both directly in front of me.

" so, this is Micheal," Niall introduced us but I pretended not to care that much about Micheal and act as If he's some total dick.

" what's your name?" Micheal asked me and I blushed, freezing for a second. Kennedy hit me under the table and everyone was waiting for me to anwser,

" kelsey." I mumbled before scooting closer to Alessio, easing the rivalry which I would tell was brewing.

" hello... Kelsey," he smirked at me, dimples popping out from his cheeks.

I nodded my head as a hello and ate another grape quietly, bowing my head.

" micheals from Australia," Niall stated and my heart sank. I loved Australian accents, they were just... Lustful.

" yep, that's right," micheals said in his Australian accent. Kennedy giggled a sexy, fake laugh and then played with her hair whilst I linked my hands In with Alessio.

" so, what lesson do you have next?" I asked, in my normal voice trying to act causal but Alessio eyes were burning into mine, sensing any sudden attitude change.

" p.s.h.c.h.e. With Mr.stutt,"

"Oh," I acted surprised, picking another grape up,

" your with me,Harry and Niall then,"

I popped in into my mouth before savouring the moment.

" I would actually die for grapes!" I turned my head to Alessio who is grinning at me for some reason.

I grabbed one of my grapes and brought it up to his lips and he slowly accepted it before placing a delicate little kiss on my cheek, still chewing.

" soooo," Louis attempted to change the subject as I sat back up, pushing my hair out of my eyes by getting the sunglasses on my head, pulling the hair back with them.

" why did you move here?" Kennedy sat forward, making Micheal sit further back. Niall chuckled and got daggers from Kennedy, i forced myself to remain silent.

" I didn't like the drama back in Australia, I wanted just to escape from the country. Y'know?"

He looked at me for his Answer and winked at me, taking me aback a little. Luckily, Alessio didn't notice but Kennedy certainly did.

The bell interrupted us and we all got up before Kennedy pulling me to the side,

" he's flirting with you!" She squealed,

" so?"

Her face fell significantly,

" so.... He likes you which means you and Australia could date,"

I chuckled and added,

" I'm with Alessio, besides I don't like Micheal that way anyway."

She scoffed and turned for class and spun around to see Micheal and Alessio waiting for me. I grabbed my bag and we head off to P.s.h.c.e. .


" during this assement," Mr.stutt carried on explaining but my mind was else where. Why did we have so many assessments? How was Micheal flirting with me?

" groups of 5 and choose a type of trafficking to explore and bring to life, indicating each person as something different. " He announced before finally, he read allowed the groups,

" Lilly, Tyler, jasmine, jade and Ryan. Sit over there," he pointed to the corner table,

" Alessio, Niall, Micheal, Kelsey and jake. In the left corner, next to the window."

My heart sank. All was great apart from jake.

Alessio and I walked over to the desk slowly, me squabbling in high pitch that it was going to be ok but he saying random words to defend himself. Mr.stutt carried on bossing everyone around but we drowned him out,

" fine!" He sighed before we sat at the table, me at the end and Alessio on my right, jake on my left, Niall next to Alessio and Micheal next to jake. ( confusing? )

" so what trafficking shall we do?" Niall asks and we all think,

" bridal trafficking?" Alessio suggests and we all settle on bridal trafficking.

" who's doing what? Like, what jobs are there?" Micheal says looking directly at me and i glance downwards, avoiding eye contact.

" well the sheet says-" jake answers and I immediately feel sick that he's in school after what he done. How has he gotten away with it?

"project manager, basically the boss, Niall that can be you." Jake insists,

"presentation organiser, just designing the layout of everything.. Alessio, you do that."

There was silence as Jake fumbled around with the paper,

" Micheal you be the researcher, so finding out facts."

I held my breath for something easy,

" Kelsey, you can be the assistant worker. So just get us what we need if we need it,"

A smirk played on all their faces,

" so a maid? Shall I call you all sir and Will I have to dress up too!" I scoffed and I felt all eyes burn up and down my body before fits of laughter broke loose when Alessio said yes.

" and I will be adviser, so all designs and texts run through me first," Jake stood boldly and then took a seat before Alessio grabbed his laptop out his bag and began typing.

" let's do this,"

We spent the rest of the lesson doing our jobs so basically all I was doing is fetching stuff and helping if anyone was stuck.

" so, what type of research shall I do?" Micheal asked and I walked round to him before squatting next to his laptop. I sat next to him and scribbled questions he should answer.

" thanks," he smiled at me, looking into my eyes a big longer than he should of.

" yeah well, we ain't gonna fail cause one person is stupid," I joke slapping his arm playfully and then making my way back round to Alessio.

" what you doin'?" I kiss his lips and peer over his shoulder,

" nothing really, there's nothing to do,"

I grinned and pushed the laptop away from us a bit, and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly squeezing him.

" diiieeeeeee!!!" I laugh as all eyes look our direction and we laugh slightly.

" Kelsey! Stop strangling Alessio and do your work!"

I stand up to look at Sir, sending him daggers,

"I'm sorry Sir, I would hate if Alessio... Died,"

Mr.stutt whimpered before pursing his lips shut and ignoring me.

" w-what? How did you do that?" Michael's eyes were wide open at me as I made my way to the seat,

" did what?"

Alessio stiffened at me playing clueless about a subject which my team mate caused but I waved him off,

" that! The.. Control sir. He looked petrified of you," Micheal frantically waved his hands and I just told him that I do that to all teachers which made jake chuckle. What does he want?

" anyway..." Niall said, still focused on his work.

" Jake, what have you agreed with so I can note it down?"

I zoned out for a momemt, staring at my computer screen. I slowly logged on before clicking onto word pad and began typing a message to Alessio,

Eyooooo! Bored out of my mind, need me to do anything?? ;)

I nudged him and he cautiously observed my message, then smiling whilst typing a message on his laptop.

Well.... Fuck me right now?? ;)

I giggled lightly,

Maybe later :))

No nowwwwwwww!! We r going party Friday btw ;) Niall having party round 7pm

I sent him a raised eyebrow,

" we?"

He laughed and nodded his head before turning to Niall,

" where is your party on Friday? Your house..?"

Niall nodded slightly still attached to the computer screen, eyes attacking the buzzing lights.

" love our long conversations Niall," Alessio smirked and I nudged him so he would look at me,

" almost as much as I love you," I lean forward, gazing lovingly into his eyes as he pecked my cheek before freezing in the position for a second.

almost," he jokes and I pull away, crossing my legs on my chair pretending not to notice Louis,jake and Micheal watching us, grinning widely.

" ughh! Im so boredd!!" Micheal throws his head back in annoyance and we all laugh slightly.

I unclip my sun glasses from my head and let my newly dark brown hair sweep down before chewing the top of the glasses. I grab a pencil and began drawing circles, delicately sketching and shading.

I hear Alessio grunt next to me and I see he's a twitch away from an erection. I chuckle slightly and bared my teeth innocently, making him wince as he became a bit harder.

This shall be fun.

" so, how we going to direct this?" I peered up at Niall who his tapping away at his laptop,

" what about if we done a dramatic monologue?" He said, looking at me basically directing me to be the wife.

" okay, but who's gonna be who then?"

" Alessio, you can be the buyer, Jake the trafficker, micheal the dad ( seller ) , Kelsey the slave and I will narrate." Niall clears up before typing up the arrangements.

" so what shall we do?" Alessio stands up and we head outside the class for more space because Mr.Stutt agreed to me.

" kelsey, stand next to Micheal and pretend to be farming together, make it a father daughter moment," Niall pushes me towards Micheal and we do as we are told, Alessio a bit jealous but soon calms down when Niall pulls me away a bit.

I allow Micheal to lead because I had no idea what fathers and daughters do together cause it has been so long since my father was with us.

" now jake, grab Kelsey by her arms and pretend to drag her away, Kelsey fake fight back silently. And urm... Micheal look worried that you have sold your daughter and jake hand him fake money."

We act out the scene, repeating it over and over again until Niall carries on directing,

" Jake I want you to take her to Alessio and Alessio I want you to rip the tape of her mouth which will be there and.." He checks back to his laptop, DUCTAPE! Isn't that painful!!!!???

" forcefully kiss her and Kelsey I want you to struggle but Alessio do not give up and fight her. Then pretend to push her to the ground and Kelsey begin to scrub the floor."

What? Alessio kisses me and I fight every inch in my body not to kiss back, it was unbearably difficult surprisingly it sounded easy.

" kelsey, fight back more," Niall demands and Alessio smirks against my lips. It was a lot easier said than done.

I brought my hands up to his shoulder blades and pretended to push him away which didn't work and then He pulled back, me a little shocked and fake pushed me. I started scrubbing the floor and Niall applauded us and told us to rehearse whilst he thought of lines.

Linking his hand in with mine, Alessio helps me off the floor with a smirk.

I was almost drenched by Alessio's over powering status as he controlled me. Was that wrong?

" thank you baby," I peck his lips earning a few groans from people, I flash my teeth in a grin and step closer to Alessio.


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