Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


177. It was only a kiss ;)


I awoke in Harry's naked arms in my bed after God knows how many rounds last night with a stinging pain in my wrists and lower region.
"Shit," I mumble as my lashes catch upon Harry's body as I detangle myself from him,

"Love to hear my fiancée's loving words," Harry mutters, half asleep and eyes still closed but a grin plastered across his face. I roll my eyes as I peck him on the cheek but before I could pull away, I am bundled by the heavy slob.

He is now on top of me and held my arms above my head with one hand on the non lashed area as his eyes darken with lust,

"You aching?"

I nod my head with a chuckle,

"Like a fucking mad man, I mean, you did good last night"
"Good? PHA! I think I done more than good by the sounds of it," He scoffs as he tucks my hair behind my ear and brings his lips to my neck and began kissing every inch of my neck.

"Hang on a second, if it wasn't for me, we wouldn't of been so rough and kinky last night!" I gasp sarcastically as Harry stops kissing and peers up at me through loving eyes,

"You will pay for that too. You needed sleep not half a night of hard core s-"

"Passionate love!" I but in and he laughs before kissing my lips gently for a small amount of time,

"I smashed it, I'm actually pretty surprised that you still have a g-spot!"

I agree with him before trying to squirm out beneath him,

"Same position as last night!" Harry mocks as I roll my eyes,

"Very funny but get off of me you fag,"

"You know, the love is truly in your words, you know that?"

I scoffed as his eyes connected with something but I took no notice of what as I felt something on my leg,

"Some point soon, you need to explain everything to Jenna please?"

"Shit," Harry grunted as I followed his eyes to my naked breasts,


I cover myself up and pull away from the mysterious (COUGH FUCKING COUGH BONER) item which was growing because it was connected to a horny arsehole- I mean Fiancé. Yeah, Fiancé. 

"Oh c'mon, they were right in my view and are fucking huge! Oh, and sure.. whatever, Jenna will find out sooner or later,"

I scowled at him before rolling over to get off the bed with many of moans and grunts because of how sore and stiff my lower half is,

"uughhghhgh!" I complain as I stand up and hobble over to the shower before taking a relaxing shower and taking a few numbing pills and pregnancy pills for my bone dry lashes and lower region.

I get dressed into a short, black leather skirt with a tucked in tight red lace top which has a gorgeous design in which were cut out to display my skin; it was also a very lower V-neck that meant my boobs were on display. Then, I applied some quick yet lustful makeup just in case we were going anywhere and put on black flats.

I opened the door to Harry who was wearing jeans.. that's it. Just jeans, who then looked my direction and grinned like a little boy,

"I cleaned your room cause someone should be round soon and they are moving all your stuff to the boys floor which is now not called the boys floor,"


"And because we broke nearly everything in here to last night," He smugly grins before looking down at his dick,

"good job fellow,"
I look down at my Vagina before mocking Harry,

"I pity you mate,"
Harry erupts with laughter,

"That's just wired,"

I shake my head as I un lock the door and Harry is quick to my side before we take the elevator to the kitchen.

As we walk in, a round of applause sets off as Niall is quick to shout,

"Congratulations Harry! You have officially managed to make Calista scream in pleasure louder than the storm outside!"

Followed by Louis butting in,

"Do you even have a g-spot any more? It sounded as if he had fucked you so hard that it shattered!"

I blushed and covered my face,

"Shit, what did you even hear?"

"The constant sex, oh- and you persuading Harry into sex. By the way, demonstrate how you managed to change his mind please!" Liam rolled his eyes as I flicker my vision past him, refusing to look him straight in the eye.

"It was extremely loud," Cecelia added as I turned around to her and Evan Peter,

"Oh hello," I say with a warm smile but Evan doesn't even recognize that I was talking to him,

"Are you alright?"

Yet again, he blanks me.

I turn around to Jenna who is clutching her head,

"Wuts wrung whit whu?" I scoff childishly as she gets up and hugs me, as if we had completely forgot about the argument and new rules yesterday,

"Every time Harry said your name last night, I had to take a shot. Niall had to do it every time you said his name," She clarifies and immediately I bat my eyelids,

"In all fairness, it was the best I have ever had,"

"Which round? First or Thirty first?" Niall scoffed after he downed a glass of water.

We all started laughing until Dominus walks into the room and immediately Harry has pulled me closer to him as we leant against the counter. His eyes caught mine,

"Calita, as a good gentleman," He began as everyone listened in curiously,

"can I just apologise about whipping you twenty times and giving you a tattoo?"

From the corner of the room, I hear a gasp and then plenty of mumbles as I shuffle closer to Harry,

"If you allow me, may I see your wrists please?"

Harry tenses as I go to move and his grip around my waist tightens but I shake it off only to show this sick man what he had done.

I hold out my wrists and then there was more gasps and gossip as the bloody, bruised and scarred wrists which were all because of the man in front of me,

"Is it sore?"

I bite my tongue from saying anything I don't mean and Harry comes in and saves me,

"Can I whip you twenty time and give you a tattoo all unwillingly? Why not?"

"I see your point and fair play but we talked about it last night, didn't we?"

Harry shrugs as I pull my wrists away from everyone's eye sight and pull my sleeves down again. There's a faint whisper of rumours spreading as Dominus grins sinisterly,

"But by the sound of last night, I am sure that it was bothering you as much?"

"She had a few drugs," Harry snapped and lied but it made it sound that he had drugged and raped me now.

"Oh, well anyways, I expect to see you in my office at 6 O'clock tonight Calista please." Dominus grinned before walking out and I was left to a humiliating stare but at least no one was now bitching about our sex.

"I will go with you," Harry volunteered in my ear quietly which was a slight relief as everyone just watched in oar at us. Silence filled the room as if we had just murdered someone which made me want to just disappear.

"You look extremely pale darling, are you alright?" he murmurs to me as I nod a bit to quickly and I get a bit light headed,

"Y-yeah, just need to.. urm- water,"

I stumble over to the tap but I was luckily caught by Harry's hands on my waist before I fell.

"Jenna, could you get me a glass of water please?" Harry asked as she quickly got up and fetched on his demand whilst Harry scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the chair. I felt my body shaking in shock at the thought of being near Dominus again and the thought of everyone secretly judging me for it.

A clog steeped further and further into my throat, making it impossible to sound like I am crying when I spoke,

"Thank you,"

I took the glass weakly from Jenna's hands with the warmest smile I could muster as I took a small sip. The cool, pure feeling settled the clog but it dissolved my sense of speech as I sat there, zoned out and petrified of what Dominus needed from me.



"Harry, I aint telling you how to treat your lady but I'm pretty sure, she needs her bed." I hear Louis say in the distance as I feel all eyes examine me carefully as I try to figure out what's going on with Calista,

"Good luck trying to get that," Liam smirks, referring back to last night which makes Jenna scream out,

"Shut the fuck up Liam, now is NOT the time!"

She has got up and placed her hand to Calista's forehead, before reacting quickly by taking the glass out her hands,

"Get her to her room and put her in bed, she is in a state of fear,"

"Dominus done that.." Niall mutters coldly, a crack in his voice approaching as he uses his palm to bash his head over and over again.

I pick up Calista and immediately her eyes shoot up to mine worriedly as her hands grip onto my bare chest. She looks as if she had just seen a ghost as her fragile body tenses in my arms as she shakes in fear,

"Harry?" She squeaks as she convulses in my arms suddenly and her breathing becomes un naturally heavy. Her jaw drops and tenses in a lock position as I begin hurrying to the bed with Jenna and Cecelia close behind me.

Cecelia is crying as Evan is holding her hand and watching, emotionless as Jenna is by my side forcing her into my bed in our new room. At first Calista freaked out when Jenna touched her arm but then that soon washed over with a warm glitch in her eyes as we lowered her into her bed.

Her back touched the mattress as her head tossed and turned, searching for something as I quickly held her hips, holding her down.

She lets out a terrified scream as her hands clasp around my face, terrified. I don't pull back and instead just climb into bed with her which is when she recognizes who I am,


Her body is quick to squirm close to mind as I wrap my arms around her limp figure which she then presses as much as there is of her body to mine,

"Yeah, I'm here darling. You alright?"

She doesn't reply and instead I realise she has passed out,

"What the fuck! Is she okay?" I bark as I gently lay so she is on her back and Jenna steps over to her,

"The fear is too much. Whatever Dominus had done or said, has fucking effected her, she is unconscious,"

"SHIT!" I yell as I walk over to the wall and slam my fist as hard as I could into the wall, making a huge crack in the paint,

"This isn't your fault," Jenna sighs, as she walks around the bed to sooth me,

"Yes it is! None of this would of happened if I never kidnapped her! FUCKING HELL!"

My fist collides with the wall as Jenna turned around to me,

"I tell you what, go to the gym and take out all your anger out there. I will stay with Calista until she comes round and then I will get you the minute she wakes up. Deal?"

I think of the possibilities but anger takes toll as I storm out the room, more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower.



My eyes flutter open in a different room as I feel there is a dead weight on my chest and my breathing is painful.

"Hello there, how was your little sleep?" Jenna smirks as she carries on dabbing my forehead with a damp flannel, soothing the heat of what feels like fire of my temperature,

"What happened?"

"You had a panic attack,"

I stared at her blankly as if her words were paste and foreign,

"I don't have panic attacks though?"

"Well can I just say now, this trumps any panic attack I have ever witnessed. Dominus scares you, doesn't he?"

She removes the flannel from my head as she helps me sit up. I clutch my chest painfully,

"Ah, that's the drugs kicking in, sorry." She sighs as she hands me a glass of water which I accept,

"Dominus doesn't scare me, his power frightens the shit out of me though," I frown as I peer around the room,

"He is in the gym and this is the room you will be sharing with him,"

Jenna practically reads my mind as I look around at the rich yet classy colours for a room. It was almost twice the size of my old one with an extraordinary amount of value invested in it because of the new inventions and futuristic items which were dotted around the scenery.

"Thanks Jenna, you're greatest friend ever!" I smile as she embraces me tightly,

"Love youuu,"


I walk into the gym nervously to find Harry furiously punching the human sized bag in front of him, wearing only the jeans from this morning still which made me chuckle.

My eyes eat up the delicious image which is displayed in front of me with such beauty and lust, I forget about any problems in the world,

"Damn, that's sexy!" I chuckle as Harry immediately responds to my voice, finishing quickly and scooping me up in a passionate hug with his lips practically plastered to mine, not that I am complaining!
"Even after last night and a panic attack, you are still thinking about sex!" Harry rolls his eyes sarcastically as I blush but before I could respond, the gym doors opened and Niall ran in, extremely worried,

"Don't go to Dominus' later I have the message now," He pants, out of breath before Harry has pulled me into a warm embrace,

"Don't freak out darling,"

I nod drearily, waiting for the bad news to be over,

"You have two have to go to the auction tomorrow, pick another few girls if you like,"
My eyes flutter with rage at this dehumanizing shit hole but Harry doesn't flinch twice.

"However, you too will be attending the ball..." Niall says and suddenly Harry has erupted into a new world of curses, cussing everyone and everything.

Shit. This is what Dominus said..


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