Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


88. Issue


Louis said he would take care of the kids around his house for a 3 days and then pass Julia and Tommy onto Kennedy so the kids would stay at there uncle and auntie for the whole week without seeing us.

Harry was fussing about the children away but i knew the children would be perfectly safe with them. Hopefully.

" C'mon, let's go clubbing tonight with the other boys," I say as Harry slumbers on the bed in his pants.

" Ughhhhhhhhhhhh,"

" You go and tell the boys and then get dressed, don't be boring!" I order as he is quick to do as i say before i hop into the shower. I get cleaned up and do my makeup quickly applying a bit more than usual, add all my accessories/ shoes before deciding what to wear. In the end, i decide to curl bits of my hair and go with a short, sparkly red dress which stopped below my bum and stockings which rode all the way done to strapless black heels. Done.

Harry came out in a tux. Why is he going clubbing in a tux? Wait- why am i complaining? HE LOOKS SO DAMN SEXY!

" Fuck, you never seem to not surprise me babygirl!" Harry groaned, tucking a loose hair strand of mine behind me ear. His lips came dangerously close to mine and before they could, the door bell rang.

" There here!" I squeal, adding a bit more red lipstick and checking if the black pencil around the out side of my lips hasn't worn away, which it hadn't.


We all arrived at a house party which Niall had wanted to go to which didn't bother any of us.

Once we were all pretty wasted, Harry had to pee so he went to the bathroom so i was stood drinking alone,

" Hello there sexy lady," I hear a man say behind me. I ignored him thinking he was talking to someone else but he was talking to me. great.

" Hello there desperate man,"

I turned around to a guy called Hunter. He had blonde spiked hair and was defiantly a rugby players hairstyle and the reason why i knew all this, is because he was Louis' best mate who almost always came round to our old house.

" Kelsey?" He yelled and i grinned widely,

" The one and only,"

" It's been for ever!" He embraced me tightly and i hugged back, enjoying an old friend who probably wont hit on me

." and you look, different." i winced slightly, " a bad different or-" He cut me off suddenly,

" No! No- god no! It is a stunning different, gorgeous!"

" awh, thankyou... you look good tonight, who you here with?"  I genially smirk as He kisses my cheek and i don't pull back.

Hunter was known as the kisser and yes, he was Gay. But he wasn't typically stereotype, he was fun and always flirted with girls despite his boyfriend always despised it.

" Soo, how's Jonny?" I shudder my shoulder in a teasing motion and he blushes madly,

" Good, he's here somewhere tonight, actually,"

" Awesome! i will catch up with him later then! Urm, there's something on your face," I laugh as i reach for the fluffy thing that had just floated onto him,

" Thanks! That would of been humiliating, here, i changed my number.." He handed me his number and he leant in for another kiss which was also it a hug. I allowed him but something chilled my blood stone cold in the corner of my eye. Harry.

He didn't hesitate before storming out the house and i felt stiff.

" Whooh, You alright?" Hunter said pulling me back,

" Yeah. fine.." I lied before Niall raced to my side,

" Harry's just stormed out, Tom's gone after him but we need to go quick,"

" Crap, i saw, Urm, Hunter? I will text you later.." I say hurriedly heading for the door at an alarming pace.

What have i done?

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