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119. Inside out


It was as I felt as if all my insides were being abruptly skinned from my system and all my liquids had ran dry the next morning. My whole body was quivering and I felt quite hot but at the same time my body felt too cold to touch. Quickly, I darted my eyes towards a empty spot beside me which made me panic even more, attempting to speak and failing miserably and just resulting in panicked squeals.

As if I was glued down to the bed, My limbs struggled furiously as I saw Harry enter the room with just a towel hanging dangerously low. I screamed for him through my un able to do anything as the tears stormed down my cheeks as if they were lightening bolts.

His eyes met mine and quickly he leapt on me, his legs straddling mine and his arms pinning my arms down as he hissed urgently,

"Kelseyy? Stop crying. you need to calm down, okay?"

But I couldn't. I was terrified of what was going on as his eyes sympathetically gazed into mine as if it was soothing which it was slightly.

"Deep breaths."

I done as I was told, IN and OUT slowly and calmly as one of hands now caressed my cheek,


How the hell should I respond to that? Yeah fine- just a panic attack because I am literally glued down to my fucking sheets with no memory of what's going on.

"Can I just say now-" Harry begins acting very serious before a sly grin sets to his face,

"You look sexy as fuck!"

My eyes shot down my body which was only in my push up bra and lace panties and then back to Harry's wandering eyes,

"You know- I could do anything right now and you couldn't stop me," Harry smirked, eyes still feasting away at me as if I was some kind of rag doll, which I wasn't.

If I had It my way, I would of slapped him around the head but as it is his way, I couldn't Decline. Well- that and the lack of my ability to TALK!!! UGH!

"I could touch you-" He teased again, hands trailing across my chest as I attempted to squirm, my movement slowly kicking in.

"I didn't hear a no?"

I sent him the slyest of daggers which were pretty explanatory that I thought he was a prick. My muffling came to grunts and gasps but yet no words.

"So you want more then?"

He hands travelled lower until they reached my breasts and with one squeeze, my whole body felt on fire with lust. How could such a twat make me feel this way?

"H-haharryy," I manage to gasp as he teeth came into contact with the sweetest of spots, just above the nipple, and sucked hard, biting away slowly and blissfully. My eyes felt as if they rolled back in my head as he carried on, now pulling, pinching and rolling each my nipples with eyes like fire.

"You like that baby?" He grinned against my skin as I gasped for another word which came out more as a pleasured scream than a gasp,


His lips now met mine, grinning into them as he slowly grinded me on his leg which made my breathing become irregular and my moans becoming more human like,

"P-pleaseee, wh-" I try to speak but fail miserably when his lips strike mine again, eating away at them with such force, I struggle to keep up.

My hands drift to his head, holding him close as the feeling in my body revives itself.

I pull back,

"What the fuck was that?"

Harry's smirk enlarged as digged his member in the towel,

"Love with props?"

I glare at him for a moment, trying to suss him out or at least find the reason I was paralysed everywhere,

"Okay relax!" He scoffs, climbing off me and walking towards the walk-in-closet,

"It was just a muscle relaxer that I gave you last night so your bones wouldn't hurt,"

My head falls back onto the pillow as my hand wipes the tears from down my face,

"Yeah" I called out after him, "Instead it drives them into a panic and heart attack!"


Harry returns with a devilish grin plastered across his face as he attempts to put on his tie, over the tux he was wearing which was incredibly fast how he put It on in that time,

"If I knew it would harm you- I wouldn't do it, would I?"

"Okay point taken... "

There was silence after I had gotten dressed into a long red top which covered most bits of my top half and a long set of high way jeans, mainly hiding the cuts, slashes, bruising's and all over torture marks from our little trick.

"What time is it? And do not say Mr.Wolf!"

I grinned for a moment, choosing my words carefully,

"Time you got a watch?"

His beady eyes stung mine as he strode towards me and I tried to cover up the last comment,

"Summer time?"

Again, he was amused by my lies as he body had now pushed me on the bed so I was lying on my back, gazing at his gorgeous lips, inches from mine,

"Mr.Wolf?" I smirked as he immediately slammed his lips down onto mine with a harsh growl.

My legs quickly wrapped around his when he pulled them to do as he wanted as he pushed further into the kiss. His hands travelled soundly up and down my hips and breasts amazingly fast and his tongue worked his magic in my mouth, not missing a inch of exploration.

My body cursed out, wanting more from him as I yanked his head closer with a grunt from him. Suddenly, his hand has whacked my arse the minute he lifted me from the ground and I cursed out with pleasure.

He carried me seductively to the chair, placing me down and striking away. My breaths came out whimpered and excited but also confused by his move; normally he would never miss a chance to have sex, and clearly we were both in the mood. were.

"house inspections," He muttered, re-doing his top button and making his way to the door. I stayed In the chair, catching my breath and pondering thoughts before adding pearled jewellery and rushing to the stairs.

"Good morning darlings," I smirk towards the children who stand their looking very posh and smiley, as were the babysitters and everybody else in the room.

Was it because Mr.Cowell was gone or was it because of Harry's little chat? Hmm..

Harry started making a speech, each word with a grin as he announced what was going on with Mr.Cowells timetable when he was coming and the expectations for everyday. I zoned out, watching deeply into Grace's eyes which were sparkling again but looked very relieved.

"2B," Harry called out to Grace as she peered up at him with a welcoming grin,

"Please clean the kitchen today and then once you have finished, take the afternoon off in your chambers,"

She looked very surprised and then with a weak grin curtsied as she began limping over to Harry to shake his hand. She was limping?

My eyes darted towards her leg which was covered in bruises which were covered with a liquid but not blood. It looked incredibly painful and that's where it hit me.

I quickly examined the room. The once thought smiles were weak and forced, tears in everybody's eyes and I tried to catch a glance with Miss Mel who's eyes fixed onto mine with a sharp, worried look. She looked terrified for me over something and she quickly examined my body, tears steaming in her eyes. What was going on?

"Any questions?" Harry rounded up his speech as everybody stayed silent and he sent a weak smile around the room and everybody returned it.

"Childcarers, Please remember, Julia has a school trip next Wednesday and if you gather forms and either you sign it or I will, Thank you."

And with that, everybody was dismissed before I had a chance to say anything to the children or to everybody,

"C'mon," Harry grinned as we made our way out and I stayed silent until the door was shut and I quickly grasped his wrist,

"What's happened?"

"Nothing, what do you mean?" Scoffed Harry looking away from me with a small chuckle,

"2B, Grace, she's limping. everybody looked terrified,"

"Kelsey, your over exaggerating, maybe your hallucinating still from the drug?"

His hand came up to feel my forehead as I slapped it away,

"I'm fine. They're not."

"Look-" He snaps a bit more harshly,

"Leave it alone."

My tears burn into his, detecting every ounce of information I could steal from him but it wasn't even worth it,

"I said leave it alone." He growled again and this time I tore my eyes from his and stormed off to the car. I fucking hate this prick sometimes. He knows something and he will not tell me...

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