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105. IM BACK


She could be dead.

My wife could be dead.

The most gorgeous women alive could be dead.

The Lady to my children could be dead.

My entire world could be dead.

I want to be dead.

Thoughts tackled my mind as the tears streamed down my face and I kept cursing under my breath. I was angry yet I didn't know why but she could be dead.

NO HARRY! She could be but she wont.... she's strong! Ugh! FUCKING HELL!

"Mr.Styles?" A Lady called my name as I waited in the waiting area, outside the operating room.

I looked up,

"If you could come this way please?" She said sadly. This is not good news. FUCCKKK!



I raced to the hospital as fast as I could, ignoring the unhelpful beeps from other cars. I had skipped a weeks course to visit Kelsey in hospital. Harry sounded panicked and I could tell he was worried sick from the constant snuffles over the phone so I knew it was urgent.

But I didn't know it was this urgent.

My sister was having mixed diagnoses.

" I'm so sorry to have to tell you this," A Lady spoke, her voice cracking obviously as I stood next to Harry, both of us dead silent.

"I'm afraid, Mrs Styles is in a unstable coma."

Despite it was a unstable coma- I was relieved. She could of been dead and I was thankful.

"What's wrong with her?" Harry frantically pursed his lips and the Lady sighed,

"She had a heart attack-"

"But she was bleeding... down there?" Harry carried on, whispering the last bit, embarrassed.

"Yes- Your wife is pregnant."

Both our jaw's dropped,

"She has two children and not once had she suffered near as bad as this though!" I yelped, my hands grasping onto my hair the feeling of sickness taking over me.

"The baby is killing her inside out." The Lady objected quieter.

"Can we kill it?" Harry almost yelled, getting frustrated as he paced around.

"No- she's too far in."

"Well we have to! It's killing her!" Harry bellowed, punching the wall harshly.

"Sir- please do not do that or you will have to leave-" The lady panicked,


"Yes and I am terribly sorry but-" The Lady interjected,


"Harry," I snapped and his eyes tore at mine. He had puffy rings looped around them and was incredibly pale. It was silent for a second.

"I want to see her." Harry said, suddenly calm.

"Well Sir-"

"Please." Harry's voice croaked, tears yet again swelling in his eyes as he repeated himself,


The Lady looked at us for a split second and hesitated before hastily sighing,

"Go on then-"



We entered the room, and Kelsey's limp, fragile body lay In the hospital bed with a huge belly. It wasn't there a moment ago, how does that happen? Just by looking at the paleness of her, made me sick. She shouldn't be dying from this child. she shouldn't.

The tears suddenly came flooding out I never thought I could love something as much as this and know it would soon be gone.


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