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110. Homeee




Screamed Julia and Tommy as they sprinted as fast as their little legs would carry them towards Kelsey as soon as we walked through the door. As they leapt onto her, I felt her stumble backwards as she wasn't as strong as she usually is because of her death and twin pregnancy.

"Hello my sweet angels!" She giggled, squatting to their height and kissing them repeatedly, bundling them in the middle of the hall way with the most gorgeous of laughs.

I let them play for a while and crept into the elevator to take me up to the twins room, hoping to see Kennedy, Rose or Louis there with them.

I opened the door to Rose and Niall, snogging lightly in front of the fast asleep children.

"U-ur sorry, crap! I will c-come back?" I stutter, more embarrassed then they are,

"Sir! Oh, I am s-sorry.. urm," 

I turned my head to Niall who is grinning widely,

"Rhine and Adele are fast asleep, we will go now-" And with that they made their own way out the house leaving me in embarrassment.



I peered down at Rhine and Adele with such a passion to their different portraits and with such a passion, their little eyes glanced up at me. Rhine reached up her tiny little fist and clutched onto my finger as I whispered gently,

"I am Mummy, I love you two soo much,"

They each looked at each other and then back up at me with a semi grin as if they had their own language.

"Feeding time!" I smiled at them as I reached down to Rhine for her to go first. I would of done them both at the same time but I didn't trust my capability of it.



Harry, Julia, Tommy, Rhine, Adele and I all sat around the table with Julia chatting away about her day at school, comparing it to Tommy's day.

" And we learnt how to divide too," She said proudly,

"Yeah? Well- I learnt how to spell Cat!" Tommy boasted, picking up his foam hammer and whacking Julia.


She picked up a pillow and had a full strike to his face, sending him flying to the ground

"JULIA!" I gasp grabbing the pillow from her,

"We do not hit!"

Her bottom lip stuck out, age seven and still tricking me,

"B-But but but, HE STARTED IT!"

I rolled my head back in defeat,

"DADDYYYY!" I yelled for Harry as he came rushing in, holding Rhine and Adele's hand as they all waddled in like elves.

"What?" He smirked as I burst out laughing at their little costumes. They were each dressed as a smurf and it was the cutest thing you had ever seen because they looked so confused as to why we are all laughing.

"I WANT ONE!" I yelled Julia quickly rushing to them. I sent her the evilest look ever,

"That's not how we ask, is it?"

She burrowed her head quickly, "Daddy, p-please may I please have a costume please?"

I found it the most adorable thing ever! I love it when our children say that. Too many manners, it makes me smile and I know I am a bit harsh on her but as Louis always said to me, 'Bend the tree whilst it is still young'.

"Course, I laid one on your bed, would you like me to help you get it on?" Harry chuckled about to take her hand when she pulled it away,

"No thank you! I will surprise you!" She immediately grabbed Adele's little hand as Adele clutched onto Rhine who was now holding onto Tommy as all our children toddled away quickly.

"I think my heart just melted." I laugh as Harry plopped himself next to me,

"How long do you think they will be up there for?"

I grinned knowing where this is going as I stayed silent, waiting for an order from Julia which I knew would be coming soon,


Ah, you see. I told you.

" Well," I put my hand on his chest, "I think they will be up there for a good five minutes before we will be bundled in smurfs."

Harry grabbed my hand, kissing it before dragging me towards the lift. I hesitantly allowed him to drag me as we made it to our room, I could see the children all in Julia's room, dressing up as Harry took me into our room.

I went into the room and looked at Harry's cheesy facial expression which, to be honest, scared the shit out of e knowing he had something planned. And then I saw it.

Two smurf costumes on our bed. One for me and one for him.

"One sexy Smurf costume for Mummy," Harry grinned.

I looked down at his costume which had a little white hat, a red dress which was beautiful because I could wear it out and no one would notice I was a smurf, and gorgeous little black shoes.

" I bet you wont wear it," Harry challenged. I knew what he was doing and I accepted,

" Excuse me? I will wear anything!"

I started stripping and dressing up as did Harry until once we were done Harry pulled out the most dreaded thing possible.


Blue paint.


"Urm.... no" I laugh brushing my hair,

" Oh c'mon! It will be fun! I will paint the children too!"

I looked at him in the mirror. He was pouting and looked incredibly sexy in just shorts, black shoes and a red long hat with the funniest top ever.


I begin painting myself blue as Harry disappeared to paint the children.

" I cant believe im doing this. this wont come out for weeks," I thought with a huge smirk.

He came back in with all the children painted and himself in the time I had to paint my body which I thought was crazy.

"Oh My god!" I burst out laughing at each of them smirking at me.

"You look adorable!"

Harry stepped forward with a proud look, "And the photo shoot company should be here soon to see us,"

I gawped at him and then carried on laughing,


"They're here," Rhine giggled as we all made our way into the lift for our photo shoot.


"Fabulous darling!" The agent complimented me as Harry and I took first shoot. We kissed, laughed and pulled funny faces into the camera before we had to start looking sexy. Harry's hands crept to my waist as I pressed my breasts to his chest and bit my lip seductively. Harry's eyes sparkled with lust into mine as his lips came dangerously close to mine.

" Wonderful! Perfect! That will make a brilliant picture!" The agent said again as he re-directed us to be with the children.

Julia and Tommy stood in between me and Harry, back to back, laughing as The twins sat in front of them grinning into the camera because they had held up a toy which makes funny sounds. Harry and I had to face each other from either sides of the camera on our knees so Tommy and Julia were taller and we had to be smiley and in love with our family which was fairly easy to do.

"That will be the front cover on Styles' magazine!" The agent said again before he started discussing something with a blonde girl.

We took a few more shots of all of us before it was the children's turn and they had to pose and stuff.



Everyone was asleep in the house apart from me and Harry in which we were both falling asleep slowly.

Harry's lips were close to mine and I could feel his hot breath on my lips,

"Kelsey?" He mumbled quietly as I hummed.

"We should get a few maids and baby sitters," He said and I tried to hold back my laugh,

"Because- the children need taking care of whilst we are at work. I cant keep going home early."

I opened my eyes sleepily to his and muttered quietly,

" If that's what you want?"

"Yeah," He agreed before he pulled me into a hug which was loving and gentle,

"I will get them tomorrow."






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