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13. homee

" everyone's out the house until 4 so that gives us an hour to do something," Harry seductively says before takin my hand and dragging me upstairs towards my bed room.

" but baby, what if they walk in on us?" I chuckle nervously at him, taking off my top so I'm a lace bra and mini skirt.

" come here you,"

The next thing I knew I was straddling on Harry's lap, slowly kissing every inch of his face until we couldn't kiss no-more.

My fingers were delicately stroking the back of his head, toying with his hair as we gently Sucked each other's lips. Around my waist, his arms never moved until it was to move me so he was on top of me, undoing my mini skirt.

" are you sure?" I bit my lip in caution, I don't want him to have sex wit me then leave me.

" Kelsey? What's the matter? You seemed pretty at it during class.." He smirked at me, noticing my sudden change of mind.

" I would never harm you, baby girl" he forcefully applied a lot more pressure to another kiss and it took my breath away at how magical it was.

" see?" He whimpers,

" I love you too much"

And with that I clear every doubt from mind and I relaxed.

" we're back!" Yelled Louis down stairs along with the other boys, carrying bags. I guess they went food shopping, yay!

" fuck," Harry muttered under his breath as soon we were both naked.

" your kidding me. They're early?" He complained before I rolled off him and hovered over him, both naked.

" maybe next time, darling."

And with that, I allowed a meaningful kiss strike and buried under the covers just wanting to cuddle with him.

" we can still do it quietly?" Harry objected before he pursed his lips when I bit my lip, seductively.

" can't we just cuddle?" I pout. He let out a huge sigh and climbed into the covers with me, putting pants on. Soon after, all I heard was heaving breathing and light snoring.

Besides me was the only guy who could ever make me feel like this and for once I don't feel the urge to end my life.


I layed there, twisted in Harry's loving arms and completely under his spell. He looked so peaceful and calm laying next to me I really didn't feel like awaking him, but I know that meant he wouldn't sleep later so I had to wake him up. 5:87pm

The right way though.

Slowly, I crept down to his manhood and pulled his pants down gently, making sure to watch his expression. I took his length in my hand and slowly stroke it, to make it hard.

Still not showing signs of waking up, I continue on my little task. Carefully, I place the tip in my mouth and suck lightly, using my hands to wank his manhood so he would respond.

I peer up at him, still asleep but I quickly recognise he's faking the sleep so he can see what I would do. Therefore, let's take this chance to tease him.

" it's so big." I mumble, holding back the giggles.

once I climbed off the bed, I slipped on my bra and panties. I was now standing in the middle of the room watching harry, lustfully. Carefully and slowly, I made my way over to Harry and swiftly lowered my ars onto his cock to make it stand on all ends but not allowing him to enter me. It worked.

" tut tut, I have been a little, Naughty girl." I grinned through fear and anxiousness that he will be disgusted, although, if he didn't like it, he would of stopped me? Right?

I placed a small kiss on Harry's cheek, according him to almost smile, my plan is successful. I then lean forward so my breasts are hanging in his face and then his leg twitches.

" such ashame. If Harry was awake, he would get to taste my breasts but unfortunately he's not," I mock quickly before Harry's eyes shot open and wrestles me so I'm beneath him.

" oh, no you were to suppose to see that" I say in my worst sarcastic voice I could do.

" shut up and kiss me," he ignites before our lips connect once again.

" i could get used to waking up like this!"

I chuckle innocently before getting changed into high way shorts, long black boots which spread up to my knee and a figure showing, checkered red semi top. I looked slutty.

" what are you doing to me, Miss casey?"

His voice was like angels were singing into my soul and I was captured by true beauty. I was a hostage and sucker for his eyes and sometimes I would get turned on just by his face. He was driving me insane!

" let's go down stairs," I grinned at Harry who is hopping into black jeans and a reddish coloured top which clings to his muscles perfectly, indicating each pack, each muscle and each bit I would run my tongue over.

Kelsey! Snap out of it! He's not good for you,


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