Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


22. homeAlone

I was wondering round the house In one of Harry's top which was massive on me. I couldn't be bothered to wear any clothes apart from bra, pants and a top so don't judge.

I cleaned the whole house so it was sparkling and went online to Asda to deliver food and ordered nearly everything. It would arrive by 1:00pm and it was 12:23.

My phone rand and I pulled it out, knowing it was Harry.

" Heyy babygirl," Harry's voice was sexy and I could tell he was horny through the phone.

" hi baby." I chuckled when I heard him take a sharp breath.

" you ok then?"

I could hear his cheesy grin and puppy eyes from miles away,

" I miss you,"

" well, I miss you too. Only an hour left and we will see each other," I rolled my eyes at his attempt to woo me and a voice in the background was demanding him to get off the phone. I started giggling when Miss.Potter was grabbing his phone,

" ahh! Get off. Got to go baby. L-love you! byeee-"

Then the line went dead.

I smiled to myself sensing how crazily in love I am with him and I thought to cook Harry a thank you meal tonight and invite all the boys around for a treaty. Hopefully, he would like it.

I logged into Facebook and group messaged them,

...Cooking dinner tonight, promise not to kill you ;) come mine around 5! We all need to get to know each other and forget all hate ;) ;) xx

And I pressed send, accidentally clicking jake in the process, I heard the door bell chime and rushed to open it. Asda delivery was here!

" just sign here please," the lady handed me a gadget and I signed, then grabbed all the bags and unpacked.

" what shall I make?" I knitted my eyebrows together and pulled out a old cooking book.

There was so many options and different styles that I was inspired to make all 12 different platters of different meats and unique food.

The results was breath taking, I never pictured myself as a baking girl but I was extremely proud and impressed.

There was four plates of Ham, Chicken, Bacon, lamp, Duck and all sorts of meats and another four of Greek salads with barbecue sauce and prawns. The other four had one plate with burgers, another with onions, mushrooms and lettuce , another one with chips and wedges and the last one was a huge iced cake that I bought.

It looked mega classy. Now to change.

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