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59. Home



Harry and I got the limo back again and throughout the whole journey, Harry's eyes fixed into mine mercilessly. Once we had reached inside the house, Harry grabbed my coat, bag and gloves off of me and chucked them to the side before pressing me seductively against the wall, nibbling on my ear,

" You're going to wish you never said that babygirl,"

I felt my heart sink as he swoops me over his shoulder and practically carries me to our room, hurriedly. He gently puts me down on the bed before un buttoning his shirt and doing the same to his trousers quickly. I chuck my dress over my head which leaves me in my black lace underwear.. my best black lace underwear and remove all my jewellery as Harry takes our shoes off and my tights off.

I could see his mighty boner from here and even then I knew it was the largest I had ever seen and I suddenly change my mind,

" Harry actually don't-," I go to reject but Harry ignores my shrikes and shouts. He skips all normal foreplay and head straight for the sex part which I wouldn't know about because on the way, I hit my head and pass out. As you do.


" Ugh, my head," I wake up, rubbing my head and attempt to try tossing and turning to find Harry who was sitting at the end of my bed but fail for some reason.

" Harry?" I whimper as I go to move but I am restricted by my elbows and legs have been hand cuffed either side of the bed and there is blood between my legs. What has he done to me?

" Harry!"

His eyes tear towards me and I feel sick. Has Harry Styles just raped me?

" W-what happened?" I squeaked, afraid of the truth. Harry had dark eyes which represented no life inside of them and he came up to me, about to kiss me and then deciding otherwise. He grabs a key and un locks my hands and legs, taking a good look at my whipped, bloody body as I try to sit up but fail and result in threatening tears.

" H-harryyy?" I croak and Harry snaps out of it and into tears, heavy tears like I have never seen before.

" I am so sorry Kelsey, I cc-ccouldn't h-help mmyself and now y-you are... bbroken!"

Now I began crying and had now sat up but the pain was unbearable and I collapsed soon after, in tears of agony and heart break. He couldn't of have!

" P-please, I need p-pills and blan-blanket," I gasp as harry wipes his tears and quickly fetches the ingredients whilst I lie there, feeling dead and in a lot of pain. My whole body hurt and I felt as if I had been to war or something.

" H-here," Harry covers me with the blanket and props me against the bed, feeding me a few pills and can I just say now at how much I had missed those pills!

" Y-you raped me Harry?" I gulp and I feel even more emotional when the words came out of my mouth,

" How c-could you?"

Harry went on a lecture on how good I looked and how he couldn't resist and then something about it just happening before he could stop himself but I was too busy prodding my bruised arms and lashed legs.

" And how is this any different to cutting harry?" I harshly spat at him, tracing my fingers over the light lashes but they were still painful,

" I-I am s-so sorry and I u-understand I-if you don't want to be with me but I really do love you Kelsey and I-" He broke off into tears and it broke my heart. Yes- he hurt me but I could never stop loving him even if he was abusive, besides it was only one time and I bet it felt good at the time

" H-harry, please look at me," I force his eyes into contact with mine and I sketched my lips over his before a wave of tire hit me.

" I'm tired," I unwillingly say before falling into a deep sleep.


I woke up in a bubble bath which had loads of overwhelming pops and fizzles which burst out energetically bizarre colours and playful scents. The lotions bubbled against my skin and it felt extremely relaxing and comforting. I traced my finger around my legs noticing all last nights cuts, bruises, swelling and lashes were all gone! It had only been a few hours, how could it heal that quickly?

There was a note on the side which I read in my head,

Dear Kelsey,

By the time your reading this, I am most likely gone, however, I just want you to know, I love you with all my heart and I regret everything that I have ever done to you which you didn't like. I am a terrible person and you have every single right not to forgive me, I can't even forgive myself!

The lotion which is on your skin is a tropical medicine which heals every little injury within an hour therefore, even signs of it being there, will be gone.

I guess I am writing to say, I see why you have tried to kill yourself so many times and I have also learnt the reason too. I am sorry,

- Love Harry xx

My heart froze. NO,NO,NO! He cant be attempting suicide, I love him! He can't!

Ok, stop! Where would he be? It must be secretive so no-one could stop him...

" The bed!" I yelp as I run out of the bathroom, grabbing a dressing gown to cover myself and racing to the bed in which I flung upwards, hurriedly sprinting down the stairs.

" Harry! Harry! Don't! " I yell in hope it's not too late. Tears chuck down my cheeks as I spot his body, lying against the chair with his back to me.

" Harry?" I whimper and turn the chair around to Harry about to swallow a pill. I leaped onto him and tossed the pills out his hand and wept continually onto his shoulder for a minute or two before pulling away to see him frozen.

" Harry, say something," I yelp feeling his temperature. Boiling hot.

" No, No ,No! Harry please, move! Breath! Do something!" I scream again, feeling his very slow pulse and his heart rate in slowing down.

" Please," I cry and begin screaming for Niall through fits of tears. Then Harry gasps.

His pulse and breathing become steady again and he begins moving around, taking in his surroundings,

" Are you ok!" He worriedly says, cautiously staring at me and I begin crying in happiness,

" Y-yeah, I-I am, "

I begin laughing through tears and lean my head against his shoulder, trembling into him with heavy sickness.

" D-don't ever d-do that again," I gasp and he quickly agrees, tightening me in a bigger embrace,

" I am so so sorry Baby,  I promise, I will never let anything ever hurt you again!"



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