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Once we got back, i swooped around to Julia and gently picked her up as Harry opened the house door. I walked in and smiled at our family home, pretending to show Julia around.

" I will do that later, but first come and see something," Harry instructs as i walk slowly and carefully to the elevator as he clicked, 4, our room.

The elevator dinged causing Julia to fumble around, baby wincing at the unusual sound. I stepped out the elevator and immediately my eyes feasted on the other mulit-coloured room door, all been re-painted with different names on each one.

I was focused on one and one only. The one that read Julia which was the second door and the one next to our room.

" Julia?" I spat out in amazement, How had Harry hid this from me? Her room is directly next to ours!

" C'mon," Harry urged as he opened the door quickly. It was amazing!

The walls were glistening white with pink night lights dotted around the room in one neat line. There was a pink and white cot in the far corner which above it had a toy thing which turned around and it played soft, tuneful music along with a white matching Chester draws and toy box. A white fluffy rug laid across the floor and there was another room leading to a walk in closet which was full of baby girl items and clothes.

" Harry!" I gasp as i felt the tears trickle down my cheeks in happiness and joy. I LOVED IT!

" I- i d-don't know w-what to s-say!" I splutter and he chuckles lightly, putting his hands in his pockets and waddling forward making me giggle.

" The secret passage in here is if you walk far enough into the walk through closet, you find a door and it's a super safe chair so you sit on it and it travels you down therefore Julia can use it too!" He smiled pointing towards the closet.

" It's amazing! I love it so much! It must of cost a fortune though-"

He places a finger to my lips, hushing me and grinned deviously,

" You two deserved it, plus there was no better way of spending my money then spending it on my two favourite people in the world,"

I blushed massively and I'm sure Julia would be blushing if she understood or if she was old enough.

" I love you so much baby," I giggle as he carefully lead me over to Julia's cot, signalling for me to put her down, which i did. I tucked her in and adjusted her fragile little body under i could hear tiny little snores,

" And as for daddy," I chuckled lightly before wrapping my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer. i closed my eyes lovingly as i pressed my lips softly to his, now toying with his hair. I allowed my lips to travel down his neck and leaving small love bites making him grunt slightly.

" You need to rest babygirl," Harry grunts, his hands against my rib cage and then with one movement and no arguing from me, he had swept me onto a double bed in Julia's room. It was big but no-where near as big as Harry and mines but it will do for my little darlings.

I climbed into bed and Harry climbed next to me and we snuggled down together, Harry never falling asleep and keeping a close eye on Julia but I fell asleep in seconds. It felt amazing.


I woke up and it was 6;30am, had I fallen asleep for that long?

I peered over and Harry wasn't there and I quickly jogged to the cot to find Julia was gone to. Few, at least she was with someone.

I turned around to exit the room and saw Harry sitting on the sofa with Julia covered with millions of blankets in his arms. I almost screamed, he almost gave me a heart attack!

I turned on two wall night lights and sat beside him on the small white sofa, still re-gaining my breath and I noticed that he was drifting to sleep, very hazy yet still alert. He hadn't even noticed I sat down but I knew Harry had to sleep, he had gone through too much stress in one day.

" Harry, baby? Sorry for falling asleep, but please Get some sleep, I will take care of her." I whispered and he woke up quickly, shaking his head to snap out his hazy sleep and rejected quietly. I pouted before reaching out and carefully taking Julia in my own hands and putting her back in her cot gently and hesitantly. She immediately curled up in the mattress which made me smile widely. I headed back to Harry and put one of his arms around my shoulder and waddled him to the double bed before he fell into a deep sleep just like his daughter. They were adorable!


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