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137. hologram Testing 48hours pt4



It was all calm, Harry was asleep next to me and all was quiet apart from his snuffling grunts when he slept. I was awaken by a hissing sound from the vent and something is thrown across the floor over to me. It was a pink flannel with a damp spot with a sweet smelling fluid.

"Put it to your mouth- pss," Ordered a voice from the vent as I warily done as he said, as if my bones were against my favour. The voice wasn't rough, it was sexy sort of and sounded familiar yet distant; like it knew me very well.

Once I put it to my mouth, I took a breath and it was as if something had smacked me off my feet and stabbed me over and over again; in other words, the truth had grasped me in full contact.

"Fuck!" I squealed into the flannel sprinting quietly to the furthest wall, my breathing heavy and scared. Where was I? Who is the person on my bed- A man? Dark brown hair, blue crystal eyes- not Harry.

"Who's there?"

My breathing hitched as the question slipped my voice,

"Just come here, baby" The male voice began to grow on me, the tone sounding forceful yet so delicate. I stumbled slowly and quietly over to the vent, feeling my way around all the obstacles and careful not to awaken the sleeping man in my bed. And the minute I laid eyes on the person in front of me; I knew it wasn't a dream.

I was going to escape!


The place was small; too small for my liking but I was not to complain about such stupid things when my only true love was dying in a science lab. Hunter was in front of me, constantly on the phone and gathering more and more people into the crowded room as I marched back and forth, bossing my team about of their tracks.

We were so close to finding a way of helping Kelsey escape, and when we do, I will never ever hurt her or my family again. I have learnt that life is too precious to throw around.

Also, I have also been worrying, the job Kelsey thought was just a company, is the FBI. She has been working in the FBI and all this time, she thought it was just a marketing campaign.

"Sir, we will leave at midnight as that is when the hologram is in reboot mode." interrupted a young female, with long flowing hair and the fakest body I have ever seen.

"Fine but the hologram only has twenty minutes before it becomes asleep instead of shut down, therefore-"

I thought for a second, hesitating,

"Can we hack into the hologram? Beam me into it or someone-"

I was think aloud, my eyes peering around the room,

"Mr.Thomas!" I called out loudly, Mr.Thomas' eyes steering towards me,

"Yes Sir?"

"Hack the hologram, we are busting Mrs.Styles out of that shit hole."



"Oh Harry!" I squeal, as we both attempt to pry the vent open, succeeding just about as I held the flannel between my teeth so I was breathing is it.

"Fuck me! Are you okay? did he hurt you? are you hurt??Baby-"

Before Harry could carry on worrying, I pressed my lips tightly to his, once removing the flannel and began kissing as if it was my last breath- last breath!

I quickly pulled away, shoving the flannel up to his lips, holding my breath to keep us sane.

I Grabbed it from his lips, covering his lips,

"Breath! Insane, we- gas!" My words came in short snappy sounds and I could see Harry's huge smug grin plastered across his face and I felt his lips pecking my hand,

"The gas is gone, don't worry. The team just rid of it- that's how I am crawling through this vent and I remember everything,"

I pull the flannel from my lips before replacing it with his, pulling him out the vent gracefully. His arms immediately re-connected around my waist, pulling me closer and closer if it was possible and I completely forgot my state of clothing.

"We better start going-" I say before Harry's hands clutched around each of my shoulders, eyes peering up and down on my body,

"He dressed you? L-Liike, hhe touched you?"

I  looked down on the slutty maid set I had been wearing and immediately the memories of what happened a few hours before Harry rescued me sunk in. Yet again for the hundredth time, he had raped me but with hard core roleplay.

"W--we need t-to get outta here, now- p-pLease!"  I grabbed his hand and tried the vent ,

"No, not that way- stop!" Harry tried to stop me but I was too focused on escaping this nightmare to realise the gas starting again. I must of flicked a switch.

But something was different his time. The gas didn't make me forget, it made me-



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