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135. Hologram Testing 48hours PT2


Kelsey hadn't came home that night, and I was panicking because of the phone call. I had everybody in the office working late hours, tracking and tracing any clues we could find to where she was. My heart felt broken and tears periodically ended being the answer for my anger to being such a fucking arsehole and not treating her perfectly when she was here with me.

"Sir, Kelsey's clothes have been found," Stewart, my head chief, proudly announced as I almost sprinted to his computer as he started talking jibberish to me,

"The monticules of her clothing apprehensively pursued aforementioned spoor-"

"What the fuck? Have you found out where she is?" I snapped and he bowed his head slightly,


"Almost?" I growl before storming away and crying in a corner, like I am used to.

"Please come back to me Kelsey. I miss you, I love you!"




Hologram Harry was like a dream, intoxicating and mesmerising; basically he could behold the blissful pleasure and love of an angel or he could be a murderous weapon, fended against my favour.

He adored this place like it was like a drug and he was addicted to it, as well, I was engaged at one moment, and the next I would forget and go into a fucking rioted trance; screaming and kicking.

"You look fucking gorgeous," He licked his lips as he sat sexily on the plump white sofa with engraved diamonds in the ridges of it.

I blushed as I looked down to a turquoise matching set of underwear but they connected at my belly button with a long sting of diamonds, pierced into my belly button. I held my breath, wishing It was a dream and them I snapped into reality. I was a kidnapped, raped, forced to have intercourse with a hologram and trapped against my own will or my family dies.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I scream as I took a large inhale of air, about to start screaming, but instead a wary wave shook over my body and I forgot everything which just happened. Suddenly, I started giggling like a little girl as I walked into a huge embrace of Hologram Harry was awaiting me with a huge wicked grin,

"Happier now?" He traced his lips upon my neck slowly as I was a bit confused by what he meant but just played along.


I felt my pupils sink into his, the love was no longer there, his eyes; once filled with bold enthusiasm, are now a shady scene of blue-


I pull back from him, trying to act as if everything is okay.

"I-I Need, a- urm, drink? Please."

Stuttering and tripping over my own words I make my way over to the corner of the room, a slump down, forgetting everything again.

Hologram Harry had started making something in the corner of the room, mixing and grabbing things from out of nowhere, like he was creating his own hologram of some sort,

"Here- drink up!"

He handed me some murky water, and without thinking twice I began drinking it; slowly.

I shot my head forward whilst taking in the large shot, and coughed heavily from the lack of breath. Whilst drinking the fluid again, my breath was on pause; everything came shooting back to me. RAPED! ABDUCTED! PRISONER! HOLOGRAM! FAMILY ARE GOING TO DIE-

I scramble away from him quickly, holding my breath,

"FUCK! HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN HERE!" I scream to the hologram as it's eye's narrowed, but they were friendly and calm,

"Shhh, keep your voice down low!" He hisses and I threw the glass straight at it; it shot straight through. What?


He tried to come close as I tried to defend myself,

"Wait- fuck! Hold your breath!" Demanded the hologram, the faintness of Harry drifting away from it; if it was possible. The hologram became more human like, feeling were in it and as was the voice becoming more like a older version of Harry.

"Hold your breath!" He demands again, faffing his hands around, searching for something. I do as he says, hold my breath again and everything is a lot clearer again.

He pulls something from his pocket, a tissue with light pink splodges,

"Put this to your mouth, trust me please!"

I hesitate, and then a faint screaming voice at the back of my head demands me to breath. I attempt to ignore as I grab the tissue and hold it to my mouth, warily.

"Now breath."

I take a breath and it was as if it was the first breath I have ever taken that felt so good. Like heaven or like a gorgeous, sparkly first kiss and everything amazing mixed together,

"Good," He sighed, checking the watch which is now on his wrist that faded out of no-where.

Looking around at the black screen camera's which stretch around the room, the hologram, pulled something from the wrist like a futuristic movie before throwing to the cameras; changing it's colours to a misty white.

"They can't see us now," He announces, walking around the room with a huge grin,

"Boy this place hasn't changed one bit, has it?"

My eyes worriedly follow his as I remove the tissue slightly to speak but it was muffled highly,

"Who are you?"

His eyes dart back onto me, as if he forgot and he came closer and closer. I backed away until I was pressed against the wall, his eyes narrowing into mine. He grasped my chin and tilted it so he could inspect me slowly,

"What is it with you? How do you know them and why do they want you!?" He spits harshly into my face as I quickly shake my head,

"You have the wrong person! I swear!"

I begin to take the tissue from my face and he holds it back onto my mouth,


He looks around for a second, hand still pressed to my mouth,

"Hold on-" He mutters, before pulling away and heading towards a vent, he then grabs a screw driver from his back pocket, opening it up and there is a huge gush of wind,

"Very clever, a trick? Callum you twat." He chuckles to himself as he jumps off the sofa and heads to the bed, pulling it from the wall. He then makes a sigh of satisfaction as he enters a code into the safe which is now there. He gets it wrong.

I watch in oar as he traces around the room looking for something, perhaps clues, as he always refers back to the safe, entering more codes.

"FUCKSAKE!" He screams, standing up and slamming his fist into the wall. Then, he presses his hand to his temple for a second.

Just at that moment, his eyes dart back up to mine, a slight flicker in his smile demonstrates why he was now rushing towards me.

His hand rested next to my head and he now had a knife to my throat,

"You know the code, don't you?"

I shake my head vigorously,

"No! No I do not!"
He presses the knife further into my skin before it suddenly disappears,

"Well this code is the key to your escape. If you do not know the code, you are fucked mate."

My eyes widen and I feel like crying,

"What?" I squeaked,

"I am gonna go then-" He says, about to press his watch,

"WHAT NO! Please! Let me think then,"

He grins pulling his finger away from the button and heading towards the safe. I think for a second. What's Callum's favourite number?

"Four digit code babe,"

I scrunch my nose, thinking as hard as I could for a few minutes,

"Take your time," He sarcastically rolls his eyes,

"Ugh! I DONT FUCKING KNOW! Urm, 1691?

He tries it,


I think again, tears almost brimming in my eyes,

"9999. Or 0526?"

"Now you're just making things up!"  he gasps, facing me seriously,

"Literally, I haven't got left in here before I get zapped out. and whoever was in here will return!"
Now the tears flood through my eyes,

"I want to go home! I'm trapped here-"

"I FUCKING KNOW KELSEY!" He screams and then he stops suddenly,

"H-how do you kn-know my name?"

"No reason, just keep thinking-" He mutters quietly and I begin to raise my voice,

"How do you know my name?"

He doesn't respond and I make my way over to him,

"Tell me. NOW."

He stands up from his position, his eyes roaming over my body and with a flashy grin, began speaking,

"Callum is my boyfriend. He has been planning your kidnap for years now," His grin grows,

"And I can see why,"

I quickly turn around, forgetting that I am flashing a stranger,

"relax," He sighs,

"I've seen it all before, and much more-"

I keep the cloth close to my mouth as I try to make sense of it all. Callum always was gay, but he also was my best friend; why would he want me at gun point?

"I don't have time to explain, he does not  know I am here, but I promise you will get out. Is their anyone you want me to contact?"

"Yes! Fuck, yeah! Harry Styles. My husband I went missing yesterday and-"

He suddenly cuts me off,

"No. You went missing two weeks ago. This place is a time bomb, you forget everything so quickly once you take a breath."

My heart felt as if it stopped.

"B-but he said it w-was only 48 h-hhours!"

"Well, he lied." The man smirked widely for a moment as we just stared into each other's eyes, not making any conversation.

Suddenly, his hand started fading,

"CRAP!" He cursed, pulling it up to his face,

"Whoever was here is returning."

"No! No, wait- help me! What do I do?" I scream, grasping his other hand, shaking it vigorously.

"You will forget everything, don't worry. Give me the tissue-"
I shake my head,

"You can't leave me! Please! I have a husband and children, they must be worried sick!"

The next thing I knew, his hips and below were changing back into the hologram,

"What's your name?" I panicked, faffing my hands onto the tissue,


Suddenly, he and the tissue disappeared and Harry returned. I, by mistake, took a breath.


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