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136. Hollogram Testing 48hours pt3


I had been searching for almost three weeks, non stop tracking and identifying but I had little luck. We had found her clothes dumped on a side walk, which made me throw up.

My gorgeous wife has been striped naked and god knows what would happen to her with her stunning body and looks, they will take complete granted of her! Every time I thought about it, I would be sick. If only I kept her close, never argued, never disagreed and just be the perfect husband.

Perhaps, if I changed something in the past, it wouldn't have led up to her being stolen from me? It's my fault.

We had also found a black truck with her DNA prints inside, aflame in a huge field but their were no bodies. It was like this mission to steal her had been very carefully thought out; which also made me vomit.

"Sir, someone is requesting to see you-" Rose asked politely, I could see she had been crying from the steamy glasses she had and damp mascara,

"I don't want to meet anyone," I mumble, twiddling with my fingers in a useless shut down of depression,

"He says he has news about your wife, Sir."

My eyes immediately hardened, it had been weeks since any news,

"Send him in at once!"
The minute the words left my mouth, she had scrambled out the room, shuffling past the scurrying work people.

A few minutes later, A man walked in, a bit older than me but was less muscular, perhaps because every second I am not tracking Kelsey, I am taking my anger out in the gym.

"Good morning Mr. Styles, I am Hunter " He greeted with a huge grin, seating himself without any further question,

"I have news about your wife."

I sat forward, my tux busting with the muscles I have managed to force out in the last few weeks,

"Go on,"
"Kelsey, your wife, is being held at a scientific experiment in London. She is trapped in a room and being repeatedly raped by a hologram, disguised as you."

I held my breath, sickness clogging in the back of my throat and tears welling in my eyes harshly,

"Go on-"
Hunter sighed sadly, looking at the picture of Kelsey and I on our wedding day in a picture frame on my desk,

"There is a gas in the air, every time she breaths it in, she forgets what just happened. She has no knowledge of anything apart from you. " There is a pause as he takes another gulp of air,

"She is very clever, your Kelsey. Worked nearly the whole thing out. Like, Every time she holds her breath, she remembers everything which has happened."

I look directly into his eyes,

"How do you know. How do I know you are not lying?"

Hunter leans forward, his un shaved chin prickling directly at me like firey woods,

"I am the only hope you have."

Our eyes link for a moment, narrowing to the trust.

"Besides, Callum is my boyfriend. I have every inch of evidence you need, stored."

At that point, I have thrown myself upwards and chucked my hand to his throat, charging him into the wall and strangling him slowly,

"What do they want with my fucking wife!" I growl as he slowly suffocates,

"R-Revenge and scientificccc e-Eevidence-"

I tighten my grip,

"And how do I know I can trust you?"

His face turns bright blue, eyes a dark shade of purple and his lips are ghost white as he croaks,

"I amm in t-the same Pp-Pposition as Yyour wife,"

I release my grip as he melts into a puddle on the floor, echoing ruthless coughs and grunts. I step back slightly, a old, sharp look stung into my eye,

"Explain everything."
After a hour of talking and demanding everyone into their stations, I found out Hunter was once in the same cell as Kelsey and he was the only one to escape out of Twenty Six. He was forced to be Callum's boyfriend until they both fell in love; only for Callum to cheat on Him with another girl. Hunter, swore to himself to take revenge on him. So, he decided to help free Kelsey for revenge.

Pretty messed up if you ask me, but I am not in the right position  to turn down any offer, so we teamed up in a type of war against that Gay prick who is raping MY fucking wife!



Harry's lips traced down my neck with fluttering pecks as we were both laying naked on the bed, after some brilliant sex. We were laying beside each other, grinning and playing with words,

"My name is Kelsey and when I grow up, I would like to become a mother to your children!"

"My name is Harry and when I grow up, I would like to fuck you everyday!"

I grinned slightly,

"That would be stupid! We would get bored of it, and I hate regular sex!"

He gave me the biggest, cheesy grin as I took a huge sigh of relief,

"And I love regular sex!"

All the negative energy from my body drifted into wonderland as I was left feeling well rested and meditated.

"Do horses get songs stuck in their heads or is it just humans?" I looked up to Harry gently, giggling at his amazing grin,

"I don't know, Take a breath for me?"

I was confused but did as he said,

"Imagine a world where we could stay like this forever!" I smile, kissing his lips,

"I guarantee this will be our forever, don't worry. You are always going to be here,"

I was confused as I sat up,

"What do you me-"

I took another breath by mistake,

"AND WE CAN HAVE GORGEOUS CHILDREN HERE!" I giggled snuggling back into his chest,

"This is so easy to tell you things as you just forget," He scoffed, stroking my head delicately.

Well, that was wired... 

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