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127. Hannah

"Who's Hannah?"

Immediately my eyes snapped away from her, fists clutched into tight balls, muscles tensing up and anger bubbling to it's limit,

"None of your business."

She scoffed,

"None? None Harry? Hannah is NONE of my business? Okay right, well that's not what she said."

Suddenly she reached into her pocket pulling out her phone and clicking play to her and Hannah talking.

"You and Harry are married then with six children? Congratulations!" Hannah's flirty voice softly whispered,

"Oh, Thank you! How's your husband?"

There's a pause and I feel a grin stretch across my face as  knew the next answer,

"Ex- husband. I am Lesbian now,"

There is a another stretch of silence before Hannah carried on talking, wiping the grin from my face completely,

"Does Harry ever talk about me? I mean- he always had an eye for me."

"U-urmm, no, Sorry. Wha-" Kelsey stutters before Hannah cuts in,

"Well, when I say eye, I mean we were fuck buddies."


Kelsey sounds a bit pissed off but trying to be friendly and yet again Hannah begins talking,

"Yeah, I was his first and he was mine. Perfect for each other, I guess. We were having sex almost twice a day! Amazing it was,"

"Lie" I snort despite the fact I knew she couldn't hear me,


"Yeah, He loved my body always called me cute little pet names. Then a year or two ago, we broke up. He said he was seeing someone else, better than me."

"Hannah, I-" Kelsey tried to cut in but the flirty Hannah stepped back in,

"It was you, He loved you and clearly he meant it."

My blood boiled at her pathetic lies, "She's lying Kelsey. Wh-"

"Crap, my best friend, switch subject." Hannah gaps as I hear Kelsey whisper okay,

"Fuck, hot mess over here, What's your name baby-" A male's voice begins flirting as Kelsey quickly pauses the recording.

"One or two years ago?" Kelsey gasps,

"Or shall I break it down for you. Our wedding and the twins birth.. you know the birth I had died at for 24 hours? Yeah, FUCK YOU!"

At that point she was bursting out with tears as I quickly grabbed her small body, wrapping it in a tight hug so she couldn't escape. Of course she struggled, attempting to smack me but failing when her thing structure collapsed into my arms making nothing but whimpers.

"Shhh Baby, she was lying. Hannah and I stopped fucking five years ago. She was a bitch, that's why I had to stay with you and Harry. She stole everything-"

Her little head peered up at me,

"You should of told me-"

"I know, I know. I am sorry. Why do this though?"

I held up her wrists and shook my head, "Again?"

Her eyes swelled with tears,

" I was scared. I thought I had done something wrong, to make you love her again!"

"No, no baby. Never! I will always love you."

Her lips fumble to mine, pressing lightly and the salty-ness of her tears crept into my mouth,

"I heard you," She croaks in the kiss,

"I heard you say her name over and over in your sleep for he past few weeks."

Stone cold, my body felt like it was going to explode, either with rage or with tears,

"Why didn't you tell me? I don't dream about her if that's what you're thinking!"

"I- I never said that!" She becomes all defenceless as the anger rises up again,

"But you were thinking it!"

There's silence as she begin silently crying to herself,

"harry don't do this please-"

"No. your right I wont do this," I say sternly as a small grin flashes to her lips,

"If you don't trust me and if you are trying to die.. I will die with you."

I grab the glass from the side and smash it as Kelsey begins crying again but this time her voice is everywhere and the pitch of it melts my heart with anger for causing her to cry like this,

"No! No! Harry please! Don'tt!"

I grab a blade of glass and tear it against my skin as Kelsey tries to grab my arms away but I was too strong and kept slicing my skin all up my arm,

"Is this what you want baby? Us to leave this world?"

"No, n-noo no no," She sobs through heavy tears, grabbing her own slice of glass and holding it to her neck,

"Stop or I will-" She threatens, the glass pressing lightly on her throat. I immediately stop, chucking the glass to the floor and lunging for the glass she has in her hands. I grab it and hold it out of sight whilst she lays there gurgling with tears and curling herself up in a tight ball.

"D-Don'tt you fuckinng dare!" I croak, tears in my eyes and brimming dangerously. I ignore the deep wounds on my wrist and quickly scoop her up into my arms as if I am protecting her. Her head burrows into my neck as I carefully carry her to the bathroom in our room.

I place her down and turn the shower on as her innocent little eyes gawp at me with sorrow,

"I- I am sorry. I never meanttt for thi-this to happen,"

"Shhh, Neither did I." I stroke her head, planting a passionate kiss to her lips and pulling down her black pencil skirt as she lifts her legs up for me to take the skirt away.

"Have a shower whilst I clear up the blood in the other room, okay?" I say nervously, wondering whether to trust her when she's in this state of mind,

"D-don't leave me, please?"

I hesitate,

"I will be as quick as possible, okay?"

She nods slowly as I stand up from my crouch position. Shyly, she stands up, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me gently,

"I love you Harry,"

"I love you too Kelsey,"



I strip naked slowly, wanting to waste as much time as I can so Harry could get in as well before taking my hair out inaudibly. I grab a wet wipe and remove all my makeup before climbing into the shower gracefully. I quickly shave everywhere before leaning my hair back into the water.

The shower door slid open as Harry Gorgeously stepped in with a luxurious grin plastered across his face. He was already naked and looked so gorgeous I couldn't resit my smirk,

"Like what you see?" He grinned, stepping closer to me, eyes checking my body out,

"Of course I do,"

Hungrily, he licked his lips as his eyes feasted on my breasts,

"Not a day goes by where you don't get sexier. i swear everyday you are getting fitter and hotter which is making me terribly nervous. I mean-look at me, just by looking at you, I am stiff!"

"Then what are you doing still standing there?"

He evilly grins at me, hovering in front of me so my breasts are touching his chest and his long member sticks out into my stomach,

"Was that a command or-" He chuckles, the water hitting him now too,

"Just kiss me," I order grabbing his face and pulling his lips onto mine with a quick motion. Our tongues are quick to wrestle and explore each other's mouths like hungry wolves as Harry's hands swept down to my arse, lifting me up against the wall. I moan lightly as the tip of his member strokes my vagina.

"Ugh, Ba-bay!"

My hand quickly clutched onto the back of his head, playing with his hair to turn him on even more which worked as he carefully slid into me. We both gasped, breaking the kiss as he slowly thrusted, leaving me in my pit of moans. Faster and faster, he pounded into me as he repeatedly slammed into my g-spot making me curse his name out,


He thrusted faster than ever before, pounding into me with such blissful pleasured moans which made my orgasm come quicker,

"I'm gonna-"

"Let it go baby- OH FUCKK!" Harry threw his head back, slamming faster and deeper into me as I hit the wave of orgasm, sending me into loud profanities as I rode out my high. Harry quickly pulled out as I suddenly shoved his large cock into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could,

"Kelsey! BABYY! FUCKKK!"

Harry rode out his high, as I sucked harder and harder, working as fast as I could to give him the best I possibly could.

Once he had finished, he quickly lifted me up, passionately kissing me,

" I fucking love you! Don't you ever think otherwise!"


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