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37. grapes/ newboy

" how's it going living on your own?" I mock Louis when we were lining up for lunch,

" it's different, now all I have to worry about is my sister getting pregnant,"

I chuckle lightly and so does he before Harry squeezes in next to us, kissing my lips gently before standing behind me, arms wrapped round my waist.

" what you talking about?"

Louis begins laughing and then turns around with Harry sending me a cautious look.

" Kennedy!" I call her name and she grins before walking over to us with her tray full with food and wearing my necklace.

" I will find us a bench, Kelsey come with me please?" She asks and I accept before heading with her. Yes, I was hungry but I'm sure I could nick some of Harry's chips.

We sit down at the bench furthest from everyone and soon after 5 mins of talking about shopping places, Harry and Louis join us.

" Niall texted," Harry says, plopping himself next to me,

" he's going to meet us here with a new guy that he has to show around, I think his name was Micheal."

I nicked one of Harry's chips before placing it to my lips hesitantly,

" I wonder If he's cute or in any of our classes."

Harry chuckles before wrapping his arm round me and passing a pot of grapes over to me, kissing my cheek lightly,

" enjoy,"

I squeal and unwrap the grapes, I never mentioned how much I loved grapes, did i? Well he certainly knew me well.

" grappeesss!"

I peck at one grape slowly, enjoying and savouring the taste before patting my feet on the ground and letting out a groan in excitement.

" I. Missed. You." I kissed the grape repeatly with everyone laughing at me but I ignored them and just popped each one in my mouth.

" wow, not even I get that treatment." Harry pouted before I placed a lengthy kiss to his lips and chewed his bottom lip seductively. He pushed further into the kiss before Kennedy gasped and I pulled away.

She pointed me at Niall and this mega cute guy. Oh. My. God.

" I wanna be misses that guy," she complained and I giggled slightly, cause he really was fit, obviously not at fit as Harry but still, really fit. (How many time will I say fit? )

" oi, are you forgetting someone?" Harry moaned and I played along with his tanterum,

" oh yeah, baby. I love you too." I went to kiss Harry but purposely pulled away and lifted up a grape,

" you will always be my number one,"

Harry scoffed and I kissed his lips quickly,

" I'm sorry Mr.Grape but- I'm afraid your now my second favourite man."

Harry chuckled before Niall and Micheal sat down at the table, both directly in front of me.

" so, this is Micheal," Niall introduced us but I pretended not to care that much about Micheal and act as If he's some total dick.

" what's your name?" Micheal asked me and I blushed, freezing for a second. Kennedy hit me under the table and everyone was waiting for me to anwser,

" kelsey." I mumbled before scooting closer to harry, easing the rivalry which I would tell was brueing.

" hello... Kelsey," he smirked at me, dimples popping out from his cheeks.

I nodded my head as a hello and ate another grape quietly, bowing my head.

" micheals from Australia," Niall stated and my heart sank. I loved Australian accents, they were just... Lustful.

" yep, that's right," micheals said in his Australian accent. Kennedy giggled a sexy,fake laugh and then played with her hair whilst I linked my hands In with Harry.

" so, what lesson do you have next?" I asked, in my normal voice trying to act causal but Harry eyes were burning into mine, sensing any sudden attitude change.

" p.s.h.c.h.e. With Mr.stutt,"

"Oh," I acted surprised, picking another grape up,

" your with me,Harry and Niall then,"

I popped in into my mouth before savouring the moment.

" I would actually die for grapes!" I turned my head to harry who is grinning at me for some reason.

I grabbed one of my grapes and brought it up to his lips and he slowly accepted it before placing a delicate little kiss on my cheek, still chewing.

" soooo," Louis attempted to change the subject as I sat back up, pushing my hair out of my eyes by getting the sunglasses on my head, pulling the hair back with them.

" why did you move here?" Kennedy sat forward, making Micheal sit further back making Niall chuckle and now getting daggers from Kennedy.

" I didn't like the drama back in Australia, I wanted just to escape from the country. Y'know?"

He looked at me for his Answer and winked at me, taking me aback a little. Luckily, Harry didn't notice but Kennedy certainly did.

The bell interrupted us and we all got up before Kennedy pulling me to the side,

" he's flirting with you!" She squealed,

" so?"

Her face fell significantly,

" so.... He likes you which means you and Australia could date,"

I chuckled and added,

" I'm with Harry, besides I don't like Micheal that way anyway."

She scoffed and turned for class and spun around to see Micheal and Harry waiting for me. I grabbed my bag and we head off to P.s.h.c.e. .

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