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116. Good Girl




We all stood at halt as we waited for Harry to inspect us all. I wore a short, loose dress which I could hold on to when I curtsied, with matching eye makeup and I could see our children were looking delightful as always which was always a good sign.

"Row one of the five maids, clear." He announced, turning to the child baby sitters,

"All clear,"

I held my breath as he turned to the second row, with Grace standing there looking panicked. I could see her shaking and from what I could see, there was a stain, hidden on her outfit which made me hold my breath. Oh No.

Harry's eyes scanned everybody, brushing past Grace quickly and then hesitantly checking her again. His eyes swooped down to the stain and he was going to say something but then he paused.

"Stand still." Mr.Cowell snapped to me as I fidgeted uncomfortably. Harry heard what Mr Cowell had said to me and as if it was the most risky thing he has ever done, He said,

"2A, your shoes are looking better today. thank you," 

His eyes dropped quickly as he made his way to the children,

"Tommy. Top button please,"

Tommy quickly corrected it, with a grin to his daddy which I hope Harry smiled back but that was vary rare with Mr.Cowell in the room.

"Adele. Please pull up your socks. They are un even."

I held my breath again as I saw Mr Cowell join Harry, standing next to him with a evil smirk which makes Rhine cry.

"Shut up, child." Demands Mr Cowell which makes Rhine cry louder and Miss Mel send me a frightened look.

"I said shut up!" He yells again and at this point, my fists are in tight balls of anger.

"Sir, can I please?" Miss Mel asked, blushing to hide her tears of anger.

"No. Let her cry, she has to learn to stop herself."

This time I feel the tears steam my eyes and I took a step forward, the click of my heel radiating past everyone's ears and Mr Cowell spinning around quickly.

"Something to say Lady K?" He grinned, his eyes smirking devilishly at me as I froze, sending him complete daggers.

"Sorry?" He asks with a nasty frown.

Harry's eyes burn onto my face with sadness, anger and anxiousness as I take a deep breath and step back,

"No sir,"


I send a apologetic look to Miss Mel and she smiles at me weakly.



I sit at work in my office, Kelsey staring into the distance in the corner of my eye.

I was confused as to why she didn't say anything but I suppose it was for the better, I didn't need Mr Cowell punishing her, especially because she was pregnant again.

Okay, it was evil to make her pregnant especially after the horrifying thing about the twins but Mr Cowell said it was either me knocking her up, or him. And if he ever laid a finger on her- he would be fucking stabbed. Words are alright but actions are too far.  And I was basically trade marking her, leaving her with a mark that says she's mine for around nine months.

"You okay hunny?" I ask, laying my hand on her arm which she shrugs off with a sniffle,

" Is this how it's going to be then?" She snaps suddenly and her head strikes my direction with such anger,

"Everyday we end up arguing over that Mr Cowell?"

I take a deep breath, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear,

"No No baby, he will be gone soon."

"WHEN! When harry? You say that everyday! He has been with us for over five months! I don't want him here when the baby comes!" She yells, getting very stressed out and then she holds onto her belly, breathing heavily.

"Shh, your hurting the baby," I sooth her as I wheel over to her, lifting her into my arms as she rests her head into my shoulder, whimpering slightly.

"There there baby girl, everything will be fine in the end. I promise"

I lied through my own teeth to my pregnant wife. Mr Cowell will never leave until all my tasks are on track and it makes it incredibly hard when Kelsey hates him. It's just too stressful. I really hate him sometimes.



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