Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


15. Friday

The rest of the week had nothing interesting apart Tom having a one night stand with some girl called Carly but she left him after him being ' too old' he's only 21!

"You look sexy today," Harry leant me against his car, out side school as I peered down at my reddish semi top, leather black jacket, plain black leggings which exposed my curves delicately and ankle stud boots. I had my makeup done to look stunning because it was Friday and I love Friday nights therefore I won't have to do much at home and my hair was curled in tight, gorgeous curls.

" thank you baby," he slowly leant in and I felt the muscles in his arm tense so they were massive but I realised something was wrong when he didn't respond the kiss.

I titled his head down at me so I could examine his face closely. I was drowning in this piece on art which I wanted all to myself.

" you alright?" I pecked his nose quickly. The color drained from his face as I peered behind me at jake who is standing there with some girl.

" hello," I asked uncertain at jake and this girl, whoever she was, she had an effect on Harry and I didn't like it.

" my names Kennedy Davis," she stuck out her hand and I blankly stared at her hand. Behind me, Harry chuckled remembering the time where he tried to get me to shake his Hand and I refused.

" Kelsey." I didn't smile at her, only because she was someone I didn't know therefore she would most likely have heard rumors about me. False rumors.

" nice to see you two again. It's been a while." Kennedy winked at Harry, sending fury through me. I kind of growled, tightening Harry and mines embrace.

"okay?" She uncertainly backed away from me staring emotionless at her.

" I'm gonna go-" then she disappeared into school.

" who's that?" I half heartily chuckled to hide the nerve in my body. Don't say she's an Ex. Please don't be an ex.

" Kennedy is our friend. Close friend." Jake looked terribly smug and I couldn't help wondering why Harry was so shocked.

" okay?"

" we need to talk-" Harry rudely snapped at jake whilst i stood there, in sheer utter annoyance that there's a secret from me.

" shall I go?"

There was silence and I began backing away before Harry practically swung me by his side, making me feel dizzy.

" no, you should hear this."

It felt as if all eyes were struck on us but we were the only ones out side of school, most likely late.

" that girl is a girl who went to my old school. She-" Harry snarled at jake, as I could feel my heart pumping load and fast,

" urm, is.... "

Spit it out,

" my step sister."

Well that was unexpected. What was all the fuss for?

" she seems sweet," I lie before jake snorts and Harry's eyes bond onto mine,

" far from it. Stay away from her, she's bad news!"


During lessons, Kennedy was the only thought in my mind. Why was she bad news? Who does she think she is? And why was my boyfriend gobsmacked at her?

Meanwhile, Harry seemed really jumpy and very tensed which was unlike him and I hated the way he was blocking everybody out.

" baby?" I whimper, standing in the hall way because it was break. No response apart from a slight mumble.

" look at me," I tilted his head in my direction and his blue orbs locked in with my hazel eyes. I was lost in concentration and all he was doing is blankly staring at me.

I slowly gave him a massive hug, trying to make him feel better or at least relax a bit. It worked a little but he soon stiffened when I pulled away.

" come with me," I grinned taking his hand and leading him as far as we could go on the field which stretched on for around 1 mile maybe 2.

He still looked emotionless when I sat him down and unbuttoned the top buttons of my top. Nothing.

I laid him down, squatting on his crotch and slowly grinded against him, earning a small flicker of his eyes.

" do you realize how much I wanna fuck you right now?" I innocently bend down so our lips were inches away and smacked them against his lips.

Hesitantly, He responded the kiss but not as much force as he could go. Still grinding on him, I felt his arms swiftly sweep my bum up to my thigh which made me smile and I delicately placed my arms on his shoulders. How to turn him on? Moan!

" baby, please! Harder! I need you right now," I moaned through meaning full kisses which were full tongue and dominance.

I knew how to turn him on and that worked the most,

" Harry, ohh. Uh! ha-HARRY!" I moaned louder so I could feel how horny he was. My sensitive spot was still sweeping against his crotch and he was now fully involved with the kiss. Perfect.

He rolled on top of me, glaring down on my body,

" fuck, I need you so bad!"

His lips crashed down on mine again and I felt his hands smoothly flow to my breasts, causing my nipples to stand on end. He knew how to control me already.

" d-don't tease!" I panted through kisses, he got my hands above my head and I almost screamed when his lips started licking the top of my breasts and he kissed them quickly.

"Babyy! Uhh, please, MORE!" I groaned in pleasure, head tipping back and arching my back so Harry gets a better shot.

As soon as his hand wanders into my shirt, the school bell is set off signally class again. P.S.H.C.E to be presice.

Harry let's out a sexually frustrated grunt and we begin to sort our clothes out and heading towards class.

" why do we always get interrupted!" I complain as Harry smirks next to me, walking same pace.

" the longer you wait, the better it will be.."

" fuck off. You want this as much as I do," I playfully slap him on the arm, stopping him from walking by standing in front of him pretending I'm a star fish.

" do I now?" He comes closer to me, sending heat waves off again and making me grow weak in the knees.

" no sir cause you wouldn't," I mock him innocently, batting my eyelashes and pouting shyly.

" well then.. Why would I do this?" Before I had a chance to defend myself, I was chucked over his shoulder and he ran into the school building with me cuddling his back, upside down.

" oh my gawdddd, put me down!" I chuckle hysterically as he gently places me down.

" we better get to class," I say before his lips gently pressed against mine, sparks flying.

" fine,"


" nice to see you finally showed up Kelsey and Harry," Mr.stutt hissed at us as we walked through the door, grinning.

" we showed up, didn't we?" I snarled back at him as Harry and I made our way to the back of the class to our seats.

" I'll speak to you after class miss Casey," mr.stutt demanded as i displayed a winning smirk towards him, causing him to flinch.

" so be it,"

Half way through the lesson, he was going on about the bridal Slave or something, I completely zoned out, too busy focused on Harry's hands which were fumbling around under the desk.





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