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96. Friday night WEEK ONE



I went to my closet and opened the draws, revealing the little maid outfit Harry got me because I lost the bet.... great. I showered and dressed myself in all the accessorises and the costume before straightening my hair and applying a bit of shadowy, bright makeup. I looked in the mirror and hardly recognised myself.

The maid's outfit it self, pushed my breasts up massively and stopped just below the bum, not making me look innocent, and stockings, high heel boots, tiny nurses hat and loads of other sexy items.

I wandered out the bathroom, adjusting the strapless out fit a bit and then I felt two muscular hands either side of my shoulders as Harry's gaze tore through me, a growing smirk forming on his lips and the rising erection in his pants, "You look stunningly sexy, fuck me! If I knew you would look this good, I would of made you wear it non-stop!" Harry gasps before his eyes burning into mine and a harsh yet comforting growl escaped his lips, " How can you make me feel this way? It shouldn't be possible," Then his grip loosens, eyes flicker from my breasts to my lips every second, wandering where to look as I pulled the costume up a bit because my breasts felt too exposed.

I sashayed away from him, his eyes never escaping my body as I walked into the main apartment at everyone dressed up. All eye's mirrored at me; mouths agape and then suddenly, Harry's body was behind me, hands sizzling onto my hips and his lips pecking my neck generously. I moved my head a bit and closed my eyes before spinning around to Harry's body and fluttering my eyelashes, "Don't tease me Baby, uh, don't t-tease me." I acted very sexy, swaying and flirty which turned him on even more. In all fairness, he put me in this outfit, I didn't decide.

" Could you loose snap more often please Kelsey?" Michael laughed as I blushed innocently, "nope, next time, I will win,"


We arrived at the party, surrounded by teenagers, drunks and sluts but I was the only maid. They were all nurses or bunnies so... HAHA! "You look so fuckable right now baby," Harry hissed into my ear as I grinded on his springing erection, "Really? I would never know you," I grinded harder, " liked it,"

He moaned loudly, tossing me around and then almost throwing me at the wall, foreheads touching slightly, him growling at me, "I will fuck you so hard you will be screaming for mercy, if you don't stop teasing me,"

His words effected me greatly. Down there was growing hungrier and hungrier for him and was beginning to get wet and stiff, " Do you understand me," He grunted fiercely as I felt my breathing rate quicken, my breasts hitting his chest with every breath, "Yes-,"

His eyes zapped over to my breasts, pressing on and off him which made him groan and his erection sprung out of his pants. It was only then I realised what he was dressed as. He was wearing a tux and had hand cuffs in his pocket which made my breathing go funny with false promise, he was a sexual boss and I was his dirty little maid. crap.

" Yes what?" He snarled and it all clicked into place,

" Yes Sir,"

With that he lunged forward, erection eating hungrily into my lady area, pushing through the layers, making me scream with pleasure. He grinned further, bringing his lips dangerously close to my ears and gnarled harshly, " This was pretend but now I need you so bad, my little slut,"

He moved up a bit by standing on his tip toes slightly which made me whimper naturally, his sexiness and large bulge pounding onto my soaking wet pussy, harshly,

"AHH UMM, BABY PLEASE! AHSKHmmm,"  I yelped but he quickly pulled down slightly loosing the contact and then suddenly pounding it back onto the clit, not going inside but making it over sensitively pleasured,

" HARRY! ahhughh, pound me hard! PLEASEE!"

The wicked, sly grimace plastered over on his face as he pressed a little harder and then loosing contact all together. He began to turn around but I quickly placed one hand on his chest, turning him around again and then I saw it; the black lustful look he all ways gets when he is turned on and his huge member standing out strongly,

" Look what you done," He growled mercilessly, his finger scraping my chin delicately and then they made there way around my waist, resting hungrily on my hips,

"Look what you done," I smiled innocently using my hands to run up and down my body, showing that he bought me this. Harry's eyes widened with pleasure and shock before barking, "Do that again,"

I was confused at what he meant so I bit my lips and sexily ran my hands up and down my body, feeling around each curve, swaying to different heights, "You like baby?" I teased now being tossed like a rag doll in the air, his hands never leaving me and then he placed me around his body, my legs wrapping around him accordingly, "Ugh," He grunted, quick for his lips to stumble across mine, pressing down wickedly hard. His hands fumbled across my bum, rubbing and suddenly slapping it at different times. Each time I gasped when he slapped and that's when he shoved his tongue in my mouth, exploring every inch.

My eyes shut naturally, lips struggling to keep up from the gasping and then I felt Harry's lips hang very low on my lips, trailing down to my neck gracefully.

I leant my head against the wall, eyes still shut as I felt a twisting sensation in my stomach like something snapping, spring enlarging and then my breathing was irregular. It was as if one moment was pure bliss and the next, I was surrounded by hungry fire, torturing me with pleasured pain, "Hmmmn," I moan as Harry's lips sucked on my sweet spot of my neck as my hands travelled around his neck, feeling as if I was in heaven.

"Guys?" I hear Zack ask nervously as I opened my eyes to Zack approaching us, grinning,

" Get in there my son!" He patted Harry's back as I attempted to slow my breathing, climbing down from blissful paradise.

Harry's lips let go off my neck, as he was smirking like a child, " you should of been here 5 minutes ago if you wanted to see that,"

I blushed as Harry put me down gently, wrapping an arm around my waist, with the cheesiest grin.

"MAN! you got mad skills!" Zack laughed, Harry and him doing that awkward bro hug acting like children, "If you don't mind, I will go hang out with people acting mature." I frowned sarcastically walking over to the bar where Callum, Niall and Danny was,

" Cherry fix please," I order, grabbing money out the little slut pocket and handing it to the man at the bar. He handed me my drink as I turned around to the boy's who were all staring at me, " What?" I laughed self-consciously as they all carried on staring, "Well at least know that my eyes are up here,"

They all snapped out there staring spree when someone came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me passionately. Harry..

"I got to go and make a work call outside, I wont be long," He whispered in my ear and I quickly looked upwards, looking into his eyes sadly, "Don't be too long, it's your holiday too-"

" I know, I know, just a minute okay?"

I sighed loudly and took his hands, "I don't want you to be lonely, I will come too,"

" No, it's okay, I wont be long, hopefully. the guy is a chatter though!"

And with that he walked away and I was left there feeling doubtful, "Is he okay?" I ask quietly but the boy's eyes weren't on my eyes, " That's it! I'm leaving," I grunt walking away from the horny boys and over to the door to comfort Harry.



Quickly, I paced out the door and looked around, muttering and cursing under my breath, " Where the fuck are you you cunt-"

"Where's your slut then?" She scoffed harshly, stepping out from behind the building making me gasp,

" Whatever, just get it over with. What do you want?" I hiss, stone cold expression, "Well with that attitude-" She began walking away as I watched and then snapped into reality, " No wait, Kiera, I'm sorry!" I grabbed her arms, spinning her around with her grinning massively.

" Okay, fine as you apologised like old times," She mocked, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder and then carrying on speaking, "Basically- It costs hundred and twenty an hour, but for you, I will make it seventy,"

Am I really going to go through with this, what if someone finds out? She pauses as if she has seen someone but then smirks sexily, but it was an ugly smile, unlike Kelsey.

" Okay are you sure you will be there?" I grit my teeth and flex my body out to relax but it doesn't work,

"Baby for you, I will always be there,"  She pauses.

" And I promise that we will be screaming in pleasure,"

Why did she say that? Ugh, Crap, I hate you Chris.



I pushed past the people in the way, ignoring the cat calls and stepping outside to find Harry.

" Basically- it costs hundred and twenty and hour, but for you, I will make it seventy," A women's voice was flirting with someone and I paused for a second and then turning the corner.

Suddenly, I recognised him. Harry. I went to speak but then he started speaking,

" Okay are sure you will be there?"

I paused. No, this can't be what I think it is...

" Baby for you, I will always be there," She smirks and then carries on speaking, eyes locked in with mine making the tears brim on the edge painfully,

" And I promise that we will be screaming in Pleasure,"

That's it. The tears streamed down my face silently with thoughts whirling around my head as if I was drunk, which I wasn't.

I sprinted past them, ignoring her cat calls and laughter and just ran straight to the cabin sobbing.

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