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We were all packed to go home, everything was in place but all we needed to do now, was say good bye to the other boys. They were from Australia which I thought was amazing!

"So you will call me then?" I hear Rose say to Liam as they exchange a lengthy, romantic kiss and it makes Michael pretend to be sick.

Then, Danny makes his way over to me, with the cheesiest of grins splattered across his face, "Don't miss me too much midget!"

"Ugh, shove off-" I scoff and he wraps me in a tight embrace for a good minute or two, him obviously being taller than me. I really am a midget compared to these boys, or they're freakishly tall. O.o

"I will call you later, yeah?" He asks as I pull back with a small grin, "Kay, but don't be calling me at like 3 in the morning or shit-"

He grins, biting his lip before saying good bye to Niall and I head over to Callum,

" Goodbye piercings," He chuckles, hugging me for a second, "All you boys, have a nickname for me! I swear! Was their like some meeting about it or something?" I smirk and he ruffles my hair as if I am a dog,

"Woof," He replies with a cheeky grin,

"GROUP HUG!" Niall yells and we all form a huge group hug, all 13 of us, laughing loudly because we are nowhere near some other people.

" Gonna miss you guys," Kennedy weakly grins, holding back tears,

"Well- in the holidays we spend all our time in England because nearly all our family are down there, so we could meet up at some point again," Zack suggests with Chris butting in, "And bring your babes with you,"

I roll my eyes, "Yep- gonna miss that loads!"

We all laugh before the next thing I knew, England boys and girls are in the campervan again, singing along to 'FUNHOUSE' By Pink.

"THIS USED TO BE A FUNHOUSE! BUT NOW IT'S FILLED WITH-" Jake shouted as I saw Harry In the corner of my eye, staring at me constantly. I tried to ignore the constant gaze and focus on Jake's singing but the back of my mind was processing non-stop at Harry.

This time, I see him get up and mysteriously stray over to me with a focused look, jaws tense and body gorgeously scary. His eyes meet mine before he sat directly next to me, looking forward at nothingness. What is he doing? 

"I know-" Harry said, lips parted slightly, "You liked Danny?"

He said it as if it was a statement but came out like a question, "Course I do, He's a friend of yours right?"

He mumbled for an answer as I rested my head In his lap, laying across the sofa and staring into his eyes passionately, "You seem stressed?" I ask gently, bringing my small hands to his face gently. He brushed his cheek further into my hand as I was quick to sit up, straddling his lap,

"Your upset?" I cocked my head to the side when he didn't say anything,

"I'm fine," He tries to lie but I knew that 'I'm fine' lie too well, "Please talk to me,"

He shook his head and I was quick to accept the kiss he was leaning in for. My hands wrapped around his hair as his hands pulled me closer so our bodies were touching, no exceptions and I was sucking at his lip meaningfully, trying to earn the truth.

"Tell me," I pant as our foreheads rested against each others gently and my eyes burn into his, "no," 

I push my lips against his again with a little more power, moving my body against his lap with each push of our kiss, "C'mon, pweasee?"

"I said- no," Harry grunts, holding me back slightly so our lips are not touching, "Fine," I huff, "But at least kiss me?"

His lips hesitantly pecked mine slowly and shortly but I disagreed with his small places and quickly began adding tongue, exploring all his mouth. After a second, he followed my actions, overpowering me as I suspected and then his hands roamed under Neath my shirt, pulling me even closer if it was even possible,

"How do you do this to my body every time?" Harry growls fiercely as if I was the strangest, most appealing drug in the universe,

"The same way you do to me,"

He grinned quickly before flipping me over so he sat on top, kissing me fondly with no regrets,

" EW GUYS! DO NOT HAVE SEX IN MY CAMPERVAN!" I hear Tom yell from the drivers seat which makes me grin widely, "NO PROMISES!"

Harry was now smirking at me, his dimples stabbing my heart until it couldn't bare the tease any longer and I felt my legs twist in with his, "You have been a very naughty girl," He muttered through gritted teeth,

"LOUIS IS ON THE PHONE WITH THE CHILDREN!" I hear Kennedy yell from the kitchen and within seconds, Harry had been pushed off me and I raced to the phone with such excitement.

Kennedy hands me the phone with a cheesy grin and the tears of happiness brim my eyes,

"Hello Mummy's here?"

"Ah, Hello Mummy," Louis says and I could tell he has a huge smirk plastered across him face, "How was it in Florida? You almost home?"

"It was brilliant! We met a group of lovely boys which apparently know you and our boys, oh! and the activities were amazing! I think we will be home by mid night, How are you and the children?"

"Kennedy told me all about them, they are a bunch of twats- idiots- I swear that's the first time I have cursed in front of the children," He panicked and the next thing I knew, a little voice spoke in the background,

"LouLou?" I manage to make out Julia asking Louis for the phone and with a throaty chuckle, I hear Louis hand her the phone with loads of mumbling sounds,

"Julia? Julia! Mummy's here, Are you okay?" I laugh, the tears so close to escape at her tiny breathing on the other side of the phone,

"yes Mummy? I- I- miss you and Tommy- he does t-to,"

There is a small pause before she snaps at something, "Stop it Tommy. I'm talking to Mummy."

Her little tone makes the tears flow quickly down my cheeks, the grin never fading,

"Tommy is there? Can I talk to him please?"

"Okay Mummy, Tommy.." Julia agrees and then there is mumbling as she instructs Tommy how to hold the phone,

"Mumma?" I hear his little voice call through,

"Yeah Tommy,  Mummy's here and I miss you and Julia lots! So does Daddy!"

"Daddy? Mummy? Where you are?" He mumbles as Harry arrives from behind me with the biggest smirk ever, pecking the tears on my cheek and grabbing cups of water from the side.

" We are almost home, baby. When you wake up in the morning- Daddy and I will be with you, I promise."

"O-okay, Mummy? LouLou had a friend round." Tommy giggled and I felt my eyebrows furrow with amusement,

"Did he? What was there name?"

" LILY!" I hear Julia call out from the background with tons of giggling,

"Uncle Louis had a girl round called Lily?" I recapped with laughter, nodding to Harry who was smirking madly,

" here-" Harry took the phone off me speaking into the phone with a grin,

" Daddy is here Tommy,"

I wiped the tears from my face with a light chuckle and sat down at the table. I sipped at the drink slowly, still smirking at the little chat I had with my children- oh how I couldn't wait to see them again!

" Was she pretty then?" Harry laughed over the phone, taking a seat next to me, earning a sarcastic gasp from me,

" So Lily was very pretty?" He carried on mocking me, "Prettier then Mummy?"

There was a silence for Tommy to speak and then Harry carried on speaking, " I thought so too- it's impossible for someone to be as gorgeous as Mummy!"

My grin grew wider, the sexiness of him calling me Mummy, turning me on massively,

"Okay little bud, have fun at the park then alright?" He says before handing the phone back to Kennedy and wrapping me in a tight embrace,

" I meant every single word that your the only gorgeous girl in the world in my eyes," He whispers into my ear and I judge my opinions for a second,

"Come with me," I wink seductively as I lead him into the bathroom,

"GET IN THERE MY SON!" I hear Niall cheer after us along with Jake and Michael whooping. I turn around and sexily wave to them with Harry smirking at them cheekily when I undone my maroon, V-neck  top which had my breasts popping out above the buttons which travel downwards.

" Get ready for some fun," I chuckle darkly and before I knew it, we were having sex in a campervan....

classy bitch, I know right!


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