Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


44. following week


Last week had been a nothing sort of week since Julia was born on the Thursday and now it was Tuesday. Her bellybutton chord fell out Sunday and today, as a family, we were going swimming just to let her get used to the water.

" You packed?" Alessio shouts to me as I race around my room packing my black bikini and a towel along with Julia's little pink swimming suit with floats to keep her warm and keep her safe.

" Yeah just coming now," I scream. God only knows how he can hear me from four floors up, probably a baby monitor or something.

Once I step out onto the ground floor, I look over to see Julia in a cot. I peer over to see Alessio smirking like there was no tomorrow.

" You take Julia and I will take all the bags," He says as I agree and chuck my bags over to him with all Julia's toys, nappies and everything inside it.

" Hello darling," I sweetly smile at Julia who attempts to smile back but then after around four seconds, it fades due to weak cheek muscles at this age.

I lift her out the bouncer and place her in a baby pushchair, covering blankets over her to keep her warm. Alessio bought this gorgeous white pushchair with black pock-a-dots on it about two weeks ago and he had only just put it together last night whilst Julia and I fell asleep which was really handy because I was rubbish at putting stuff together.

" Let's go swimming!" He laughed as he opened the door for me. I wheeled Julia out and pushed her down the road because I insisted on walking to the swimming centre because it was only a five minute walk maximum. We walked up the hill, past the nursery which Julia would be going to and carried on straight down the road until we done a right to a huge leisure centre with hot tubs, swimming pool, crèche, gym, café and EVERYTHING inside.

" Julia, this is the leisure centre," Alessio explained making me giggle slightly at the fact she wouldn't understand yet it was still sweet that he tried.

" Two adults and one child please," I ordered at the desk with a friendly smile. The middle aged lady gave us three brown bands after I paid £5.50 and then we walked into the changing rooms.

" where shall we meet you?" I asked Alessio as I grabbed mine and Julia's bags and attached them to the buggy.

" Wait by the baby pool's life guard, you wont miss it." He said before kissing me gently and waving lightly to Julia and then walked off to the men's changing room.

Julia and I got changed within seven minutes which was practically record time for me and I even had to dress a baby! I put all our stuff in huge locker ( including the pushchair ) and brought out two towels and a rubber ring for Julia.

I cradled her in my arms and looped the towels with in the inflatable ring and put it around my neck before walking to the life guard stand to see Alessio with the fittest body.. he was soo sexy. Then, I peered down at myself nervously.

" You look amazing baring in mind you had a child five days ago!" Alessio gawped as he un looped the ring from my neck and placed the towels on the side, still eye raping me.

" Thank you," I chuckle kissing him slightly before we both started walking into the baby pool. It was warm and felt so good because I hadn't been in a swimming pool for ages, especially against my legs. Julia wasn't in the water yet but I didn't exactly want to dunk her under.

" Let's go to that corner," Alessio suggests pointing to the furthest corner as we begin water walking to it. When we got there, Julia had water on her body but it was like her own mini pool because she was still in my arms and my arms blocked most the water getting to her.

" You take her and I will pour the water on her," I say to Alessio, passing her carefully over to him. He sweeps her up in his arms as I cup my hands with the warm water and pour it onto her costume, concentrating on her expression. 

At first her lip wobbles but when I pour it again on her, she is fine with it. I repeat this method over and over again until she is fully wet and using her hands to splash about in the water but still Alessio gripped onto her. I grabbed the ring off the side and Alessio slid her into it so she floated on the water.

At first she was terrified and her forehead scrunched up and her lip began wobbling again but when I flicked water at Alessio and he flicked some back at me, she started giggling for a second and then looking freaked out by the noise that she just made.

" It's okay babygirl," He soothes and She looks at us for a second before we started playing games like pushing her in the float backwards and forth between Alessio and I, playing peek-a-boo and other childish games. Time went so fast and the clock turned out we had been there for around two hours.

I was shocked because normally, even toddlers want to get out after half an hour but she enjoyed it. Well, she enjoyed it until a little ,blonde haired toddler kicked water at her face by accident, then, she started screaming.

" In all fairness, I would be a bit annoyed too if I was splashed in the face," Shrugged Alessio as I quickly picked up Julia and hugged her tightly, so she was snuggling into my chest.

" I am so sorry," Apologised the little boys Mum before I exchanged a friendly smile at her,

" Doesn't matter, She's fine just a bit shocked,"

The mum worriedly looked at Alessio but I couldn't see what he was doing but I hoped it was something friendly which it probably wasn't because she fled soon after. damn.

" Shhh, good girl, shhhhh," I soothed as Julia calmed down a bit but she began that annoying sound thing babies do where there making the sound like they are crying but they aren't actually.

" Time to get out then?" I chuckle as Alessio nods his head, grabbing the ring and us heading for the pools exit.

I take Julia back and we change into our clothes after Alessio met us in the café and we head home, talking to Julia about how much fun we had whilst she just stared at us, confused.


" Right so it is," Alessio began checking the kitchen wall clock,

" Five O'clock, little one must be hungry,"

I mentally cursed myself for forgetting and rushed into the elevator to find Julia asleep in bed. Strange, normally she knew when she was hungry...

I took my top off and walked over to her before picking her up gently and sitting down on the double bed.

" Julia Sweet heart?" I called for her and I saw her lip beginning to wobble,

" I know, I know, it sucks having to wake up but it's food time,"

She opened her eyes hesitantly, staring straight at me with Alessio's gorgeous eyes, making my stomach feeling like it done a black flip.

I unclipped my bra and began feeding her but my mind else where. I took a note that this was her fourth meal today and she would have to eat again at 11pm and 4am, great. Her little hands clawed into my breasts as she sucked and when she was done, I burped her and changed her nappy. I put her on the floor and gave her a rattle as she shook it violently whilst I re-dressed myself again.

I chuckled a bit before walking into her closet to find a cute little outfit for when everyone see's her tomorrow. Deciding on white leggings, a red dress, white frilly socks and black little shoes, I placed them on her draw along with a little red hat which would easily fit on her head which had a darker shade of brown and longer hair appearing on her head. She would look adorable!

I sat opposite Julia and picked up another rattle, shaking it a bit. She was really confused and then completely in oar at this magnificent machine that she grabbed it and began sucking on the pretty colours. great.

" Really? I just fed you!" I scoff and grab the white dummy from the side and putting it in her mouth which she gladly took.

" C'mon," I say as I pick her up and take her to our room in which Alessio is in there,

" Heyy babe," I said. Julia and I were now on my bed and Alessio was shaving in the bathroom, with no top on, may I add.

I took a deep inhale and exhale at the O'holy god in front of me as he looked at me through the mirror, chuckling darkly. I rested Julia on the mini bean bag in the corner so she could sit and suck her dummy, minding her own business which she loves doing.

" Like what you see?" He laughs, finishing his shaving spree and heading towards me. My hands reach out and touch his rippling muscles,

" You've been working out!"

" And you haven't... tell me your secret, your so thin already!" He greedily eyes me, wrapping his arms around my waist with me grinning,

" I have no secret because there is no result, I have loads of baby weight,"

He gasps and frowns before turning me to the side and lifting up my top, spinning me around slowly with hungry eyes.

" Are you kidding me? There's no baby fat there! Baby it's day five and you are already fitter then you were before, which I thought wasn't even possible!" He exclaims as I blush majorly, I think someone could of painted my cheeks red and there would be no difference!

" It's cute when you blush,"

" No It's not," I disagree,

" I look like a flaming tomato..."

He gawps at me and pushes my top back down before I feel his hands grasp mine and presses it darkly on his huge bulged member,

" If that is what a tomato does- I am dead."

I gasp and pull away but my eyes feasting on it, licking my lips,

" Hmmnn,"

His eyes become darker but his facial features softens as the sucking sound from Julia becomes louder and we quickly turn around to see her staring at us widely.

" She caught us-" Alessio laughs putting his arms up in surrender and then taking her dummy out and quickly grabbing her before spinning her around until she was giggling.

He went around in a circle a few times before he stopped and they laid on the double bed with a huge plastered grin across each of their faces, SUPER CUTE!

"Alessio?" I ask sweetly, climbing onto the bed,

" Kelseyyy?" He responds in the same pitched tune as I said it in,

" can Julia sleep with us tonight?"

He looked at her for a moment and her eyes were glistening into his, big and adorable eyes and then he finally nodded with a sigh,

" Fine, Okay. Yeah.."

I squealed and hugged Julia carefully and she looked very a taken back but it was cute.


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