Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


45. First thought?



In the morning at 10:00am, I finally had bathed, clothed, changed and fed Julia along with doing the exact same for myself. I wore Black leggings again and a lace, maroon top which hung very low and was easy to feed Julia in. Likewise, I had added a light coating of makeup just to hide the bags under my eyes and the fading spots from the pregnancy and put on black dolly shoes along with straightening my hair and adding no jewellery.

" C'mon Sweet heart," I say to Julia as I head downstairs with her to Alessio who is hovering the house for everyone coming over to see Julia. Julia hated the hoover so I put a coat on her and carried her to the garden for ten minutes. People would start arriving in twenty minutes which gave us time to lounge about for a while.

I peeked my head around the door to see if the hoover was still going which It wasn't so we entered back again, me sitting her in her little bouncy seat. She fiddled around with the wired shapes and colours on the bouncy hopper thing too as she made wired mumbling noises.

" Done," Alessio chuckled with a sign of self accomplishment,

" If you needed help , I would of helped," I peered up to him but he shakes his head quickly, planting a kiss on my lips,

" No its fine, you looked after Julia, so we are even,"

We smirked into each other's eyes for a moment before the door bell rung. He hurried nervously to open it whereas I picked Julia up in my arms and cradled her carefully, with her hands flying all over the place. 


Louis, Kennedy, Tom, Jake, Michael, Rose, Niall, Ashley and Joe all filed into the room with 'awwhh's and 'she's adorable' making me naturally smirk.

However, Julia looked very stunned and her lip wobbled a bit before she quickly clutched onto me, taking everybody by surprise,

" I want to keep her!" Ashley pouted lovingly and Michael, Kennedy and Alessio agreed.

" What's her name?" Jake asked as I tried to turn around so they could see her face but she was hiding her face against my breasts.

" Julia Rose Styles,"

Everyone crowded around us which made Julia begin whimpering.

" Hang on," I smiled friendly as I sat down on the sofa, prying her off me and gently bouncing her on my legs,

" A- bompty-bompty-bomp!" I half sung in rhythm to her bounces, it made her laugh as I found out before which made everyone ' awhh'.

She tore her little eyes to everyone and that little lip wobble came back, flickering her eyes between me, Alessio and every body.

"Julia, these are Mummy and Daddy's friends," Alessio smirked introducing every one.

" Do you want to hold her?" I ask Kennedy who is directly in front of me and her eyes lit up with a quick nod.

" I'm making drinks, who wants what?" Alessio shouted as every body ordered and everyone went out the room apart from me, Rose, Niall, Kennedy, Julia and Louis.

I handed Julia to Kennedy which immediately made Julia scream with tears and stretch her arms out for me,

" Don't be silly Julia," I frown as she stops screaming but the silent tears still stream down her face and her lip is wobbling constantly with her arms still reaching for me.

" It's Auntie Kenny," Kennedy says trying to get Julia's attention which certainly worked when she whistled. As if Julia was a dog, she tore her head to Kennedy and in amusement watched her whistle, every once in a while looking back at me in anxiousness.

" What's every bodies name?" Squeaked Rose and I smirked widely,

" Guys, this is Rose, my work mate. Rose this is Kennedy, Alessio's sister. Louis, my brother and Niall, a school mate. Everybody else out there is a school friend too," I introduced her to them and she shook hands with every body, displaying smiles all around.

" I'm gonna grab a drink," Rose says as she exits the room and Niall trails behind her, leaving Louis and Kennedy with me and Julia.

" She is gorgeous," Louis says to me about Julia as we sit on the sofa watching Kennedy attempt to make Julia smile but Julia's gaze is focused on me. haha!
" Yeah, I can't believe she's only six days old!" I scoff and Louis chuckles too, bringing me in a hug.

" Oh," I am taken a back,

" What was that for?"

He pulls away, looking deeply into my eyes,

" for not trusting you that Alessio is good enough to be your husband and the father of your child,"

I look down nervously, not sure what to say.

" And, because I almost lost you last Thursday,"  He looks like he was going to cry but he doesn't. We end up switching the conversation to Julia.

" Here," Kennedy hands me Julia back before disappearing off into the kitchen.

I pull up my knees so Julia rests against them and pull a funny face which makes her laugh. I wipe the sticky tears from under her eyes and begin talking,

" Julia, this is lou. He is your uncle!"

Her eyes widen and then she practically throws herself on him but Louis caught her before she could hurt herself as I held my breath for no crying. 

" Thank you," I breathed a sigh of relief and Louis chuckles before her hands quickly wrap around his finger trying to suck on his finger.

" Let me grab her a dummy," I say as I rush to the bag under the sofa and pull out a white dummy in which I give to her and she sucks on it, making cute little sounds.

" You okay in here?" Alessio pokes his head around the corner of the door, anxiously looking at Julia sucking her dummy on Louis' lap.

" Yeah, were just coming in now," I say before standing up and swooping Julia into my arms making her smile widely and using my other hand to help Louis up,

" Old man!"

He scoffs before we head into the kitchen where every ones eyes flicker towards Julia and then Rose taking Julia off of me and playing with her with a few others. I creep up to Alessio and quickly jump on his back earning a chuckle and then him quickly changing position so he was in control. I felt his lips scrape across mine earning a grunt from me as he carries on teasing his lips against mine.

" Just  kiss me already," I groan and his lips quickly connect with mine before I hear Julia cry again,

" She's normally happy, do you think there's too many people?" Alessio fusses as I carry on talking to him despite the fact we were walking over to wherever the crying is. She is in Tom's arms and shrieking,

" Tom.. what did you do!" I laugh sarcastically as he hands her to me and she immediately places her head to my chest and her little arms clench into my top as she lays cradled in my arms.

" Well," He laughs.

" She's overwhelmed by everybody and perhaps hungry." I give my full scientific results with a scoff and walk past Alessio again whispering in his ear,

" I'm going to feed her in our room,"

" Okay baby," He says, kissing me on the lips.



Okay, terrible, I know. I am so sorry!! Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to sit down and focus on the plot instead of all these filler chapters. They are poorly written since they have been drafted for the last 3 years. 

Oh well, a bad chapter is better than no chapter! Right? ....maybe not.! 


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