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73. Fighting drama



" Sorry to bother you but Mr.Styles, someone's on the phone," The receptionist, Lucy says, and I look up with a stern expression because I am in the middle of an important meeting.

" Sorry Gentlemen, Please discus your views and I will be back shortly." I apologise before walking out the suite and grasping the phone from Lucy hands,

" Hello?" I say sternly as a whimpering voice cries out from the other end of the phone,

" H-Harry?"

Fuck! It's Kelsey.

" Crap! What's going on, where are you?" I yell into the phone as I push past everyone and race to my car.

" Men, t-they are-" She gets cuts off with what sounds like Kennedy screeching in pain and Kelsey yelps in anger,


No, No, No, No! They are in danger and now the phone call has ended with me stranded knowing my fiancé and sister are in trouble but somewhere unknown.

" FUCKKKK!" I yell as I start the car and race to the mall, clicking lots of buttons on the phone which will lead me to where they are. Found them... an alley way? REALLY KENNEDY!



I feel sick when Zayns hands pick me up, me dropping the phone and trying to drag me away from this hell place. I kick, scream and fight with all my might to stay near Kennedy's brutally bruised body but it is no use.

As soon as we make it half way Zayn rests me against the wall and I clutch my Stomach as if I am protecting the baby. After a while, I realised I wasn't in pain just in shock and stress.

" Now for the fat whore," Jacob snorted heading towards me and the three boys, including Zayn tried to fight him off. They succeeded at first before the hooded one rushed to Kennedy's side, helping he sit up against the wall and something else but I couldn't see by my human shield.

Suddenly, Jacobs wrist sunk into my arm skin as I gasped loudly in shock,

" G-get off me," I struggle to move as Jacob snorts harshly,

" Shut up or I will stab you in the stomach,"

I gasp, holding my whimpers back and the tears silently sizzled into my cheeks,

" Please don't! She's pregnant!" Kennedy screamed for me as Jacobs eyes locked in with my hardened and all the boys looked amazed, trying to pry him off me harder.

" How old are you? Fifteen and pregnant? WHORE! Let me guess, some rapist?" He snorts as a familiar voice growls from behind him,

" She's seventeen and that rapist is her husband... and he's right here!"

It was harry! This earned another gasp from people and now Jacobs grip loosened on me and his attention was smugly on Harry. This was my chance!

I grabbed the knife from his pocket and stabbed him in the stomach before waddling away to Kennedy who was throwing up blood and clutching her stomach. Jacob shrieked and tried to grab me but Harry was already there, fighting him harshly. I wanted to help but Kennedy was on the verge of death and I couldn't just ignore her!
" Kenny! Listen please," I sob taking my long coat off and wrapping it round her to make sure she is warm,

" ZAYN! HELP ME!" I scream as Zayn rushes over to me and takes his coat off, covering her again. She wasn't in serious condition as I assumed but it looked terribly painful. There were no visible stabbings on her but there was Love bites running up her neck from the hooded guy and she looked like someone had taken a swipe to her lip with a huge, hard punch into her stomach. All shrieks from Harry and Jacob were a blur and all I could focus on was Kennedy's limp body, blood running out her lips and her smiling up at me as if it felt pleasuring.

" I am so glad you are marrying my brother, just promise you will take care of him for me," She says and the tears come faster,

" don't think like that! You will stay with us, you hear me?" I beg as her hand gently feels my pregnant, achy belly,

" Did he hurt you or darling?"

I shook my head, lying to her and trying to convince myself,

" Focus on you at the moment, Kay?" I whimper, my tears constantly falling on the coats.

" Zayn. call the ambulance, please! And the police," I order as Zayn scurries to my demands and that was I could remember before I felt myself collapse next to Kennedy. Ugh, the pain!  


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