Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."




Just at that moment, I banged into a sturdy figure who then grabbed me by the shoulders, examining my flowing tears, "Kelsey? What's wrong!" Danny worriedly panicked and my mind was scrambled. Wasn't Danny just at the bar? It must just be my imagination or something that he was at the bar,

" Harry!" I gasped through painful tears as the next thing I knew, we were laying in my bed together, talking it through, telling each other jokes to make each other laugh.

" And yeah, okay she slapped me, but I was a total dick and deserved it," He chuckled, throwing his arms in the air and then they gently came down, wrapping around me, " I would of actually murdered you if you poured flour in my hair!" I agreed with a grin and he kissed my forehead,

" How old are your children then?"

I opened my mouth to speak and then Harry and everyone burst in, gawping at me still wearing my slutty outfit, laying in bed next to Danny, hugging each other, with his lips on my forehead,

" Kelsey I can explain!" Harry shouted and then paused with anger, "WHATS HE DOING!"

I got up and made my way down the ladder and so did Danny, " Talking," I snap, walking straight past him to grab a glass of water.

Harry's eyes sizzled into Danny's eyes, sending murdering daggers to him and then murmuring something to him which I didn't hear but I could see, " I swear to god Harry, if you don't leave him alone-" I growl, storming back over to the pair of them,

" You will what? What could you possibly do that I cant do to Rose," He grabbed Roses arm as I grabbed Danny,

" Sir?" She squeaked, trying to slip out his tight grip,

" Let go of her! Can't you see that she doesn't like it!" I yell to him and he immediately let's go of Rose, still frowning at my hands attached to Danny's arm,

" So I can think of one thing I can do to Danny you cant do to Rose!"

"Don't you dare," Harry growls,

" Your not the boss of me! And I will prove it!"

I pulled back from Danny and yanked the nurses hat off my head, flinging it to the ground. Next my right shoe with nasty curse words,

" Kelsey, stop it now," Harry demanded but I wasn't listening,

" So you can go fuck some other bitch and then shout at me for hugging my best friend!" I scream, chucking the left boot at him. My next item of clothing to remove was my stockings as Harry was growling, moving closer towards me, " Kelsey, you will regret it, stop now."

" SO YOU DON'T DENIE IT! FUCKING PRICK!" I chuck the other boot at him and he didn't even flinch, " we are married and have children! and your still sleeping with other women!" I boom, un doing the necklace I had on and bracelets with other jewellery.

" No I never slept with her nor will I will ever sleep with anyone else apart from you!" Harry denied as he was inches from my face, " GUYS!" Liam yelled as everyone was staring at my half naked body, chucking things at my lying, cheating husband, " No offence but if this is how you behave, our kids wont be with us for long!" Harry yelled and everyone went quiet,

"w-what?" I squeaked, backing away slowly. He didn't just mention the edge meaning of social services? No, He couldn't of done... what am I saying? HE CHEATED ON ME!
" Kelsey, I- didn't m-mean it, I am so sorry!"

"NO, you cant take back what you just said! Get away from me!" I cried, running to the bathroom and locking myself in. Could this day get any worse?

There was mumbling, shouting and screaming next door but the words were all jumbled up in my brain and fused in a tight mess. Funnily enough, his words stung a lot less than it normally would but because he didn't mean it, right?  Just angry..

wait- I should be angry! Not him! But the truth is I am not angry- just upset and anxious.

He is married with two children, and he tries to fuck a prostitute! Now that's low! Ugh!

" Kelsey? Please come out?" I hear Rose tap the door lightly and I hesitate to open it, "Who's out there?" I cautiously ask as she is silent for a moment and then 'shooing' noises were made before she spoke again, "Just me,"

I fixed my makeup in the bathroom before opening the door silently.

" C'mon, let's sit down," She warmly greets, wrapping an arm around me and we walk to the living room.

" I am so sorry that Harry grabbed y-you and-" I babble on but she cuts my off with a grin, " It's fine, don't worry!"

We end up talking about how we feel and can I just say now, how relieving that is!


I came out of the living room on my own because Rose had left ages ago and snuck through the darkness of the room, struggling to find my bed. I took off the dress and just slept in black lace panties and push up bra (Not that I needed one ).

It was around three in the morning and I still couldn't sleep knowing the argument Harry and I had had could of damaged our relationship completely but I still loved him with all my heart, but did he still love me? Or that prostitute.



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