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143. FBI NSA



"Get him into a cell now." she orders to her team before I but in,

"No, we will."

she grinned widely, flashing her gorgeous teeth and flicked her hair back over her shoulder,


There is a moment of silence before she raises her head, tilting it to look in my eyes,

"I want this room searched, inspected, people to inspect this whole building-" She breaks our eye contact as she walks around pointing at people for jobs and her true beauty almost shatters my heart. Her gorgeous figure, amazing posture and out standing looks and controls makes me get a hard on just by looking at her. How could I be so stupid all this long?

5 years, 6 children and a marriage was all for nothing? Was it?

"And as for you-" Her finger is placed between my muscular breast plates,

"You're coming home with me, darling."

Everyone around us swarms into cat calls as she takes my hand and leads me out, me being her own doll which she can care for and does what she wants.

She leads us down the corridor and we take a limo to our house before she leads me into our room, flashy smile melting my heart.



Everything real about me transforms. My voice, looks, body, posture and emotions falls back into place as I sit him down on our bed, my eyes wondering on him as if he is prey. I seductively sway my hips until I stand in front of him, being my usual flirty and sexy self.

"Are you always like this babe?" Harry's strong and deep voice ripples through my body,

"Awh, sweet heart, you should know me-" I stare into his eyes for a second, bending over so my breasts fall down and yet I stare into his dark brown eyes cautiously. I pull out a torch, pulling his eye lid down and checking if they are real.

"I mean, if you are part of the NSA, why didn't you figure me out?" I pull away, clicking the light off and walking over to the nightstand. Slowly, I begin taking my jacket off, to rest upon the chair sexily.

"I believe the question applies to you too, darling"

I stop in my tracks, a huge smirk dancing playfully across my lips,

"I could have you killed for that," I say slowly and clearly.

Suddenly, his body is pressed against me,

"But you wont Calista. Will you?"

There is a silence as my grin grows to his faithful belief,


My voice is whispered as I rest my head back onto his shoulder, his lips eating at my high cheek bone,

"Doesn't mean I cant loverboy-"

He suddenly spins me around, pushing me against the nightstand, his throbbing erection poking into me with his lustful growl,

"Say that again-"

My eyes wonder to his lips and then flutter up, edging him on. I begin to say something and don't as I bite my lips, his gorgeousness teasing me entirely so I change the subject,

"So we really don't know each other do we?"

I push him away, walking fast towards the door in hope he wouldn't follow me or see through my act to not be turned on massively. Suddenly, he is there in front of me, pressed against the door and his muscles bulging out of his police outfit, taking my breath away.

I chuckle slightly, taking his hand and leading him to the bed, pushing him upright onto it,

"Name?" I squint my eyes into his, staying true to myself,

"Harry Edward Styles, You?"
"Calista Rose-" I begin, the smirk stretching across my lips,

"Calita Rose Styles."

"Oh, you!" Harry growls, tossing us over so he is on top of me seductively, rubbing his erection into my sensitive area making me gasp my next question,


"25," Harry smiles,

His grin grows as his lips creep closer and closer to mine,

"age when you joined NSA?"

"10, Age when you joined FBI?"


He pulls back, shocked,


"They raised me when I was three and taught me everything I know now at a young age. I am their science experiment."

"Brothers or sisters?"

"Louis is also apart of the force, he isn't my brother."


There is silence,


"No died during the force I am in at the moment,"

"Ah," Harry whispered, eyes slipping to my breasts,

"Mine are Divorced,"

"My eyes are up here Curly-"

His cocky grin grew as his lips slammed against mine, shutting me up.

"So what do we do now? We are apparently married and have six children-" Harry says with a frown and I begin chuckling, hands over my face to try and stop myself,

"They aren't ours?" He says a little more disappointed.

"Nope. Pregnancy wasn't real either. Our sex? I took anti pregnancy pills, Hunny."

He looks highly disappointed but then that waves over when I make it better,

"Look- I am really sorry Harry-"
"No- It's fine. I- I urm didn't want children anyways."

There's an awkward silence,

"Now what?" I ask quietly.

"I know," Harry grins,

"Your on pills right?"

I nod with a wicked grin as we begin stripping.


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